AC Maintenance Service In Falcon City Dubai

AC Maintenance Service In Falcon City Dubai

If you are living in Falcon City Dubai, then you know the importance of air conditioners in falcon city. Dubai is the hottest Region, especially during summer time April to September. So, Felcon City Is also located in Dubai Region. Then for living in Felcon City Dubai, we should HVAC  System. Without Air Conditioning systems, we cannot spend a single day. So, as we cannot live without AC, AC without maintenance is useless.  So, maintenance is important for all types of Air Conditioner Units.

If you think your AC wants Maintenance. And you are looking for the best AC Maintenance Service In Falcon City Dubai. Then, don’t worry about that, we are here our company AC Dubai Maintenance provides the fast, reliable, and best AC Maintenance Service In Falcon City Dubai. So Freely Contact Us Via WhatsApp/Phone: 0568770106 

AC Maintenance Service In Falcon City Dubai

Regular maintenance of Air Conditioner systems is the key to uninterrupted and long-term operation of the equipment. During the operation of the air conditioner in urban conditions, the split AC system is constantly exposed to various pollutants, which increases the load on the compressor, reduces the efficiency of the system, and also creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of pathogens. Therefore, timely maintenance of air conditioners by highly qualified specialists will not only improve the operational qualities of the equipment, but also prevent serious damage, which in the future can significantly reduce repair costs.

Maintenance of split systems is necessary if you encounter problems such as:

  • reducing the cold air flow rate;
  • increased noise level;
  • the appearance of an unpleasant smell.

All these signs indicate that you need to call the wizard to inspect your device. Specialists of our company carry out maintenance of AC Units in Felcon City Dubai, which includes not only cleaning of internal and external units, but also implies a whole range of works aimed at maintaining all the technical characteristics of air conditioning equipment.

It should also be taken into account that free warranty repair of equipment is carried out only in cases of regular maintenance of equipment.

AC Maintenance Service In Falcon City Dubai

Main list of works

Maintenance of split and air conditioners of our company is carried out using special tools and equipment in accordance with the technical documentation from the manufacturer. We provide a full-fledged service, which includes such services as:

  • external inspection, checking the reliability of fasteners, operation of the remote control;
  • block inspection;
  • checking the ground loop;
  • checking the freon level and its pressure, refueling if necessary;
  • cleaning of air conditioning units from contamination;
  • purging the drainage system;
  • fan health check;
  • inspection of thermal insulation of highways with freon;
  • antibacterial cleaning of the external unit;
  • checking the status of filters;
  • providing a guarantee for the work performed.

As a rule, maintenance of split systems in Falcon City Dubai is carried out twice a year, in spring and autumn. However, the service intensity may vary depending on many factors. Usually, the number of procedures is specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Maintenance of air conditioners in Falcon City includes such activities as::

  • testing the system using the control panel (customer);
  • checking the operation in the “cold”/”warm” modes, measuring the rated current;
  • checking the clamps of all contact connections;
  • checking the condition of the evaporator (presence of frost, monitoring the temperature of dry air at the inlet/outlet of the evaporator);
  • checking the indoor unit air filter condition and cleaning it;
  • checking the average suction/discharge pressure;
  • cleaning the drainage system;
  • cleaning of the indoor unit with treatment with a product for cleaning split systems from mold and mildew and washing the heat exchanger, fan, tub and plastic casing with a sink;
  • cleaning of the outdoor unit by flushing the heat exchanger and fan with water pressure from dust, fluff and dirt.

Service of air conditioners in Falcon City Dubai by specialists of our company is carried out in accordance with regulatory requirements, high standards and rules of operation of air conditioning equipment.

High-quality and affordable AC Maintenance Service In Falcon City Dubai

Our company ” AC Dubai Maintenance ” offers a full range of professional services for the maintenance of Air Conditioning System of any complexity in Falcon City Dubai. We offer high-quality service at a favorable price, guaranteeing efficient and trouble-free operation of your air conditioner.

The company employs only experienced employees who regularly undergo training, which allows them to confirm their qualifications and keep up to date with all technical innovations in this area.

During the installation process, high-quality components and original tools are used, which ensures reliable installation and long service life of the equipment. At the end of all work, a guarantee is provided.

If you have any questions or wish to order this service, just contact us by phone or leave a request on our website. The company’s employees will provide you with comprehensive information and assistance, as well as perform a preliminary calculation of services.

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