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Do You Needed Best Split AC Repair In JBR Dubai Service

Then, you are right place our company ” AC MAINTENANCE DUBAI ” provides you the our best repairing services of Split Air Conditioner in JBR Dubai.

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Split AC Repair In JBR Dubai Service | 0568770106

Although the ideal is to do the recurrent maintenance and repair of air conditioners in order to make it difficult for them to suffer unnecessary wear and call because of partial or total defect, the AC Dubai Maintenance In JBR also performs the repair service of appliances from various manufacturers.

We repair split, inverter, window (ACJ), central, multisplit, split, ducts and chillers, both for more current appliances, for minor repairs, which is also carried out in the maintenance process, in order to avoid the total suspension of these air conditioners, including older models, renewing and changing parts, so that they have greater durability with an adequate cooling effect.

Split AC repair in JBR allows your appliances to renew and cool down optimally. If your device has stopped, please contact us for a quick quote at 0568770106.

We work with all types in the market, but we highlight the main ones here below:

Samsung, Komeco, Consul, Electrolux, Carrier, Fujitsu, LG, Agratto, Daikin, Elgin, Hitachi, Midea, Philco, Springer, Trane, among others.

What can I do to make sure my air conditioner doesn't crash repeatedly?

Simple and easy answer – Hygiene and Constant Maintenance.

It is quite relevant that, especially after the repair of the appliance(s), that some routines are taken, such as constant cleaning of the appliances, proportional to the constancy of use, in which devices of constant use will need to be reviewed in brief intervals, either monthly or every 6 months and they must undergo minor cleaning, which may also require a weekly routine, simple cleaning based on soap and water.

If you do not show intention to hire our maintenance, cleaning and periodic repairs service, we will leave the best practices of how to clean your air conditioner appliance weekly to prevent an overload or misuse, however, even if it is interested, especially for customers or companies that have 2, 3 or more units, or even some type of more complex central system, we are totally pleased to offer our maintenance service on a monthly basis.

Whatever your situation, be sure to talk to us.

How can periodic maintenance help me the most?

When you perform a contract with us for periodic maintenance, your device will always be in perfect working order.

Although every appliance has a lifetime limit, and we will be sincere when evaluating the ideal time to buy a new model, it is possible to extend in many years the best functioning of an air conditioner.

The monthly maintenance, for example, will make us foreshadow possible defects and need to replace parts with other 100% new and thus not allow your air to swallow in the worst moments, which are the hottest days and on the peaks of summer.

Our service can be scheduled at any time, {every day of the week| 24 / 7, that is, we can perform our maintenance at a time different from your work schedule, if necessary, or at the best time you choose. Just arrange and schedule and we’ll be there.

Air conditioning repair warranty

We offer a guarantee of 15 days after the execution of the service, following our rules of use, defects and causes of defects, which we will send in our service note.

However, we will do our utmost to make your device work indefinitely. Our goal is your satisfaction, so that you have greater comfort with your air conditioning and pleasure in hiring our company.

What appliances do we fix?

Check out our list:

Repair of Air Conditioning Split HiWall, Cassette and Ceiling Floor.
Repair of Window Air Conditioning or ACJ.
Repair of Ducted Air Conditioning or any MultiSplit.
Central or Chiller Air Conditioning Repair.
We also repair split air of the Inverter and Hot Cold type.

And, in fact, we serve all brands or manufacturers of handsets, as we have many years of experience in the area and technicians with all the necessary courses for this segment.

We work with original parts and rely on our warranty.

If you need a split ac repair in JBR Dubai service, please contact us! 0568770106

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