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Make sure your air conditioner is primed for efficient performance in the coming season.

It is advisable to do air conditioning maintenance In Jebel Ali Dubai when we change from winter to summer or vice versa.

Air conditioners use fluorinated gases and by regulation their installation and repair must be done by authorized professionals .

Although there are some maintenance tasks that we can do ourselves.

If you go to an air conditioning professional before the summer, you can fix any small problems before they can turn into something serious later on.

Advantages of doing a good air conditioning maintenance in jebel ali Dubai

The air conditioner, in its task of removing heat or cold efficiently, recycles thousands of cubic meters of air during its months of operation.

It is important that appliances that have been turned off for a long time go through an air conditioning check that includes the indoor and outdoor unit.

A good maintenance contract is necessary not only for the conservation of the installation itself, but also to maintain the degree of comfort and well-being of the client.

Together with proper planning, maintenance management and fine-tuning of the entire installation, whether in homes or office buildings, it will result in the maximum performance of the installation at the minimum cost.

The advantages of contracting and doing proper air conditioning maintenance are:

  • Improving the quality of the air we breathe
  • More health and less risk of allergies
  • Better team performance
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Longer life of the device
  • Great energy savings
  • Greater savings on repairs


If you want to contract the maintenance of your Jebel Ali air conditioning equipment, ask us for a quote without commitment, we are All Kinds of AC Technical Service in Jebel Ali Dubai capital and surroundings.

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Split air conditioner maintenance In Jebel Ali Dubai

In the split type, the air is not renewed, but passes again and again through the filters and sometimes through other components in which fungi and humidity accumulate, coming into contact with them and causing health problems.

If they are not cleaned from time to time, for example in the filters, so much dust and dirt particles accumulate that with the passage of air they end up falling and spreading throughout the environment.

This accumulation of dust and dirt generates bad odors that affect both the efficiency of the device and our well-being.

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Cleaning of air filters | In Jebel Ali Dubai

AC Maintenance Jebel Ali Dubai - filter cleaning

Cleaning the filters of our device must be carried out whether we have a ducted air conditioning unit or whether it is a split or industrial type.

Air conditioning maintenance in jebel ali Dubai should include a good filter cleaning.

Depending on variables such as whether it is smoked, the time it remains on and the location of the machine, it will get more or less dirty.

We must check the status of the filters to get an idea as they are, of how much time we can leave between one review and another.

We recommend cleaning once a month during the appliance’s operating season.

Of course, a machine that works all day in a restaurant where there is a large influx of people does not need the same maintenance as one that is in a home and is turned on rarely.

For cleaning air conditioning filters you can use a vacuum cleaner or disassemble them and wash them with water and neutral soap. With hardly any rubbing to prevent them from breaking.

Remove adhering dust, and let them dry in the air as hot air can damage them.

Check that there are no cracks since they would not work and reassemble on the machine.

If you find that in addition to the machine filter, your model has an activated carbon or anti-pollen anti-odor filter, these cannot be washed.

Simply vacuum or replace every two years or so.

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Clean air conditioning evaporator In Jebel Ali Dubai

The evaporator is just behind the filters and the dust and dirt that the filters are not capable of retaining ends up deposited on it.

We will take the opportunity to also pass the vacuum cleaner and eliminate all the dust that there is.

Then a disinfectant liquid can be applied to the evaporator, taking care that the tray that collects the water from the condensation does not overflow.

Clean the condensation tray, and the hose with disinfectant chemicals and check that the drain is not clogged.

If the evaporator is dirty, the turbine works harder with less performance and as a result, energy consumption is up to 50% higher.

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Air conditioning turbine cleaning in jebel ali Dubai

The turbine is responsible, together with the motor, for moving the air that comes out of the battery.

Over the years, the turbine blades (curved shape) lose their aerodynamic shape due to the effect of dust and lint that are deposited on them.

This causes the turbine to lose its power.

There are two ways to perform the cleanup:

The first , dismantling the entire machine, pipes and connections, is the best because we can clean it outside the device , but it is also the most complicated and laborious.

Although this cleaning is not done every year of course.

The second is the most used and consists of putting specially designed bags to cover the machine.

This allows us to direct pressurized water to the evaporator and internal parts.

The water and dirt come out through the drain that the bag has, so the environment is protected.

The entire electrical part must be covered well and very important: For any cleaning, make sure that we have the device completely disconnected from the electrical network.

Check the electrical connections, both power and maneuver, since with the passage of electricity and current intensity, there is a risk that they will loosen, producing false contacts or flashes, leading to electrical and plate faults.

Also important to check the control thermostats.

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Outdoor unit cleaning:

In the outdoor unit we find the compressor, the condenser, the cooling fan and the expansion valve.

To clean the outdoor unit, we can vacuum the grille and the interior of dust that may prevent the passage of air.

Pressurized water can then be applied to clean the condenser and compressor without adding chemicals, unless it is very dirty with grease, as they can end up damaging the device.

Over time, the outdoor unit may have excessive vibration that can generate annoying noises in addition to damaging the device.

Check the proper anchorage of the unit as well as the need to put anti-vibration rubber pieces on the legs of the device.

The technician will check that the machine does not have refrigerant gas leaks, since in addition to being very polluting, their lack can lead to a major breakdown in the compressor.

air conditioning load

Well, here it is important to clarify some misunderstandings that exist regarding this topic.

It is not necessary to recharge the air conditioning every year , as some savvy people would have us believe to charge us money.

The gas in our air conditioning machine does not have to be replaced, unless there is a leak, and if there is a leak, it must be found so that it does not leak again.

The duration of the gas in our machine if there is no leak has to be the entire useful life of the device , that of a recharge per year as in the air conditioning of cars is a deception.

There are devices to check leaks ourselves.

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My air conditioner does not cool in jebel ali Dubai

There are some symptoms that help us to know if we have a gas leak before making use of the technical service.

  • That we notice that it cools little or not at all, and yet the fan and the compressor start and work.
  • The fact that the external copper pipe is frozen indicates that there is little gas left in the refrigeration circuit.
  • When freezing occurs but in the exchanger of the internal machine it would be indicating a small lack of gas.
  • If we see dripping from the indoor unit, it may be that the ice inside has thawed, causing it to overflow into the condensation pan.

These causes can indicate the existence of a gas leak, so we recommend that you contact an air conditioning repair service.

Some of these symptoms may also be due to other faults.

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Why does my air conditioner smell bad?

The function of the filters is logically to filter the air that passes into the internal unit of the machine to protect it from dirt.

When the filters are not cleaned, they become clogged and do not perform their function.

The dirt penetrates the indoor unit and, together with the humidity inside, causes all kinds of bacteria and fungi to grow, hence the bad smells.

The bad smell can be produced by 3 causes:

  • dirt inside
  • Bad smell sucked from the drain
  • Odors in the ducts that go above the plaster ceiling

If we already have a bad smell problem, we must carry out a deeper and more expensive cleaning, both of the filters, as well as of the internal coil, the fan and the cold exchanger.

For all this it is better to have the assistance of a professional air conditioning technician.

It would be interesting to apply a good disinfectant product that eliminates all the bacteria and fungi that have developed in our device , taking care not to wet the electronic board.

At the end, the equipment will be put to work in ventilation mode to eliminate the rest of the product, we will leave it open to ventilate and, if possible, we will be outside the room.

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Types of Air Conditioning Maintenance In Jebel Ali Dubai

There are three ways to carry out air conditioning maintenance and we can also do it ourselves if it is a domestic equipment.

Preventive maintenance of air conditioners

Air conditioning preventive maintenance consists of a series of tasks that are carried out on a regular and scheduled basis by maintenance personnel with the aim of keeping the installation in perfect condition for longer, preventing breakdowns and avoiding high electricity consumption.

It is carried out on the components of the installation, checking their general condition, cleanliness, lubrication and everything necessary to extract a series of data on both their physical and operating conditions.

This will allow us to make the appropriate decisions both to maintain the equipment if its condition is correct, and to advise the replacement of the equipment.

Air Predictive Maintenance

In this type of air conditioning maintenance, what is recommended by the manufacturer of the machine and the technician through their experience is carried out.

Some parameters measured by appropriate tools can also anticipate this fault in the device and provide a solution, avoiding it before it even appears.

Corrective maintenance

With corrective maintenance, breakdowns that may arise during the life of the device will be solved, whether it is changing a part or changing the entire device.

It usually occurs due to lack of previous preventive maintenance.

In this type of maintenance there is no planning, so the expenses generated in repair and acquisition of spare parts are unpredictable.

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What is the RITE

The Rite or regulation of thermal installations in buildings, is neither more nor less than, the regulations and requirements of energy efficiency and safety that must be met by thermal installations that are made in buildings.

All this for the benefit of greater energy efficiency and, above all, seeking to make them healthier for the people who inhabit them.

They are carried out every five years, the last modification of the Rite was in 2013 where there were changes such as the review of air ducts (UNE 100012 standard) and review of indoor environmental quality (UNE 171330 standard).

Some tests carried out by companies such as Ambisalud show an improvement in air quality in buildings that have implemented or adapted these requirements and in this image we see the improvement of these environmental parameters and the impact on pollutants.

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