Emergency AC Maintenance Villa Lantana

Emergency AC Maintenance Villa Lantana Dubai

Villa Lantana is a residential community located in Al Barsha, Dubai. It is a gated community with over 440 villas.

Villa Lantana Dubai is well-maintained and has a variety of amenities, including a community center, gyms, parks, pools, playgrounds, outdoor jogging tracks, and sports courts.

So, If you are living In Villa Lantana, then you also know the importance of Air Conditioning systems during the Hot season. And its maintenance is also very important. Without maintenance maybe your air conditioning unit not cool the room/house as your expected. 

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Emergency AC Maintenance Villa Lantana Dubai

In many cases, for example in factories or office buildings, air conditioning throughout the year and works. The utilization time of such a plant is not rare for more than 8000 hours per year. Against the Backdrop of an air conditioning recycling in its basic function, it’s not surprising that relatively quickly dust and other deposits from forming. Due to these deposits, the air currents are blocked, resulting in a noticeable decrease in the cooling performance. It can also result from other consequential damages, which must finally be at considerable extra expense fixed.

Emergency AC Maintenance Villa Lantana Dubai

Why the air conditioning serviced on a regular basis should be

An air conditioning system is not regularly maintained, the warranty is only 12 months. Damages that occur after this time and on inadequate maintenance due, beyond the statutory warranty claims.

In addition to the already described the economic aspect, is also the legal aspect of things. Because, in the meantime, the maintenance of an air conditioner at regular intervals is even required by law.

Moreover, the maintenance of an air conditioner to your health: Irregular intervals of maintenance of air-conditioning systems lead to increased fungal and nucleation on the device. This, in turn, are released into the air you breathe finally. The question is “do air conditioners sick?” is not so set against this Background, to be wrong very often. An air conditioning system is serviced regularly, the device has a more positive impact on your health. Because a clean and properly functioning air conditioning leads to a healthy circulation of air, which has a positive effect on your concentration and performance.

In the rule: regular
How often in need of service, depends mainly on the Climate, type of plant, but also of the times and of the respective industry and business type. In General, the climate is subject to intervals of plants in doctor’s offices or laboratories, other maintenance and obligations as in an office for example.

So you need to care for nothing, it is recommended that a maintenance contract with us. We will make sure that your company is permanently the best climate, and your system is running efficiently and reliably. Are you uncertain if and when your air conditioner should be serviced? Then let us talk.

Your air conditioner is in good hands
Split air conditioning units typically have at least one Indoor and one outdoor unit. They are connected via a hose pipe through which the air exchange takes place. Our experts take a look at the technology in the interior, as well as on the state of the system in the outside area. In General, the maintenance goes hand in hand with a change or a refill of refrigerant. A special focus of our highly experienced professionals applies to both the Filter and the hose pipes. Depending on the design and functioning of exchange and/or our experts can clean the Filter and make sure that no unwanted liquids in the air leading lines. In addition, they ensure that all the seals are intact, and the output power corresponds to the device type.

Refrigerant Split Air Conditioning
In order for an air conditioning system performs reliably and 24/7 service, must be not only technically, everything on the best and the latest status. Also, the right and to the air conditioning model matching consumables play an important and special role. The refrigerant, our experts devote special attention to. This ensures that the evaporator Yes that can cool the air in the room to the desired temperature. And here the expert is asked to monitor both, when it comes to the Refrigerant as well as in the selection of the Agent itself and the corresponding filling!

And the cost?
Now you are wondering what it will cost, or? But, you guessed it already: so easy, this is not to say, for a number of different factors, sometimes not inconsiderable influence on the pricing. The fact is, however, that the maintenance of an air conditioner is the overall smallest among all of the applicable Items for purchase and maintenance. And: a regular maintenance can be unwanted and costly repairs superfluous, which are many times higher than maintenance rates.

So, don’t wait too long with the maintenance of a Split air conditioning.

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