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How to maintain an air conditioner: 

Like all electronic equipment, for correct and efficient operation over time, regular maintenance is necessary to increase its useful life. The maintenance of air conditioners does not necessarily have to be carried out by an expert, however we recommend that you contact a specialist, since they have the necessary knowledge to improve their operation, performance and guarantee that breakdowns or failures do not appear.

Air conditioners, in addition to regulating the temperature of the rooms and the degree of humidity, are capable of filtering and cleaning the air. There are many types on the market with their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. We recommend that you visit our article on the best air conditioners , where we have a lot of information to share with you.

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Types of air conditioning maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance can be classified into three areas, preventive maintenance, correct maintenance and conditioned maintenance, below we will describe each one of them.

1 – Preventive maintenance

It is the technical action that seeks to prolong the useful life of the equipment. These maintenances are carried out between 60 and 90 days, periodically. Its purpose is to keep the equipment clean and lubricated, to preserve its internal parts such as electrical terminals, screws and condensation temperatures.

Advantages of performing preventive maintenance

  • Savings on future repairs
  • Awareness of energy use by having the equipment working perfectly
  • Increases the useful life of the device
  • Improves the quality of the air by finding no residue such as dust that can cause allergies

Disadvantages of Performing Preventive Maintenance

  • Wear of parts cannot be determined

2 – Predictive maintenance

It is the maintenance that predicts that failures may occur in the future as long as an exhaustive monitoring of the operation of the air conditioning is carried out. In this maintenance, pressures, temperatures, voltages and amperages are measured.

Advantages of predictive maintenance

  • The time of use is reduced due to faults detected in time
  • Extends equipment life
  • Maintenance costs are reduced
  • No need to buy large replacement parts

Disadvantages of predictive maintenance

  • It requires expert personnel to carry it out.

3 – Corrective maintenance

This is the most used maintenance, it is based on repairing the faults that have already occurred, such as a breakdown due to electrical sags, that some of the functions are not active or, the maintenance time usually depends on the complexity of the fault presented, the most common are water cans, clogged filters and lack of coolant.

Advantages of corrective maintenance

  • This type of maintenance is not planned, it is executed once the failure occurs
  • The process is simple

Disadvantages of corrective maintenance

  • It’s unpredictable
  • Long-term costs may be higher

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How do I know if my air needs maintenance?

As we have said before, maintenance is not only carried out when the equipment has faults, however there are some signs that serve to identify the moment in which you should contact your technician and avoid further damage.

  • The first thing to consider is the sound. If you hear any unusual noise, or one that is increasing, it is possible that your air conditioner lacks refrigerant gas.
  • Contrary to the previous section, if you notice that it does not emit any sound, it may be because the compressor does not start, therefore the electrical supply does not reach the compressor or for some reason it is insufficient for it to turn on.
  • If people in the room regularly get colds, coughs, or sneezes, the air conditioner filters may be dirty. To solve it, they must be cleaned at least once a month, although this cleaning will depend on the use you give your equipment.
  • For equipment that has two units (internal and external, such as split), you must take care that the water produced by the condensation of the equipment, can come out without any inconvenience and be deposited in a container for that purpose.
  • If you have noticed that your equipment has stopped cooling, it is because the compressor is no longer working and should be checked promptly.
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Is there equipment that requires less maintenance?

The answer is yes, although maintenance is necessary in all the electronic equipment found in your home, including air conditioners, there is a type of them that, although it still requires maintenance, does not do so frequently, in this case we are talking about the split air conditioners, this is because if your technician has installed the equipment as it should and has adjusted the filters with the housing, less dirt will pass into the interior, but this does not mean that the filters do not need to be sanitized frequently.

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Maintenance depending on the type of equipment

Air conditioning maintenance al barsha Dubai will depend on the type of equipment you have, however below we will summarize how to perform maintenance on equipment such as window, mini/split and portable air conditioners, mini/split maintenance would be the same for air conditioners central.

Window air conditioner

The window air conditioner is no longer very commercial in the market, however, for proper maintenance to be carried out, it is necessary to:

  • Disarm: remove the casing of the equipment, it should be noted that there are many models so it will depend on the type you have.
  • Removing the covers: There are two types of covers, in the first the screws must be removed and the second cover is removed by pulling towards you as if it were a drawer.
  • Discover the hives or coils: In this area is the evaporator, it can be cleaned without removing it from its base, but this should only be done by an air connoisseur.
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Avoid getting the following parts of the window air conditioner wet

  • Electrical control elements: Regardless of whether the window air conditioner is digital or with knobs, these controls should NOT get wet, the ideal is to disassemble and remove the system to proceed with cleaning.
  • Compressor terminal board: The terminal board is the part where the electrical terminals of the compressor are located.
  • Fan: It is recommended to cover the fan area to prevent it from getting wet and damaged.

You can learn a little more about window air conditioners in our article on window air conditioners , we also have a link for you where you can not only see models and the best brands,.

Mini-split air conditioner

So that the Mini / Split air conditioner works correctly and does not present breakdowns or sudden temperature variations, below we will explain what parts of the air are those that should normally be checked by your technician.

  • Filters: The filters are located in the internal unit, which is why your technician must not only clean them, but also disinfect them to eliminate bacteria and components that cause allergies.
  • Evaporator: The evaporator as well as the filters must be disinfected. This is done by applying plenty of water, regardless of the amount, because below it is the drain pan. By disinfecting these areas you will ensure that your air is clean and without bad odors.

We have an article for you about mini/split air conditioners , you can find their characteristics, uses, capacities and much more, we also want the experience to be complete.

Portable air conditioning

Portable air conditioners with respect to other air conditioners have the peculiarity of being less powerful, small and do not require installation, however their respective maintenance must also be carried out, to do so you must:

  • Ventilate the air through a window, using a ventilation kit, these kits are included in these air conditioners.
  • Regularly empty the water that has condensed in the air. To do this you must read the manual included with your equipment, each model has its own specifications.

Portable air conditioners are very useful for those users who cannot acquire a large unit and change the infrastructure of their room, we invite you to read our article on portable air conditioners , there you will find all the necessary information to decide and buy one.

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Split air conditioning

Just as the mini/split air conditioner needs regular maintenance to avoid failures, breakdowns and unforeseen stoppages, the Split air conditioners also require it, so here we show you what you should do:

  • Go to the internal unit of the equipment, turn off and unplug the equipment, locate the filters, remove them carefully and proceed to clean them.
  • Once the filters are clean, it is necessary to disinfect them, as well as the other equipment in it, it is also possible that they quickly become a source of bacteria.
  • Then you must proceed to clean the outdoor unit, we recommend that it be done by an expert as it must make contact with the compressor, evaporator and exchanger. The expert will be in charge of determining if your equipment needs refrigerant due to its consumption or due to a leak.

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Central air conditioner

A central air conditioner that works correctly is one that has the right energy consumption and for this to happen it is necessary to keep the equipment up to date in addition to moving all heat sources away from the thermostat, so the equipment will not misinterpret the temperature of the room. See what you should do for good maintenance:

  • To avoid residue or dirt in the condenser and filters, keep leaves, grass and any small element that could become a contaminant away.
  • Remember to disconnect the equipment from the power unit before starting the cleaning, go to the external unit of the equipment, if you find residue on the fins of the condenser you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it, then you can extract the fan with the help of a screwdriver, wash the fan blades and internal fins.
  • Assemble the parts again and the maintenance is over.

In the case of central air conditioners, the filters must be replaced twice a year as they become clogged and dirty, causing dust and dirt to leak into the rooms.

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