Emergency AC Maintenance Service In JVC Dubai

Did You Need An Expert & Emergency AC Maintenance Service in JVC Dubai?

Then, you are right place our company ” ACMAINTENANCEDUBAI ” provides you the our best emergency ac maintenance service in JVC Dubai.

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Where is JVC & What is JVC?

JVC stands for “Jumeirah Village Circle”.  JVC is a Community In Dubai, where all types of facilities are available like Schooling, Hospitals, Hotels, Well Developed Houses, Parks, etc. It is situated on the outskirts of Dubai, near the Al Khail Road. 

Why Regularly AC Maintenance Services and Importance of AC Maintenance?

As we know JVC is located in Dubai, UAE. And nowadays nobody lives in Dubai without Air conditioners due to the dry and hot weather of the UAE, especially during the Summer season. So, when we on our Air Conditioning and heating system always in summer, then with the air the dust particles and sands grains are brake-out our AC System (HVAC System). And this makes the problems for our health and our family health. Because we cannot take high quality fresh air. So that’s why we need regularly AC maintenance in JVC Dubai. 


Here we mention some advantages of Regular Maintenance of Your Air Conditioner In JVC Dubai.

  • Increased efficiency: Regular maintenance of the AC increased its efficiency.
  • Extend Lifespan: Regular maintenance help to extend your air conditioner’s Life.
  • Pure Air: Regular Maintenance also helps to clean your house from dust and provides Pure Air.
  • Reduced Electric Bill: This is also a benefit of regular maintenance is Reduce the Electric Bill.
  • Reduced Noise Level: With the passage of time, AC units can become noisy. Regular maintenance can help to reduce noise levels. And helps to run smoothly.

In Case of An Emergency AC Maintenance Service In JVC Dubai. Feel Free to Contact Us Via WhatsApp/Phone at 0568770106. We are far from you only at one call/text

Emergency AC Maintenance Service In JVC Dubai


Without AC, it is difficult to live in the modern civilized world. For taking the long-term benefits from your ac. it is necessary to ensure its regular maintenance (at least once a year). If you don’t maintain your air conditioner regularly, it could break down, or not work properly, and the warranty may not cover repairs.
Service is carried out according to certain regulations, which for standard devices consist in:
  • cleaning of heat exchangers, baths, and filters of indoor units;
  • cleaning panels from dirt and dust;
  • cleaning the heat exchangers of outdoor units;
  • checking the refrigerant working pressure in the system.

Service of air conditioners of all popular brands in our company “AC Dubai Maintenance” is carried out by employees of our own service center, both during the warranty period and after it expires. Our specialists are highly qualified, have extensive experience, and constantly improve their skill level, managing to follow all the innovations that appear in the modern market of climatic technology.

AC Dubai Maintenance” is an AC services company that guarantees the quality and durability of the equipment being patronized. We carry out maintenance of split systems of any complexity, installed even in hard-to-reach places.


If there is a poor performance of your AC System, which is expressed in poor air cooling or no cooling at all, then this means that the air conditioner needs to be refilled. This service is provided by our service center. It means, among other things, the elimination of the cause of the leakage of the coolant arising from a leak in the connection of the pipes of the device, loose plugs that close the valves of the cooling circuit and service ports. The cause may also be chafing of the refrigerant pipes. Having found and eliminated the places of leakage, the foremen carry out the evacuation of the system and its filling with freon to the norm.

We carry out refueling of home air conditioners and split systems installed in various-scale shopping and administrative centers with a guarantee of high-quality provision of this service.


Air conditioner cleaning is currently one of the most demanded services. After all, any climate device not only cools or heats the air inside the room, but also cleans it of dust and all kinds of impurities that are harmful to breathing, which is why they are equipped with various filters. But it is a mistake to think that cleaning a home air conditioner and any other climate system is only about flushing dust collectors. To reduce the load on the device, which increases when it becomes dirty, and to breathe clean air in the rooms. It is necessary to clean the filters, rinse the impeller and other structural elements at least once a year.

The specialists of our service center will carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the indoor and outdoor unit of your split-system quickly and efficiently:

  • perform a detailed inspection of all nodes;
  • measure the temperature of incoming and outgoing air flows;
  • carry out work on cleaning parts;

If necessary, they will replace filters, as well as treat the devices with disinfectants and antiseptics.


Here we mention some kinds of air conditioning units that we serve are given below;

  • Window Air Conditioner In JVC 
  • Chiller Air Conditioner In JVC
  • Central Air Conditioner Unit in JVC
  • HVAC System
  • Refrigerator Units
  • Duct Air Conditioner In Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)
  • Ductless Air Conditioner In JVC
  • Geothermal Air Conditioner In JVC 
  • Portable AC In JVC
  • Hybrid AC In JVC 
  • much more


How much does the maintenance of air conditioners from “AC Dubai Maintenance” cost? The cost of services is determined by several factors, including: 

  • the type and capacity of the climatic equipment, 
  • its location and condition. 
  • Regular maintenance is inexpensive if the equipment is properly cared for and used correctly. 

Timely cleaning and refueling of air conditioners at affordable prices ensure their long-term efficient operation, that is, the creation of the best indoor ac and outdoor ac condition. 

Note: The exact price we determine after the seeing the condition of your Air Conditioner System.

In Case of An Emergency AC Maintenance Service In JVC Dubai. Feel Free to Contact Us Via WhatsApp/Phone at 0568770106


This is a good question that why we are. Because Dubai Region there are more than 20,000 Air Conditioning companies working at the time, and all provide the best air conditioning system services, So “Why WE ARE”. The answer is in the following points:

  • Education Level: Our air conditioner technicians are more well-educated rather than other companies.
  • Expert Technicians: In our company, after we hire a well-educated staff, then we give them training in air conditioning at the advanced level and also make them Expert HVAC Technicians. Who repairs all types of problems like; Thermostat, Heating-Cooling problems, Ducts problems, AC Filters Problems, AC Air Handler, Gas Leaks or leaking, Water leakage, Furnace repair, Ventilation, Airflow, AC Unit Breaker problems, AC Fans, Fan motor, etc.
  • Same-Day-Service: Our company provides the Same Day Services for any type of problem with your air conditioning systems.
  • High-Quality Equipment:  Our company provides genuine parts for Air Conditioners, which are providing you with a long life of your AC. 
  • Emergency Service: In emergency cases, you reached there in 30 to 40 minutes and fix your work. We also provide 24/7 fast and reliable emergency service in JVC Dubai

In Case of An Emergency AC Maintenance Service In JVC Dubai. Feel Free to Contact Us Via WhatsApp/Phone at 0568770106

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