Affordable Solutions For AC Repair In Nova Villas

The AC Dubai Maintenance service center performs diagnostics and repairs of all types of
  • household air conditioners,
  • split systems,
  • semi-industrial,
  • industrial air conditioning equipment in buildings.
You can order cheap repairs of wall, floor, and ceiling air conditioners, ducted and cassette air conditioners, as well as repair split-type inverter systems.
You can call an AC technician for urgent repairs at home. But if necessary, we will dismantle your home air conditioner and take it to our service center.
The AC Dubai Maintenance repair service provides a guarantee for all works!

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Air conditioner malfunction and how to fix it

Why doesn’t the air conditioner get cold? Why doesn’t ac turn on? Why is it leaking? How much does it cost to fix it? There are main causes of air conditioning failures are mentioned below.

1) The most common problem is clogged filters in the indoor unit. The grid installed on the air conditioner panel is designed to protect the operating mechanism from the ingress of debris and dust in the incoming air. You can determine that it’s time to clear filters by the following criteria: 

  • The cooling of the room has noticeably worsened. 
  • When the air conditioner is turned off, water begins to drip from it. This is due to the freezing of the copper pipeline, which led to violations in the operation of the refrigeration system. 
  • If the water is not just dripping, but pouring-this is a sure sign of clogging not only the filters, but also the drainage system. It is necessary to urgently call the master who repairs air conditioners and turn off the split system. 

2) The refrigerant that saves the compressor from overheating has a certain rate of natural evaporation. Normalized leakage occurs through microcracks in the pipeline and its junctions. Check the level of freon should be carried out once every six months, and refueling at least in eighteen months, otherwise you will need to repair air conditioners. A lack of refrigerant can be fatal for a split system. The compressor will overheat and jam, it will simply fail. But the compressor is the main component of the entire cooling device. To carry out repair of air conditioners with replacement of the compressor at the price is quite comparable to purchase of a new split system.

Types Of Air Conditioner Work In Nova Villas Dubai

  • Diagnostics of the air conditioner is simple
  • Air conditioner diagnostics are complex 3100
  • Fancoil Diagnostics 
  • Repair of fan coils (work) 
  • Elimination of defects in fixing the internal wall unit 
  • Elimination of mounting defects for outdoor units up to 5 kW 
  • Nitrogen crimping depending on the route length (up to 10m) 
  • Find and fix refrigerant leaks (depending on the location) 
  • Disassembly / assembly of the outdoor unit of an air conditioner with a capacity of up to 5 kW 
  • Disassembly/assembly of the indoor wall unit of the air conditioner 
  • Roller joint replacement (per connection) 
  • Replacing the drainage pump 
  • Pump 
  • Replacing the air conditioner compressor 
  • Replacing the heat exchanger of the indoor unit of the air conditioner 
  • Replacing the outdoor air conditioner unit heat exchanger 
  • Replacement of the 4-way valve of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner 
  • Freon pipe soldering in one solder joint 
  • Vacuuming of the freon pipeline up to 10 meters of the route 
  • Cleaning, purging, flushing the drainage system 
  • Refilling the air conditioner with R410 refrigerant
  • Refilling the air conditioner with R22 refrigerant  
  • Departure of a specialist from 
  • Screw compressor Diagnostics 
  • Diagnostics of a reciprocating compressor 
  • Scroll Compressor Diagnostics 
  • Diagnostics of the centrifugal compressor 
  • Chiller Diagnostics 
  • Flashing the controller 
  • Hydro module repair 
  • Repair with compressor oil change 
  • Repair with elimination of leaks, further crimping, vacuuming, freon filling 
  • Repair with changing the evaporator 
  • Repair with compressor change 
  • Repair with changing the condenser 
  • Repair with replacement of the control valve

What does AC Repair In Nova Villas Dubai include?

The AC repair in nova villas Dubai usually include checking water leakage, gas leakage, compressor changing, etc are various parts of your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) equipment.

Our Unique Service:

We are providing you with a new and unique way to repair, maintain, and clean services for your air conditioner. We have unique technology equipment to repair all kinds of air conditioners. And we also provide you “Same Day Service”. Which makes us a Unique Company In The Nova Villas as compare to Other AC Dubai Companies 

Frequently Asked Questions

The required amount of refrigerant to operate the system is set by the manufacturer. Usually this number is designed for normal operation of the air conditioner with a pipeline length of no more than 5-7 meters. It also sets the maximum possible length of the copper pipeline and how much refrigerant should be added to a certain length of the route. So the principle of “the more, the better” in this case will be disastrous for your system. This will reduce the system’s performance and may cause damage to the compressor part.

For residential premises and offices, today the installation of inverter systems is more common.


  • lower electricity consumption;
  • longer service life;
  • quieter and more unobtrusive operation.
At the moment, the norm is refilling with refrigerant 1 time in 3-5 years. However, it is recommended to perform equipment diagnostics and maintenance at least once a year.