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AC Duct Cleaning In Arabian Ranches Dubai Service

Fundamental to the well-being of employees, the commercial and industrial air duct cleaning service performed by AC Dubai Maintenance Company In Arabian Ranches provides comfort and safety.

As it is a piece of equipment integrated into the air conditioning system, it needs to be cleaned periodically. Otherwise, the air conditioning quality will be easily compromised. 

therefore, All types of air conditioning ducts, hoods, and waste collections are inspected, cleaned, sanitized, and decontaminated using triple filtration. 

Our company team in Arabian Ranches Dubai has highly expert and qualified professionals and uses robotic equipment. It’s important that air conditioners perform routine maintenance to ensure a safe atmosphere and good air quality, as well as to save money.

All this air conditioning duct cleaning service is accompanied by exemplary and duly certified professionals. In addition, we use state-of-the-art robotic equipment capable of increasing work efficiency.

Our Company AC Dubai Maintenance team is highly expert, professionals and qualified. To provide a service of the highest quality and safety, all employees of our organization undergo ongoing training and certification.

Cleaning steps for air conditioning ducts in Arabian Ranches Dubai

Before cleaning the air conditioning ducts, our supervisor first performs a pre-task inspection to act with the best strategy to impact the routine of employees as little as possible.

In this step, the team supervisor ensures that the initial photographic record of the ducts to be cleaned is carried out, with the appropriate number of photos to present to the customer at the end of the service compared to the state left after cleaning them.

We then carry out a series of steps, including:

  • Removal of diffusers for cleaning;
  • Mechanical cleaning of the ducts with a rotating brush and aspiration;
  • Bactericidal application and drying to eliminate biological agents;
  • Photographic record after cleaning;
  • Installation of clean diffusers;
  • Hygienisation of the water trays of the machines and exchange of the bactericidal tablet;
  • Replacement of air filters (material supplied by the customer);
  • All waste generated in the operation is managed by the customer.

Finally, after the customer’s approval, the team supervisor delivers the service report and arranges for the demobilization of the team and equipment. The delivery of documents to the ACDUBAIMAINTENACE base must be done immediately after the cleaning of ac ducts is finished for the generation of certificate and subsequent delivery to the customer.

Importance of cleaning air conditioning ducts

The cleaning of commercial and industrial air conditioning ducts is among the main precautions of preventive maintenance, an action that aims to prevent the equipment from having unexpected failures or stops.

This is a type of intervention that must be carried out regularly, ensuring inspection of the device and making adjustments aimed at preserving the equipment and eliminating aspects that can cause problems.

In addition to the possibility of the device not even working, the lack of preventive maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning ducts can bring a series of damages to the environment and to the health of employees, such as: reduction of air renewal, excessive energy consumption electricity, shortened equipment life, reduced thermal comfort and increased airborne disease transmission.

These precautions are so important that there is even legislation that requires maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning ducts. Enacted in January 2018, Law 13,589/2018 makes it mandatory for public and collective private buildings to periodically carry out maintenance on the device, also determining that buildings must have a plan for the maintenance, operation and control of air conditioners.

The purpose of this law is to provide indoor air quality in environments and minimize possible risks to the health of people present in the place. For this, specific requirements were defined for controlling temperature, humidity, degree of purity, and the presence of harmful particles. All buildings that install new equipment must already follow this legislation.

Main advantages of cleaning air conditioning ducts

– Less chance of respiratory diseases;

– Higher productivity;

– Increased durability;

– Reduction of energy consumption of the equipment;

– Increase in the useful life of the air conditioning;

– Improved device efficiency;

– Reduction of noise emitted by the device;

– Greater thermal comfort;

– Reduction of failures;

– Healthier, purer, and quality air;

– Health promotion;

– Adequacy of the establishment of Dubai legislation.

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