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AC Maintenance In Garden View Dubai Service | 0568770106

Air conditioners have two operating units, one indoor unit and one outdoor unit. The maintenance of air conditioning in Garden View Dubai suitable for this equipment will depend on the elements that make up said units. In the same way, it will also depend on the electrical power and the model of the equipment.

Outdoor and indoor units

The outdoor unit is the one that contains the most important elements that make up the air conditioning system. Due to this, it is necessary to request the services of a qualified technical staff for air conditioning maintenance work in Garden View Dubai, as well as for the regular cleaning of each element.   

In these units, the components are generally located outdoors, and it is essential to check that these parts are in optimal operating conditions.

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AC Maintenance Garden View Dubai

AC Maintenance In Garden View Dubai Service | 0568770106

Air conditioning equipment is part of the home’s thermal system, therefore it should not be taken into account as just another appliance. This equipment must comply with a series of rules and regulations that regulate its correct operation. For this reason, it is necessary to know when it is mandatory to carry out air conditioning maintenance tasks in Garden View Dubai and who should be in charge of carrying out said work.   

There are several regulations in charge of regulating the maintenance requirements of air conditioning installations. The Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings or RITE, Royal Decree 20/2018, and the new Safety Regulation for refrigeration installations are three of those responsible for this regulation.

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AC Maintenance In Garden View Dubai Service | 0568770106

When servicing this unit it is very important to check for refrigeration leaks. According to Regulation 517/2014 on fluorinated greenhouse gases, air conditioning equipment must be subject to mandatory reviews that guarantee efficient leak control.   

The periodicity of these controls varies according to two factors. Firstly, the number of tons of CO₂ equivalent contained in the equipment, and secondly, if the device has a leak detection system installed. Thus, these reviews can be carried out every 3 to 24 months.

The indoor unit, on the other hand, does not require complicated maintenance. For it to work properly, it is necessary to periodically clean the filters and the drain. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. 

If these elements are not properly maintained, system performance begins to decrease, the equipment consumes more energy and unforeseen failures may occur. All this shortens the useful life of the equipment.

When an air conditioner is used in cooling mode, the indoor unit enters an evaporation process. This causes water to accumulate inside the air conditioning system as a result of said evaporation. Due to this process it is important to clean the drain of the equipment, which will prevent bad odors, the proliferation of bacteria and the accumulation of dirty water. 

For their part, the filters are responsible for filtering and purifying the air. To do this, they absorb dust particles, thus preventing them from reaching the air. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out air conditioning maintenance in Garden View Dubai on the device’s filters at least once a year, but this frequency will depend on the model of the device and the type of filter it contains.  

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Aspects to consider in the maintenance of air conditioning installations in Garden View Dubai

These regulations distinguish air conditioning equipment in heat or cold by the power of the device. For equipment of more than 5,000 kW in heat, more than 1,000 kW in cold and solar thermal installations of more than 400 kW, the mandatory maintenance tasks must be carried out by a qualified technician, specialized in maintenance director functions.  

This qualified technician must be in charge of checking the electrical connections of the appliance, which must be in optimal conditions. The equipment must not be connected to power strips where other electrical appliances are connected, since these are not prepared or properly insulated, which can cause heating or short circuit, thus compromising safety. It is also necessary for the technician to check that the refrigerant circuits are properly isolated from each other.  

It must be taken into account that the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings establishes that air conditioning equipment with a power of less than 12 kW must be subjected to periodic preventive maintenance tasks. In the case of domestic equipment, the periodicity is every 4 years. For their part, equipment and facilities of any other nature, such as shops, offices, etc., must undergo this maintenance every 1 years.  

On the other hand, it is necessary to regulate fluorinated gases, for which Regulation 517/2014 establishes the frequency of leak control between twelve and thirteen months, depending on the amount of CO2 equivalent of the gases they contain. It is also advisable to install a leak detection system, in which case it is possible to extend these checks for up to 24 months. 

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