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AC Duct Cleaning In Remraam Dubai Service

Are You Finding the Best AC Duct Cleaning In Remraam Dubai Community? Then, you are in the right place our company ” AC MAINTENANCE DUBAI ” provides you with the best Cleaning, Installing, and maintenance services for all types of Air Conditioners in Remraam Dubai.

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Our company in remraam Dubai provides the best all kinds of ac duct cleaning service.  We have expert professionals for cleaning the in-door and out-door units. If you feel some nosely sound or smell is produced by your Air conditioning system, then it needs to clean your AC System. So, here we are providing the best service for your AC Ducting Unit In Remraam Dubai.


Please note that the air conditioner cleaning service in Remraam, like all our other services, is covered by a 7-day warranty. This warranty does not include product defects. You can read more about the guarantee on the guarantee page.

What is included in Duct cleaning:
– Diagnostics of technological parameters;
– Cleaning of the internal unit:
— Cleaning of the radiator grid;
— Impeller cleaning;
— Filter cleaning;
— Plastic washer;
– Disinfection and treatment with an antibacterial agent.

– High-pressure washer;
– Disinfectant, antifungal, and antibacterial agent;
– Freon pressure measurement station.

AC Duct Cleaning In Remraam Dubai – What Do You Need To Know Before?

  • The size of the air conditioner;
  • the presence of a smell;
  • Availability of cooled air;
  • Breakdowns have passed (if there were any);
  • Time since cleaning (approximate).
  • Floor and/or access to an outdoor unit

WITH which companies we work?

We clean the air conditioner systems of all brands without exception.

ac duct cleaning in remraam dubai services- brands name

Cleaning the air conditioner - how to order

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The guarantee of long-lasting and stable operation of the air conditioner is timely service. Preventive measures are recommended to be carried out regularly – once every six months. Our specialists provide quickly and competently clean air conditioners at an affordable price.

Why does the air conditioner stink?

If an unpleasant smell appears during the operation of the air conditioner, this indicates contamination of the air conditioning equipment. Most often, the cause of such a smell is the presence of certain damages or failures in the operation of an electrical appliance. The air conditioner can give off an unpleasant smell for the following reasons:

  • the presence of bacteria and mold in the ventilation holes;
  • contamination of air filters with excessive moisture or dust mites;
  • outflow of antifreeze, which causes the appearance of a characteristic chemical aroma in the air.

The possibility that the cause of the unpleasant smell is not the air conditioner itself, but the ventilation system. The ventilation of old buildings is usually inhabited by large colonies of microorganisms. Pathogenic bacteria populate cracks, crevices or corners. Their further reproduction can contribute to the appearance of an unpleasant smell, which is felt even when the electrical appliance is turned off. The aroma intensifies when the climate technology is turned on, as additional moisture enters the place of bacterial growth as a result.

Why does the air conditioner not cool?

The main function of any air conditioner is to cool the air in the room. If the air conditioner has stopped cooling, the problem may be the following:

  • the cooling mode may be turned off on the device;
  • internal filters are clogged;
  • the external unit is contaminated;
  • there is not enough freon in the air conditioner;
  • clogging of the capillary pipeline;
  • the valve that regulates the change of heating and cooling mode has failed;
  • breakdown of the starting or working capacitor;
  • malfunction of the fan in the outdoor unit;
  • unstable voltage in the network.

Violation of the cooling function may be associated with the listed breakdowns, wear and tear of equipment, and factory shortage of parts and components. Call us to restore the electrical appliances. They will carry out diagnostics of the equipment, and based on its results, they will determine the scope and type of necessary work. 

Cleaning the air conditioner with a steam generator

If the air conditioner cools poorly and emits an unpleasant smell, the cause of the breakdown may be the contamination of the elements. Remains of leaves, insects, fluff, and dust can accumulate in the ventilation ducts. Because of this, the heat exchange of the condenser deteriorates, and overheating occurs. To eliminate this breakdown, service center specialists use a steam generator. This device, in addition to cleaning the elements that have laughed, performs disinfection, which is carried out under the influence of high temperature and pressure. The steam generator not only fights against various pollution but also helps to remove unpleasant odors and humidify the air. In this way, dirt and microorganisms are removed from the home unit. Cleaning of the external unit is performed under a high-pressure water jet, which is guaranteed to remove contamination from all accessible places.

AC Duct Cleaning In Remraam Dubai price

The cost of cleaning the air conditioner system depends on the list of services that will be provided by the specialists of the service center. Having arrived at the object, the master assesses the scope and complexity of the work, after which he announces the final price to the client. Timely cleaning will help prevent air conditioner breakdowns and save money. As you know, maintenance of air-conditioning equipment is much cheaper than its repair.

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