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Performing emergency ac maintenance service in arabian ranches

The emergency ac maintenance in arabian ranches is not a legal obligation as long as your air conditioner does not contain more than 2 kg of refrigerant. However, there are some parts that need to be cleaned and checked regularly in order for the device to continue to perform optimally. You can do it yourself, or leave it to a professional.



1. Why carry out regular your AC maintenance?
2. When to maintain your air conditioner?
3. What are the main interviews on its air conditioning?
4. Maintenance by air conditioning type
5. Do your air conditioning maintenance yourself, or call a professional?
6. Tenant or owner: who pays for the intervention of a professional?

Why carry out regular your AC maintenance?

Your AC Maintenance is as much a question of the longevity of the device as it is of performance and safety.

  1. Maintain the energy performance of the device

Did you choose your AC unit for its energy performance and low consumption? To benefit from its efficiency over the long term, the AC maintenance is essential . The dust that accumulates in the filters, and the clogging of its elements indeed hamper the work or your AC, and push it to deploy more energy to obtain the results you ask for. You then get heavier energy bills, or reduced performance of your AC.

  1. Maintain healthy indoor air

In AC maintenance, next comes a question of the health of the occupants of the accommodation. An AC in operation indeed circulates a large volume of air. However, bacteria and mold readily grow in clogged filters, before passing into the air circulating in your air conditioning system. The emergency ac maintenance service in arabian ranches of the house thus it makes to purify the air, and to clean the interior atmosphere.

  1. Ensure the longevity of the device and the safety of the inhabitants

When to maintain your air conditioner?

There is no general rule for an AC maintenance. To be sure to intervene at the right time, you must refer to the device manual , which contains all the AC maintenance and cleaning advice specific to your model.

Some more technological AC maintenance are also equipped with indicator lights that indicate when it is time to clean the filters and you need a professional AC maintenance.

No light diodes?

During periods of heavy use of AC, clean your filters approximately every two to three weeks. This step is all the more important if your air conditioner also has the function of purifying the air in the house, or deodorizing it. In this case, also count an AC maintenance every two to three months for the purifier, and every two to three years for the deodorizer.

What are the main interviews on its air conditioning?

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Some interviews are easy to do by yourself, so as not to resort to a professional too regularly.

  1. Clean the filters of your AC

The most regular and easiest maintenance concerns the filters that equip any air conditioning device. They are located in the indoor unit, and are easily accessible. They can be removing it by unclipping, without any specific tool. Switched off Appliance, so then you have to do all open the cover and remove the filters. For optimal cleaning of your AC, especially when they are very dirty, it is necessary to call a professional of AC maintenance who can save your AC to make problems in future.

  1. Clean the condensate tray

You are also go further, by cleaning the air conditioning condensate tray . This is a tank where liquid water arrives from the condensation of water vapor passing through a cold exchanger. When it stagnates for too long, it can indeed cause bad odors or the appearance of bacteria. In addition, the dust in it can end up forming a plug in the condensate drain pipe of the air conditioning. An expert of AC maintenance having all the equipment can clean it properly in a very short time and make your AC comfort for you.

  1. Scrub the blower turbine

In AC maintenance it is also possible to clean the blower and return air turbine, using a small brush with hard bristles or by calling an expert of Ac maintenance. It should be done with delicacy, so as not to damage the blades, where dust tends to cling and then harden, which can increase the operating noise of the device and can make some other problems in your AC.

Good to know

If you are used to storing your mobile air conditioning in the garage or in a closet during the cold season, consider leaving it vertical , so as not to damage the cooling system.

In the case of reversible air conditioning , it is recommended to switch it to heating mode during the summer, and to cooling mode during the winter , for a few minutes. This brief action hardly harms your interior temperature, and prevents the valve ensuring the change of mode from seizing up.

Maintenance by air conditioning type

Depending on the category to which they belong, air conditioners each have their main weak point, which should be monitored, especially during AC maintenance. In addition to the filters, we will therefore pay particular attention:

  • cooling coils, in monobloc air conditioning systems;
  • to the outdoor unit of split air conditioning systems, subject to bad weather as well as full sun;
  • to the condensate trays of mobile air conditioning systems, which are particularly sensitive to dust.

When embarking on the AC maintenance of an outdoor unit, the greatest attention should be paid to the heat exchanger as well as to the propeller . Take the opportunity to check that the electrical connections are not wet, frozen or melted: you must then remove the plastic cover that protects the terminal block where all the connections are made. If you see any disturbance on that time then call an AC maintenance professional and expert who know to handle such situation without any delay and repair your problem soon as soon possible.

In any case, it is better to refrain from using chemicals and various solvents. Their aggressive composition could prove to be corrosive on certain parts of your air conditioning, and have a counterproductive effect.

Do your air conditioning maintenance yourself, or call a professional?

An air conditioner being a complex device, and the refrigerant a toxic liquid, it is necessary to call a professional of AC maintenance when you want to carry out a thorough maintenance of your AC. In this case, it is more economical to take out an AC maintenance contract with a professional than to opt for one-off interventions.

How is an air conditioning maintenance visit?

Maintenance by a plumber, specialist in air conditioning, goes much further than simply removing dust from the filters.

The craftsman is responsible for verifying:

  • the waterproofing of your installation;
  • the performance of your air conditioner;
  • the condensing system;
  • the condition of the electrical connections and the battery;
  • the pressure and temperatures in the system.

An air conditioning specialist also takes advantage of his maintenance visit to spray a bactericide and a fungicide in your devices, in order to prevent the appearance of bacteria and mold. This in no way diminishes the importance of cleaning the filters.

The visit of the professional is also an opportunity to inform him of small adjustment problems, for example, that he can adjust so that the air conditioner ensures its best performance. Its thorough AC maintenance also makes it possible to reduce the noise of the exterior air conditioning unit, if it is due to parts which begin to come off under the effect of vibrations, or if the device is operating in overspeed due to its clogging.

Is the intervention of a professional compulsory? Having recourse to a professional for the maintenance of your AC is a legal obligation, as soon as the installation: has more than 2 kg of refrigerant; is of a power greater than 12 kWh. A craftsman must then check the installation once a year, and issue you with a verification certificate at each passage. With equipment weighing more than 3 kg of refrigerant, the controls are even more thorough. However, it is very rare to need such high air conditioning in a private home. Recharge the refrigerant Even for small installations, it is recommended to entrust the handling of the refrigerant to a professional when the time comes to recharge the air conditioning. This gas implies in fact to take special precautions, in particular for the eyes, and not to inhale it. In addition, the refrigerant has a long lifespan: recharging is generally only done when a leak is detected, or when insufficient pressure indicates, after several years, that a significant part of the fluid has escaped, in a natural way.

Tenant or owner: who pays for the intervention of a professional?

The cost of maintaining an air conditioner, with or without a contract with a professional, goes to the tenant.

The cost of repairing a breakdown is, on the other hand, the responsibility of the owner of the accommodation, unless the breakdown is due to lack of maintenance.

Why maintain your air conditioning?

In AC maintenance,  an air conditioning unit is essential to its proper functioning and longevity. Over use, dust accumulates in the system, causing overuse of the air conditioner and higher energy bills. Molds and bacteria can also grow in the filters and be expelled along with the blast of fresh air or the heater. Finally, without AC maintenance, the risk of failure increases and with it, that of a short-circuit.

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