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AC Maintenance Deira Island Dubai

Whether to avoid heat, for health or hygiene, offices always need air conditioning equipment. Its usefulness is invaluable, especially in this new normality in which it serves as a form of prevention against the dreaded coronavirus. Although air conditioning equipment is accessible and easy to obtain for most small and large companies, it also has its complications, one of which is to give it proper maintenance in order to avoid material damage and loss of time and money.

There are companies dedicated solely and exclusively to offering these services, in them you will find specialized, dedicated personnel with the technical knowledge required to carry out these activities, in addition to having the necessary tools for the correct maintenance of air conditioning. If this is what you are looking for, we invite you to request your AC Dubai Maintenance In Deira Island Dubai of Preventive Maintenance with us, we have the experience, the knowledge, the methodology, and we are 100% committed to the client. Now, this is not an article for sale, and although contracting a Maintenance plan is the most recommended to carry out this work, the purpose of this writing is to help you, who are surely an entrepreneur, to prevent damage to your air conditioning systems. Go for it!

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What is Preventive Maintenance in Deira Island Dubai?

The Maintenance we are talking about in this article is Preventive, this type of maintenance practically consists of giving basic and not so basic care to our equipment, in this case air conditioning, in order to avoid possible future damage. It sounds simple but in reality preventive maintenance takes a lot of work, planning and professionalism.

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How to maintain Air Conditioning Equipment?

First, the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE) tells us that air conditioners or heat pumps with a power of less than 12 kW must undergo preventive maintenance at least every 4 years, so the Initial recommendation is that you turn to a company specialized in these services or if you do it yourself, take due precaution. Without further ado, here are the 5 main ways to provide Preventive Maintenance to our air conditioning equipment.

  1. CHECK THE ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS – The first thing is to check that the connections and wiring from which our air conditioning systems are fed are in good condition for their correct operation, it is also recommended that it not be a connection shared with other devices so that it can withstand its energy consumption.
  2. KEEP AIR FILTERS CLEAR – Periodically cleaning the air intakes in our air conditioning systems is extremely important so that there are no obstructions that cause the equipment to lose its efficiency.
  3. CLEAN THE OUTDOOR UNIT – This part of the equipment contains the compressor, the exchanger and the refrigerant gas. As it is attached to the facade, it is best to have a specialist install it and give it the necessary maintenance.
  4. CHANGE OF PARTS – Over the years in operation, our equipment wears out and loses its effectiveness, for this reason it is recommended to check and replace the most damaged parts with ones that optimize their work.
  5. CLEANING THE SPLIT – It is necessary to drain our split since if it is not cleaned from time to time, the accumulated water could cause bad odours, the appearance of bacteria or cause malfunctions.

Finally, do not forget that having these functional devices in your company also carries a responsibility and you should not leave it aside. The maintenance of these is mandatory, so hiring experts in the maintenance of air conditioning equipment is the most viable and safest option for your facilities and economy. If you still do not have the professional collaborators for the work, you can review superficially and contact us for an adequate maintenance service.

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