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Emergency AC Maintenance Service Marina Dubai

Are You Looking An Expert & Emergency AC Maintenance Service Marina Dubai?

Then, you are right place our company ” ACMAINTENANCEDUBAI ” provides you the our best maintenance services of Air Conditioner.

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Emergency AC Maintenance Service Marina Dubai | 0568770106

As a AC Dubai Maintenance company established in 2017 with more than 5 years of experience in the field of Air Conditioning, in order to survive until today, AC Dubai Maintenance Company has not stopped listening to sincere suggestions from you. customers, we have constantly improved our service to make it better and better. In order to give customers peace of mind with the first time using the air conditioning maintenance service at Dubai AC Company, we would like to commit to our customers about a reputable – honest service.

Emergency AC Maintenance Service Marina Dubai

Why you should do regular air conditioning maintenance

Increase the life of the air conditioner: The air conditioner that will be checked and cleaned regularly will always have the best state of use, operate extremely efficiently with the highest productivity.

Energy saving: Cleaning the air conditioner will help clean the dust, reduce power consumption, and help save energy for your family.

Save machine warranty costs: At the same time, regular maintenance of the machine will help the air conditioner to always be cleaned, replaced with old components, in the best operating state. This helps to reduce the maintenance costs of your air conditioner somewhat.

Help fresh air: During the air purification process, there will be a lot of dirt and bacteria on the indoor unit. Regular maintenance of the air conditioner  helps to clean the air filter system, providing a stream of fresher air.
AC Dubai Maintenance specializes in air conditioning repair, air conditioning maintenance, professional and prestigious air conditioning cleaning in Dubai City. When you need air conditioning repair and maintenance, please contact us immediately!

Air conditioner maintenance process

Check the operation of the air conditioner
Staff will check the operation of the air conditioner such as its ability to warm or cool
Check the power line to avoid open circuit, short circuit occurs
Advising customers on the best air conditioning service for durable and efficient operation.
Clean up the air-condition
Cleaning dust on outdoor and indoor units helps reduce the maximum power used for the air conditioner
Remove bacteria on the indoor unit and clean the sewage pipe to prevent bacterial outbreaks from forming
 Oil the shafts and bearings for smoother operation
 Check the gas pressure of the air conditioner
 Staff will use ammeter to measure consumption and charge air conditioner gas if needed
 Operate air conditioner after maintenance
 Check the cooling operation of the air conditioner and handle the errors that arise
 AC Dubai Maintenance Company is a prestigious address for air conditioning repair and maintenance in Dubai and , using the service. In addition, our home air conditioning maintenance service has helped many households, companies and businesses overcome problems during the operation of refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, water heaters.

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