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The maintenance of ducted air conditioners is not too complex, however, it is recommended that it be carried out by a specialized technical service that can solve any eventuality that may arise or that can detect a problem.

Carrying out maintenance on ducted air conditioning equipment will allow you, in addition to extending the useful life of the equipment, to save on energy consumption.

It is advisable to carry out the maintenance before the beginning of summer, which will be the time when the equipment will be used the most.

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That includes the maintenance of air conditioners in Dubai Hills

There are several elements that must be considered when performing maintenance on ducted air conditioning equipment, starting with the filters, which are responsible for retaining dirt or dust from the air. The lack of maintenance of the filters can cause an obstruction and generate severe problems, affecting the quality of the air and reducing the efficiency of the equipment.

Preventive maintenance can be decisive to avoid possible breakdowns in the compressor that would affect the entire system

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Filter cleaning

These elements, located in the indoor unit, generally installed in the false ceiling, must be cleaned with certain frequency. To access them, you must remove the false ceiling, and locate the rear of the unit, which is the one that does not have tubes or installations and is where the unit absorbs the air.

It is important to know the type of filter that the unit has installed, since the nylon ones cannot be washed, since it would affect the operation of the entire system.

To remove the air filters, you must locate the side straps and pull them out. The filter is then pulled downwards to remove it from the unit.

Cleaning is quite simple, you can use a vacuum cleaner or an air compressor to remove dust and dirt. Some filters can be washed with water and a neutral detergent. Once clean, it is necessary to dry the filters in the shade to prevent deterioration.

Then you must put the filters back in place, adjusting the top first, making sure to place them well on the arranged tabs. The nylon straps must be on the outside to be able to remove them later.

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Duct cleaning

Duct cleaning is the most complicated part of maintenance and should be done by an HVAC specialist. Although they should not be cleaned very often, it is recommended to carry out maintenance once a year, so that the air is of quality and is free of bacteria. Otherwise, the health of the inhabitants of your home may be compromised.

Cleaning the ducts removes dirt and minimizes the risks of air pollution, extends the useful life of the ducts and increases their performance and will also reduce the costs of energy consumption.

On the other hand, the maintenance of this type of equipment is essential to comply with current regulations and a way to avoid breakdowns.

To carry out the maintenance of the ducts, special equipment, machinery and materials are used, which comply with the regulations and do not represent a risk for the workers who carry out the work or for the inhabitants of the house.

To begin the maintenance of the ducts, an interior cleaning is first carried out, they are decontaminated and diffusers are placed that allow the air to be blown. Dust particles or debris are removed and carefully cleaned.

During maintenance, the air conditioners and anti-bacteriological protection are controlled. The next step includes cleaning the vents.

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Cleaning the grids

The ventilation grilles must be cleaned frequently, you just have to disassemble them, remove the dust and use water and neutral soap to keep them clean. You can use a spray bottle with water and white vinegar in equal parts before washing them to help the dirt come off.

It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the area where the grids are located, as well as remove any lint that may have accumulated and dust. Then use a rag or cloth with clean water and detergent. If you notice mold in the area, you should use a steamer to remove it. Once the grids and the grid area are dry, you can place the grids again

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Outdoor Unit

It is the simplest of maintenance. To begin with, a brush is used to remove any dirt that the equipment may have or that may affect its operation. This is something that you can do monthly and on your own, since it does not represent any risk or later complications.

Problems caused by lack of maintenance

There are many breakdowns that can occur if you do not carry out maintenance on the ducted air conditioning at least once a year.

The lack of maintenance can cause the air conditioning equipment to not offer you the ideal temperature you expect. Also, it is possible that the bad smell produced by bacteria or humidity contaminates the environment of your home, affecting the health of your family.

Likewise, the lack of maintenance can cause the compressor to stop working, the ducts to become clogged and the damage to the equipment can be very severe. Also, if the vents get clogged, they will cause a lot of trouble.

In the event of a malfunction of the outdoor unit, the ducts may fill with water and the humidity level will increase.

Avoid unnecessary problems and schedule annual maintenance for your air conditioning equipment. We recommend that you hire a specialized company that guarantees the work and performs adequate maintenance on the equipment that allows you to enjoy an air conditioning system in perfect condition for many years.

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