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AC Maintenance in Al Furjan Dubai Service | 0568770106

Split-type or ducted air conditioners are a fundamental piece of any quality air conditioning system. Its main task is to provide the ideal temperature, and to spread it evenly throughout all the spaces where it is required. 

Bearing in mind that the main use of these devices is during the summer, many people tend to neglect their maintenance the rest of the year. This causes quite common failures that can be prevented with the help of a professional air conditioning maintenance service. 

At AC Dubai Maintenance In Al Furjan Dubai, we offer you a quality air conditioning maintenance service. Our goal is to provide you with the best results, in the shortest possible time, so that you can enjoy the comfort provided by these devices whenever you want. 


Throughout this article we will explain everything you need to know about this service. Pay attention to discover the advantages we have to offer you.

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How to do good air conditioning maintenance in Al Furjan Dubai?

The first thing you should keep in mind to know how to do good air conditioning maintenance is the importance of having the support of an expert technician. While it is true that there are parts of the job that can be done by anyone, discretion is advised to ensure the best results. 

A good air conditioning maintenance service includes the following actions:

  • Cleaning of the internal filters to eliminate excess dust and other elements that may affect the operation of the equipment. If this cleaning is not carried out, the obstruction can affect the air distribution and cause breakdowns or bad odours. 
  • Cleaning the split, especially the part of the drain, to eliminate the sediments and bacteria that accumulate there. If this work is not done, there is a risk of corrosion and bad odours. 
  • Cleaning of all the components that make up the external unit of the air conditioning. It is an important process because the refrigerant is there.
  • Review of the refrigerant gas circuit to ensure that there are no leaks.
  • Review of the pipes, condenser and tray to detect the presence of oils or other elements that may affect the operation of the equipment.

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Is it mandatory to do maintenance on the cooling system?

Yes, it is mandatory, according to article 15 of the Regulation of Thermal Installations of Buildings (RITE) where it is indicated that this process must be carried out at least once every two years if the equipment is between 12 Kw and 70 Kw inside a home; on the other hand, if this equipment is in other spaces, maintenance must be annual. 

If the device has 12 Kw or less and is used inside a home, maintenance must be carried out every 4 years according to the RITE; if it is in a commercial premises or office, it must be done every 2 years. This regulation also specifies that air conditioners of more than 70 Kw must have monthly maintenance. 

For their part, air conditioning manufacturers recommend that maintenance work be carried out annually on household appliances. All this to ensure the maximum operability of these devices.

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Maintenance contract, keep your equipment clean and in good condition

With AC Dubai Maintenance, air conditioning maintenance contract, you ensure clean equipment in good condition. We work from Monday to Friday, and on Saturdays and Sunday during the winter in case the device also works as a heat pump, so that you don’t spend a single day without access to the ideal temperature. 

We arrive anywhere in the province of Dubai, and we make sure to complete the work in a short time to give you the peace of mind you deserve in your home. Trust us, our team is made up of expert technicians, qualified and authorized for this work. 

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