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Preventive maintenance is the key to extending the useful life of the air conditioner. However, many of us do not do it regularly and expect our equipment to suffer greater damage, when its repair is more complex. Next, let’s review the following AC Dubai Maintenance In Discovery Garden Dubai on preventive maintenance and thus be able to get the most out of our air conditioning.

How often should I perform maintenance on my air conditioner in discovery garden Dubai?

The number of maintenance that we must carry out per year depends largely on the use we give to the equipment (number of hours per day) and the conditions of the site where it is located. For example, if the air conditioner is exposed to external factors such as dust, car smoke, pollution or salt, the maintenance of the equipment should be done more frequently.

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Taking into account the above, our recommendation is to carry out preventive maintenance in the following periods:

Inverter phases

  • It is advised to perform maintenance every four months in homes that use their air conditioners moderately (6 to 8 hours per day) and in normal weather.
  • It is advised to do maintenance every three months in houses where the air conditioner is used often (10 to 24 hours a day) and there are normal outside conditions.
  • In offices, warehouses, restaurants, or areas with high traffic and higher thermal load, it is recommended to carry out a monthly or bimonthly maintenance plan. This plan must include predictive maintenance that manages to detect possible future failures.
  • If our air conditioner has a long period without use, our recommendation is to carry out previous maintenance before turning on.

Tip:  Do not wait for your equipment to lower performance, cooling less than usual or freezing to perform preventive maintenance. If you do it on time, you will conserve your equipment in a great way and save more energy.

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The risks of not doing air conditioning maintenance in discovery garden Dubai

Like everything in life, what is not maintained is damaged, and even worse in the case of air conditioners, if we do not do it we can affect our health.

Are you also one of those who performs air conditioning maintenance every years? The time has come to change that habit and maintain our air conditioners at least two or three times a year, so we do not put our health and the useful life of the equipment at risk. 

Disease risks  

The lack of maintenance in air conditioners in discovery garden Dubai can cause the spread of diseases in our environment. The accumulation of dirt is one of the main enemies of air conditioning and is the source of the spread of very common respiratory diseases such as pharyngitis, rhinitis, asthma, among others. Cleaning filters and evaporators are key to avoiding risks of bacteria accumulation, for this reason we recommend you schedule maintenance at least 3 times a year in homes and 6 times a year in commercial establishments or companies.

“A clean air conditioner gives you a healthy and comfortable environment.”

Risk of damage to the air conditioner in discovery garden Dubai.

Below we share some technical risks that we can avoid by carrying out preventive maintenance on our air conditioners :

  • – Change of parts before time: Without preventive maintenance, the deterioration of parts due to dirt, corrosion and rust increases. This makes us have to replace some parts of the air conditioner before time .
  •  Greater electricity consumption: If we do not keep the filters clean, the dirty one acts as a thermal insulator and reduces the efficiency of the equipment, consuming more energy.
  • – Equipment freezing: If the filters or the evaporator coil are dirty, the equipment may freeze, obstructing the air flow and causing serious failures in the coil or compressor.

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