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How is the installation of air conditioners in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Installation of air conditioners is a rather complicated process and it is better not to do this work without special education and skills. In addition to professionalism, you also need to have special tools, which, as a rule, are quite expensive. Let’s consider how the air conditioner is installed in Palm Jumeirah Dubai step by step:

  1. Upon arrival at the site, the installation team decides and agrees with the client on the installation site of the air conditioner.
  2. The next step is to install the brackets to which the outdoor unit is attached.
  3. Next, a plate is fixed to the wall, on which the indoor unit of the air conditioner is subsequently installed.
  4. The next step is to make a hole in the wall.
  5. The length of the communications is measured, and the route is assembled: copper pipes, inter-unit wire, drainage tube, Route is being laid.
  6. Rolling of pipes is carried out.
  7. The indoor unit of the air conditioner is installed.
  8. The route is evacuated and the pipes are connected to the blocks.
  9. The faucets of the outdoor unit are opened to fill the system with freon.
  10. Commissioning works are in progress, the system is tested in all modes.

Consumables used in installation

  1. Copper tubes for the assembly of a freon line.
  2. Flex – thermal insulation for freon tubes.
  3. Brass nuts for connecting copper pipes from air conditioners.
  4. Drainage tube – for condensate drainage.
  5. Electrical interconnect cable.
  6. Corrugation for electrical cable insulation.
  7. Teflon tape for winding the track, reinforced tape.
  8. Outdoor unit brackets.
  9. Anchor for installing the bracket.
  10. Dowels, screws, hardware, sealant, polyurethane foam, etc.
  11. Freon (410, 22, 32).

In addition to the qualifications of specialists and the use of modern professional tools, the quality of consumables plays a very important role in the quality work of the installed equipment. And also the cost of installation directly depends on the cost of the materials used.

Basic specialist tools

It is very important that the foremen are equipped with all the basic tools that are required when installing air conditioners.

  1. Pipe cutters – for cutting pipes.
  2. Rimmer – for processing the cut line and chamfering from the inside of the pipe.
  3. Mop – for processing the cutting line in hard-to-reach places.
  4. Pipe benders – for bending copper pipes and the desired angle of the route.
  5. Rolling – for expanding pipes.
  6. Perforator.
  7. Screwdriver.
  8. Drill.
  9. Bulgarian.
  10. Drill hole SDS-MAX.
  11. Gauge manifolds.
  12. Automatic or manual stations.
  13. Refueling hoses, adapters, adapters, quick couplings.
  14. Thermometers – for measuring the delivered temperature.
  15. Measuring tools – building level, tape measure.
  16. Vacuum pump (vacuum station) – to drain the line.
  17. Vacuum cleaner – for removing dust.
  18. Gas torch and solder – for connecting pipes.

And also many other additional tools that may be needed during installation.

Installation of household air conditioners in Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Typically, household air conditioners are supplied to an area of less than 100 square meters. m. These air conditioners are compact, have a capacity of up to 7 kW. Effective on the territory of a small house, summer house, apartment, office, shop, beauty salon. Distinctive features – inexpensive, sometimes mobile, have a built-in inverter. Pays off quickly – provided it is installed correctly. Therefore, it is not worth saving on installation – the master observes safety precautions and will connect the climate control system as accurately and efficiently as possible.

It is not worth saving on the installation/maintenance of air conditioners. At first glance, it seems that the setting is not all that important. Many consumers believe that if you buy an expensive air conditioner, then it is guaranteed to work without failures and breakdowns, but this is not the case. Installers must correctly install the air conditioner units in a suitable place, all connections must be made with high quality. After installation, the systems should be checked for leaks. Even the most expensive equipment requires professional installation, which will guarantee a long and efficient operation.

Prices for the Maintenance of household air conditioners in Palm Jumeirah are affordable for many, but you can save even more. Order the services of maintenance/installation specialists on our portal – this is a guarantee of success.

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