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A neglected air conditioner can also cause serious illness
Can you imagine putting all the dust you collect with your vacuum cleaner in front of a fan and blowing it back into your home? And this is exactly what happens in neglected, irregularly cleaned air conditioner! Dirty, dusty equipment starts to blow back all the dirt that was previously filtered out. And just like the filter in your vacuum cleaner, your air conditioner needs to be cleaned regularly. If we still save on cleaning, the climate will blow not only smelly but also polluted air back into the air. Without maintenance, not only can the environment become unhealthy, but the power consumption of the air conditioner may increase significantly and the warranty on the unit may be compromised.

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Visible difference

The pictures below show clean and dirty filters fans (squirrel wheels) side by side. Uncleaned air conditioner start to blow the accumulated dust back into the room after a while, along with the deposited bacteria, pollen and fungi. The indoor fan of the air conditioner cannot suck in the right amount of air through the dirty heat exchanger, so the performance of the unit is reduced by up to 50-80%. This is why air conditioning maintenance is very important up to 2 times a year.

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Why is a dirty air conditioner dangerous?

  • A neglected ac blows pollen back into the air in addition to dust, which can exacerbate allergy symptoms.
  • Legionella bacteria, which can cause death in severe cases, can also accumulate in air conditioners. The dirty ac blows pathogens into the air, which can cause serious illness if inhaled. However, the growth of legionella bacteria and other toxic fungi can also be prevented by chemical treatment and disinfection.
  • A dirty ac consumes much more energy than a clean one, and its performance is reduced. In the worst case, the appliance may break down and can only be repaired by replacing the compressor.
  • The condensed water formed on the heat exchanger is an excellent medium for mold and algae deposits – these can appear mainly in the drainage system of the heat exchanger. Against these, the previously mentioned disinfection is the most effective weapon, which also eliminates unpleasant odors.
  • If the air conditioner is not properly maintained, the unit will void its warranty.
  • The 15-20-year service life predicted by the manufacturers can only be guaranteed if mid-year maintenance is performed.

How is the ac service and cleaning in akoya oxygen Dubai?

It is only a half-hour job that must be completed in the spring and fall during the warranty period, among other things, in order to maintain the warranty. As a first step in the operation, our staff removes the cover of the outdoor unit, then the condenser, ie the heat exchanger, is cleaned with a chemical, and the settled pathogens are removed. In addition, our colleagues check that the condition of the electrical connections is adequate for further operation, as well as that there is a sufficient amount of refrigerant in the equipment. The next step is to check the indoor unit: the removal of the cover is followed by the cleaning, disinfection and fungus removal of the evaporator. The surface temperature is also checked. The air filters are also thoroughly cleaned, but replaced if necessary. Checking the system for leaks, and checking the gas pressure and the temperature of the exhaust air. We also inspect the electrical units and see if the battery needs to be replaced in the remote control.

In addition to filters, cleaning the drain is also very important

A small amount of water normally escapes from the indoor unit of the air conditioners when the unit is used for cooling. This is called condensation and is nothing more than the condensation of water vapor in the air. It’s just like the water drops that appear on the inside wall of a cold glass. These droplets are collected in a so-called drip tray in the indoor unit of the air conditioner and then drained from the unit through a pipe. There are several solutions for draining condensate, sometimes it is directed to the open air and sometimes to a collection container, but it can also be connected to the sewer system, although this can have a negative effect, as unpleasant odors can return from the sewer system. Condensation is non-toxic as it is a harmless water vapor. It is not harmful to humans, animals or plants, in fact, it is

How much condensed water is abnormal?

How much water condenses in the climate depends mostly on the humidity of the air, but it also has to do with what happens indoors: if we cook a lot or dry clothes, for example, the amount of condensed water can increase. The most common feature is that the air is extremely dry during the dry, hot summer months, in which case no condensation may drip out of the ac at all.

Why is it important to maintain the drainage system?

Because failure to do so can result in severe clogging or so-called stagnant condensation. Drip pipes are especially popular with various insects, and our colleagues often come across unofficial visitors to the system: beetles, spiders, bees. A typical problem is that the first start-up fails because in the spring, tiny animals blocked the way the water flowed out. Due to the improperly maintained drainage system, even serious soaking can occur, after which repainting, repainting can be very expensive, and in the worst case, it may even be necessary to clean and replace furniture, carpets and floor mats. All this can be prevented by regular and professional cleaning of the ac water system. In this case, our specialists will clean the system with a disinfectant liquid,

Why do you need a specialist?

It is not worthwhile to start at home and clean the air conditioner for ourselves, no matter how clean the equipment looks, we cannot fix it as thoroughly as the competent professionals. The air conditioners pass large amounts of air through the heat exchanger during operation. This air contains various contaminants such as dust particles, pathogens (bacteria, molds), pollen. Some of them are deposited and stubbornly adhere to the heat exchanger surface. This causes air pollution, which reduces the efficiency of the unit because it cannot return clean air to the air. Users and owners can usually only clean the filter system that protects the heat exchanger, which does not mean thorough cleaning, because dirt can also pass through the filters.

The biggest danger of a dirty aca is legionella

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As we wrote earlier, legionella bacteria can easily and favorably settle in air conditioners. This pathogen loves water and the aqueous medium, it can be found everywhere where there is stagnant hot water: in room fountains, garden sprinklers, aquariums, humidifiers, shower heads and unfortunately even in climates. It only causes an infection if it gets into the lungs, that is, if we inhale tiny water droplets that contain the bacterium. For this reason, the primary sources of infection are devices that emit aerosol-sized water droplets. Also included are air handling units in which the water condensing on the surface condenser rises to a temperature favorable to the growth of the bacterium and then the rapidly flowing air blows out the infected water droplets. 


Symptoms of legionella

Flu-like symptoms include fever, muscle aches and headaches. The infection is usually mild and almost imperceptible. This makes it really dangerous because it’s hard to recognize. Later, the fever may rise further, and a dry cough may occur, which may indicate pneumonia. These can be accompanied by serious complications, gastrointestinal and nervous system complaints. If you notice any of these, consult a doctor immediately!

Legionella caused an pneumonia epidemic at an event organized for American legionnaires in the ’70s, in which 182 people became ill and 29 lost their lives. Upon identification of the pathogen, a new bacterium was discovered called legionella pneumophila, or legionna pneumonia. Of the genus Legionella, 16 species are capable of inducing so-called legionella in humans. Bacteria that cause disease can occur anywhere in an aqueous environment, regardless of the quality and composition of the water. Due to their thick and resistant cell walls, the chlorine and ozone disinfection methods used in waterworks do not catch them either, so it is important to use a special substance to prevent their proliferation in air conditioners.

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