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What is air conditioning maintenance?

You have probably already asked yourself this question, and it is not surprising that you naturally want to know in general what they are going to do with your air conditioner.

AC Maintenance In Al Quoz DubaiAir conditioning maintenance consists of properly managing an asset that offers us comfort and well-being in our facilities. In other words, your air conditioner requires regular maintenance to ensure it works properly over time.

Preventive maintenance aims to avoid the most frequent damages caused by lack of maintenance, mainly the reduction of refrigeration, which can occur due, among other things, to the accumulation of dust in the filters or to the lack of gaseous or liquid refrigerant.

When it comes to filter cleaning, it is extremely important that you add it to your house cleaning, not every day, but once a month or depending on external conditions, that is, if there is a lot of dust, it will be more constant. This is because a lot of dust accumulates in them, which forces the air conditioner to work forcefully due to excess dirt, which limits the passage of air and causes respiratory problems.

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Another of the most frequent damages is the release of odors that can be caused by stagnant water in the battery that forms mold, bacteria and the spread of unpleasant odors in the environment, so if you perform regular maintenance on your air conditioner It will significantly improve the quality of the air you breathe, but not only that, it will also save energy and, most importantly, extend the life of your air conditioner.

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How often should air conditioning maintenance be done?

We live in a city where heat and pollution are always present, for this reason it is very important to make sure that our air conditioning works correctly, carrying out good maintenance.

Whether it is split, central, mini-split or portable, the air conditioner, like many other electrical devices in our home or office, requires preventive maintenance to ensure its correct operation.

As a general rule, preventive maintenance of air conditioners is carried out every 6 months.

This is because when it is used it gets contaminated (internal filter, internal coil, external filter, turbine, etc.), as well as when checking the refrigerant pressure. If it is low, it not only needs to be recharged, but more importantly, check the tightness of the system. There’s no point in inflating a perforated cylinder, right?

One of the main consequences of the lack of maintenance is the decrease in productivity. Another related effect is that the computer begins to freeze.

Excessive use (8 hours or more per day) may require more frequent examination and, conversely, very little use, a maximum of 1 year can be expected. Never spend more than this time on maintenance as we will be putting the entire device at risk for something that may be worth very little and very easy to fix.

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Main faults of an air conditioner

  • Equipment out of gas due to leak or insufficient replenishment.
  • The compressor does not heat: In this case, the owner of the air conditioner observes that the equipment has stopped cooling.
  • The compressor does not start: This happens because the compressor does not make any sound, the electrical supply is not reaching the compressor or it is not enough.
  • Compressor failure.
  • Low voltage or incorrect voltage.
  • Water dripping from the front panel.
  • Problems with circuit size (amps).
  • Improper piping design: This may be due to high vertical height.
  • Refrigerant or oil is overcharged.
  • Contamination in the system: Moisture in the system can be caused by various cases.
  • Battery failure or loss of charge.
  • Water flow noise during operation.
  • The unit does not turn on.
  • Improper electrical connections: This is usually caused by common problems, such as the wrong connection of the cable to an outlet or the poor condition of the tube.
  • The equipment does not cool: As we said, this is a very common error.
  • Thermal protector other than specified.
  • The thermostat or the temperature sensor is defective.
  • Flash gas in the liquid line.
  • The computer turns on and off often.
  • Device does not turn on: This may be because the unit is not fully plugged into a socket, the circuit breaker is turned off, or in the event of a serious fault, the fuse has blown.
  • Excessive accumulation of oil in the evaporator.
  • Low Condensing Pressure: On air-cooled compressors and condensing units this occurs if the pressure control system is faulty or poorly adjusted.

It is not recommended to do preventive maintenance on people without prior preparation.

You should always consult a qualified and trained company because if we make a mistake, we will jeopardize the unit’s integrity and may even endanger our health or that of the responsible person.

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