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AC Maintenance In Al Buteen Dubai Service | 0568770106

If you also have an air conditioner installed in your home, you also have this type of contract in which, in addition to the maintenance of your boiler, the maintenance of the air conditioning would be carried out.

Our team of professionals not only works in the area of Al Buteen Dubai and its surroundings, we also have an ac maintenance in al buteen Dubai service.

Call Us For AC Maintenance In Al Buteen Dubai Service | 0568770106

Apart from the work that would be carried out in the revision of your boiler, the following air conditioning maintenance work would also be carried out

  • Control of supply and return temperatures.
  • Checking the refrigeration performance of the appliances (refrigerant pressures).
  • Review of the general condition in control panels, valves, fans, compressors, thermostats, pressure switches and temperature probes.
  • Checking the status and cleaning of condensers in the equipment.
  • Checking the condition and cleaning of filters in indoor units.
  • Checking the condition and cleaning of drainage trays.
  • Check for possible noise and vibrations.
  • The certificate from the Government of Dubai will be attached, which certifies that the review has been carried out correctly.

Call Us For AC Maintenance In Al Buteen Dubai Service | 0568770106


  1. The manpower required to carry out periodic reviews.
  2. The travel, transportation, and per diem costs of personnel corresponding to said reviews.
  3. Whenever it is considered of interest, a report will be presented to the client with the conclusions and recommendations for the improvement of the facilities that are the object of this contract.
  4. Labor and displacement in case of other visits at the request of the owner in case of breakdown.

Call Us For AC Maintenance In Al Buteen Dubai Service | 0568770106


Performing air conditioning maintenance is essential for the device to effectively perform its functions. In addition, keeping the maintenance of the air conditioning up to date will make it suffer fewer breakdowns and improve its energy efficiency. Although basic cleaning and care tasks can be done at home at any time, it is also advisable to have an official air conditioning repair service in Al Buteen Dubai.

One of the basic points that can be done to carry out correct maintenance of the air conditioner is to clean the filters of the device monthly and replace them after six months (and even before), depending on the use that is given to it. If the filters are full of dust, the amount of exhaust air will be less and its cooling capacity will be reduced more than if the filters are completely clean. To clean the filters of the air conditioner, you only need soap and water, in addition, today many air conditioners have an automatic cleaning system.

Call Us For AC Maintenance In Al Buteen Dubai Service | 0568770106


It is also necessary to prevent the external coil of the air conditioners from picking up odors or dirt, for this reason it is advisable to clean it with a brush, taking care not to bend the fins. As with the air conditioner fins, water can also collect in the drain pan. For correct air conditioning maintenance, it is advisable to remove the water from time to time and keep the tray where the condensation water is deposited clean, in this way bad odors and possible breakdowns will be avoided.

Just as the interior must be clean and in good condition, proper cleaning of the exterior of the device is also important for air conditioning maintenance. If there is a lot of dust and dirt on the device, the performance of the internal devices will be reduced and the power consumption will increase. Within our air conditioning maintenance service in Al Buteen Dubai, we also take care of checking the level of refrigerant gas in the air conditioning. This is important to avoid possible leaks and to extend the useful life of the appliance.

AC Maintenance In Al Buteen Dubai

Call Us For AC Maintenance In Al Buteen Dubai Service | 0568770106

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