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For the air conditioning equipment to work efficiently, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance regardless of the type of device it is: wall-mounted split, portable equipment.

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Air conditioning maintenance operations

1) Indoor unit filter cleaning

The indoor unit of the air conditioner has a filter that can be washed very easily. Thanks to this cleaning, the operation of the equipment will be optimized and the quality of the air will be improved.

2) Outdoor unit cleaning

The outdoor unit also requires periodic maintenance since all the dirt from the street remains deposited in the exchange battery. The best way to carry out this cleaning is by blowing or using pressurized air. This cleaning will also optimize the operation of the equipment and improve efficiency.

3) Refrigerant gas check

Outdoor air conditioning units often have leaks that can be temporarily fixed by performing a gas charge.

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Saving Tips With Air Conditioning

In the hottest months of summer, the electricity bill usually suffers the consequences of the use of air conditioners. Especially with the recent increases in electricity bills and VAT, it is advisable to follow certain rules so that consumption and therefore spending drops significantly.

AC Maintenance Blue Waters Dubai 0568770106

Class “A” equipment, more expensive but consumes up to 60% less

For each degree of more or less, consumption can vary around 8%.
Maintenance is important

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  • Perform regular air conditioning maintenance

In the above, we discussed about the importance of maintenance and the operations to be carried out. Keeping the inlets and outlets clean of dust and dirt will increase the performance of the equipment.

  • Keep the right temperature

The variation of one degree of temperature increases energy consumption by up to 8%. Some organizations advise keeping the room between 22 and 25ºC. In addition, it must be taken into account that a temperature difference of more than 12ºC between the outside and inside temperatures is not healthy.

  • Air conditioner location

The area where the air conditioner is located should be an area where it does not get direct sunlight and where there is good air circulation.

  • Proper use.

When the air conditioning is on, try not to open doors or windows unnecessarily. In the hottest hours, try to cover the windows with curtains or blinds to prevent heat from entering. The equipment should also be turned off for a while before leaving, since the cool can last ten minutes or a quarter of an hour perfectly.

  • Proper choice of equipment

An efficient air conditioning unit will consume less than one with less efficiency. Class A equipment is the most efficient, consuming up to 60% less electricity than other high-consumption equipment with the same features. You can see class A air conditioning units with inverter technology in our store .

To see the power of the equipment, you have to take into account the orientation of the house, the insulation,… To get an approximate idea, it is usually 100 frigories (0.11 KW) for each square meter.

  • Insulation and color of the walls

The insulation of the home is a fundamental factor to take into account, losses could occur through doors and windows.

Painting the walls and ceilings of the house in light colors helps keep the room cooler.

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