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Air conditioning is one of the essential appliances in a home; this equipment allows you to keep your home cool during the summer months, which makes the environment much more pleasant. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying refrigeration equipment, you should know how to maintain your air conditioner.

What types of maintenance can we perform on the air conditioning In Qusais Dubai?

In our air conditioning, we can carry out different types of maintenance such as preventive or corrective, each of them with its pertinent advantages.

Advantages of preventive air conditioning maintenance al In qusais Dubai

  • Improve air quality and take care of health. Equipment in good condition keeps the air clean and free of particles that can harm health and cause conditions such as asthma or allergies.
  • Increases the useful life of the equipment. Removes dirt from internal equipment, as well as detecting faults and repairing them in time.
  • Promotes energy savings. The simple act of changing or cleaning the filters helps save up to 5% on our electricity bill.

Corrective maintenance

  • It has a lower cost in the short term. By carrying out this type of maintenance, it is possible to prevent damage to other elements of the appliance.
  • It is a simpler process. You just have to act according to the problem and focus on the component to be repaired.
  • Good fix on minor bugs. If the damage is minor, the repair price will be much lower than if even a general cleaning of both units is done.

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How is air conditioning maintenance done?

If you already know what type of air conditioning you want, it is important that you know that, from time to time, you must perform maintenance to ensure that the equipment is working correctly and thus extend its useful life.

It is best to leave the maintenance of the exterior part in the hands of professionals. They are the ones to verify the installation and performance of your device. In this process, the specialist will check that there is no element that could obstruct the outlets or that there are no leaks, among other actions.

On the contrary, the maintenance of the indoor unit can be done by yourself; To do this, you must periodically clean the filters of the device and clean the drain. In this way, you avoid the accumulation of dirt inside and the performance of your equipment will not drop at any time. In this way, you get your low-consumption air conditioner to last much longer; In addition, this correct maintenance facilitates that the noise level at which it works is much lower.

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Cleaning the air conditioning filters

This part of the device is responsible for filtering the air so that dust and pollen particles do not reach the environment of the room, keeping the air clean. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them at least once a year. To perform this procedure, you must follow the steps shown below:

  • Open the lid of the device. The air conditioning filters are located behind the grille. To clean them you need to remove them.
  • Filter cleaning. We can do it in two ways, one using a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust and dirt, or using cold water. In the latter case, you should dry them in the shade to avoid possible deformation due to heat.
  • Once clean, it is necessary to re-insert the filters into the air conditioner. Once put, you can use the air conditioning again.

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Split Drain Cleaning | Al Qusais Dubai

Inside the air conditioner, an evaporation process takes place that causes water droplets to accumulate inside the system. The drain is the small diameter tube through which the water falls due to gravity. In this sense, if this tube is not cleaned from time to time, bad odors, malfunctions, or the proliferation of bacteria that can affect health and the system can occur.

If the drain has become clogged, or you feel that it is in poor condition, you can blow hard to remove the dirt, although in centralized models access can be more complicated and require completely changing the entire drain pipe.

General cleaning of the indoor unit

In order for the air conditioner to work properly, it is essential to prevent the proliferation of bacteria and also to keep the aesthetics of the appliance in good condition, therefore, it is recommended to perform a superficial cleaning of the indoor unit using non-abrasive products. An example is using 10% bleach dissolved in water in a spray bottle and a synthetic fiber cloth to remove dirt.

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Outdoor unit maintenance in al qusais Dubai

The compressor, the exchanger, or the refrigerant are some of the main elements of an air conditioner. These components are located in the outdoor unit, which is almost always outdoors.

For this reason, it is essential to clean and check it regularly so that dirt does not accumulate and to ensure that there is nothing that could obstruct the passage of air or the fan grills. Being such complex components, it is best to leave this maintenance in the hands of professionals, especially if it is in a high place.

Check for refrigerant leaks

According to Royal Decree 115/2017, of February 17, the review of refrigerant leaks must be carried out by a professional who has a certificate for handling fluorinated gases 

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How often should air conditioning maintenance in al qusais Dubai be carried out?

The most important thing is to service your air conditioner at least once a year. In the same way, it is best to carry out this procedure every time the type of air distributed by your equipment varies; that is, when you go from cold to hot and vice versa.

In the event that the operation is regular, it is then recommended to reduce the cleaning periods to every 3 months to eliminate dirt due to bacteria and dust.

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Problems of not performing good air conditioning maintenance in al qusais Dubai

Next, we show you the problems that can appear if you do not perform good maintenance on your air conditioner.

  • There are water leaks, both from the front of the indoor unit and from the cold water outlet.
  • The fan motor may be damaged.
  • The system does not cool well, causing your home to never reach the temperature you want.
  • Stop blowing air out of the turbine.
  • The compressor does not start.
  • Remote control does not work.
  • Produce a bad smell, as a result of the appearance of bacteria or stagnant water due to humidity.

By the way, since we are talking about maintenance, surely you are interested in knowing at what temperature you should put the air conditioning . If you optimize it, in addition to saving on the electricity bill, you can extend the life of your device

In this way, you now know how to maintain the air conditioner. Also, if you have any questions when you go to purchase your equipment at AC Dubai Maintenance, whether it is about the installation, the correct choice of your device or its maintenance, our professionals are happy to help you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us to make your purchase.

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