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Air conditioning is highly demanded in hot weather, but it is an expensive piece of equipment that requires certain care for its proper functioning. For this reason, we will explain how to maintain the air conditioning , and some very useful tips to keep it in optimal conditions.

The air conditioning, in addition to cooling the environment where we are, reduces humidity and eliminates a large amount of impurities and dirt in suspension that is in the air. Therefore, air conditioning is an agent that helps improve the quality of the air we breathe.

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How To Do Air Conditioning Maintenance In Arabian Ranches Dubai

But for it to perform its function correctly, periodic maintenance must be carried out on the equipment. For example, if the evaporator filters are damaged, they will let all the dirt pass into the coil, clogging it and making the equipment lose its efficiency.

You would notice this because the equipment would no longer cool the environment as before. Or you would see it in the energy bill , since the equipment must work harder to compensate for the loss of efficiency.

The more the air conditioner is used, the more maintenance it will need. So you should prepare accordingly. The cleaning of filters in a commercial environment is not the same as in a residential one, even if they have the same size.

For our explanation, we will deal with two of the most used and well-known air conditioners worldwide, the window type and the Split type . The way to perform maintenance is different for the two types. The first can be faster and easier, and the second requires more care.

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How To Do Window Air Conditioner Maintenance In Arabian Ranches

  • Turn off the air conditioning . Unplug it from the outlet for safety.
  • Lift the front cover of the air conditioner . On some models this cover is completely removable, on others you can simply lift it up to gain access to the coil and filters.
  • Remove the air filter . This type of filter is placed in a position that does not allow air to enter the evaporator, other than through it. Please check the position before removing it.
  • Wash the filter with water . No need to use pressurized water or scrubbing. Dust trapped in the filter can be dislodged with the flow of the faucet. Let it dry.
  • Clean the evaporator coil with a common brush . You must do this gently and with movements in the same direction as the sheets. You must not fold them.
  • Install the filter again. It must be completely dry. In addition, you must place it in the exact position as you found it.
  • Clean the front cover. In addition, take advantage of and clean the entire exterior of the equipment with a dry cloth.
  • Clean the condenser . The condenser is the honeycomb at the back of your computer, much like a radiator. Like the evaporator, you should clean it with a brush gently, in the same direction as the panels.
  • Plug in and turn on the equipment. Plug in your air conditioner and turn it on by remote. Check that it works correctly.

This cleaning that we have just described is simple and you should do it every two weeks. It is the cleaning that all users can do to their computers.

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How To Do Split Air Conditioning Maintenance In Arabian Ranches

  • Turn off the air conditioning. Unplug it from the outlet for safety.
  • Open the front panel of the computer. It can usually be lifted to access the filters.
  • Check the type of filter. Split air conditioners can have one of these three types of filters:
    • Nylon filter.
    • HEPA filter .
    • Carbon filter.
  • Pull out the nylon filter. In some cases, the extraction of the filters is done with the same central panel. In other cases, it is only necessary to remove them from their location and that’s it. You must see how it is installed so that you can reassemble it in the same way.
  • Wash the nylon filter. These filters are washable just like the filter present in the window air. When you finish washing, let it dry. HEPA and carbon filters are not washable, in this case, you can pass a manual vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean the evaporator. If you have front access to the evaporator, you can take advantage and clean it with a brush gently. In some models you will not have access.
  • Install the nylon filter. Place it in the same position it had at the beginning. Install the front cover in its position again.
  • Turn on the computer. Plug in and turn on the equipment with your remote. Check that it is working correctly.

This maintenance should be done at least every two weeks.

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Additional Tips for Air Conditioning Maintenance In Arabian Ranches

We have some additional recommendations for maintaining your device. In this way, you prevent the air conditioning from having any problems.

  • Do not wash the filters with hot water. It will be enough water at room temperature.
  • Do not turn on the equipment without placing the filters.
  • Don’t let dirt build up on your gear. If you notice dirt, proceed to clean.
  • Also check the drain line. Check that it works correctly. We have an article on the drain: Air Conditioner Drain.
  • Have your equipment manual handy to guide you when disassembling the filters.
  • If you need a deeper cleaning, you should call a professional.
  • Deep maintenance is recommended once a year if you use your equipment a lot. For moderate use, it may be every two years.

Now that you’ve learned how to maintain your air conditioner, be sure to follow the recommendations above.

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What Are The Benefits Of Maintaining Air Conditioning In Arabian Ranches?

There are many benefits to periodically performing this maintenance. We will show you the most important ones.

1. Failure prevention

As you have seen, your air conditioning equipment is exposed to the accumulation of dust and other microorganisms that can clog filters, turbines and coils.

In addition to causing damage to the device and causing health problems, dirt makes it difficult to function properly, being one of the main causes of failure.

Therefore, carrying out preventive maintenance and keeping cleaning up to date prevents the accumulation of dirt and increases the useful life of the equipment.

2. Health benefits

If the filters work correctly, you will have a higher quality air in the environment. This is beneficial for people who live in this environment, avoiding respiratory diseases and preventing discomfort.

Carrying out periodic cleaning prevents the proliferation of microorganisms, fungi and bacteria in the equipment.

3. Greater durability

To ensure the efficiency of the machine, the air conditioner must always be kept in a clean condition. In addition to extending the useful life of the parts and keeping it longer, the equipment will provide greater comfort to those who use it.

4. Economy

Lack of maintenance and cleaning makes the air conditioner work harder, overloading the compressor . Working in these conditions, the device consumes much more electricity and, consequently, also ends up weighing more on the user’s pocket.

To avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month, it is necessary to use the equipment sparingly and pay attention to the periods in which cleaning and preventive maintenance must be carried out.

As much as it may seem like unnecessary work when taken coldly, it’s important to maintain it properly to reap these benefits.

Is there an established period for the maintenance of the air conditioning?

Each air conditioner model has its own peculiarities. Therefore, the user should ideally refer to the device manual for the correct maintenance frequency.

We recommend that routine cleaning, which is done by the user, be every two weeks. And the professional, deep and technical cleaning is done once a year.

The maintenance of the air conditioning is essential so that the profitability of the device is positive for you. In the end, it is no use choosing the most suitable item for what you want and, in practice, wasting the potential of your device.

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