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For an air conditioning system to work optimally and efficiently, it is important to maintain both the indoor and outdoor units. Avoiding the premature deterioration of the facilities will extend their useful life.

An action of this style on an annual basis, or in shorter periods if we talk about sectors other than residential, will avoid a high percentage of possible breakdowns with a high cost. Likewise, the proliferation of polluting agents harmful to health (bacteria, viruses, mites, pollen, bad smells, etc…) will be avoided.

With proper maintenance of our air conditioning systems, we will comply with the regulations that regulate the sector with the aim of achieving the established environmental levels.

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Actions to be carried out in a split air conditioner

Our air conditioning maintenance team imposes on your service actions aimed at keeping all the elements that make up your installation in optimal working order to provide the service for which they were designed. Four actions with which to leave the splits in optimal conditions for use: sanitization, cleaning, measurement/control and verification.

The air filters, air evaporator, drain pan, drain pump, fan, electrical components and enclosure will be cleaned. From this task list, the client is usually recommended to clean the air filters under water from time to time, since they become clogged with dust and other components that exist in the air.

The next action to carry out in the maintenance of the air conditioning will be to apply a degreaser to the evaporation and condensation coil (coil) of the indoor unit. In addition, we will apply a bactericide to prevent the proliferation of germs and we will finish with an air freshener deodorizer to eliminate bad odors.

Measurement and control
Our experienced technicians travel with a fully equipped workshop vehicle to measure temperatures, pressure in the evaporator and condenser, electrical supply voltage, consumption and sound pressure of the equipment.

The last action that our technicians will carry out for a complete maintenance will be the verification of the work carried out, checking controls, drainage, tightening of terminals, vibrations, lubrication of moving parts and system operation.

AC Maintenance Sports City Dubai has an Urgent Maintenance Supply service , with direct telephone assistance from the client to our SUM platform , from where we will give you telephone technical support in the first instance and, if we cannot resolve your incident, we will provide you with face-to-face assistance. of an URGENT intervention team , with specialized technicians and a vehicle-workshop fully equipped with the necessary tools and diagnostic equipment that incorporate the latest applied technologies. Thus, we guarantee maximum periods of assistance in your facilities of 4 hours from the notice, with the sole purpose of leaving the installation in operation definitively or provisionally in the event that the necessary spare part is not available.

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With the importance that is being given to the quality of indoor air, it is of the utmost importance to clean the ducts on a regular basis. Maintenance of the air conditioning and ventilation systems will maintain the quality of the air in the interior spaces. This will not put the health of the people who use them at risk.

The Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE) requires compliance with hygiene and safety requirements in its technical instructions IT1 and IT3.

In terms of regulations, the RITE already requires us to make service openings or registers in the ventilation ducts to proceed with their maintenance and sanitization. The obstruction of ducts and filters would cause inadequate ventilation, affecting the air flow that runs through the duct.

If a duct cleaning is not carried out, what consequences can it have?
In addition to the aforementioned inadequate ventilation, not cleaning the ducts in ventilation and air conditioning systems leads to microbiological contamination in said ducts, directly affecting the air we breathe.

The proliferation of fungi, bacteria, viruses, mites and other parasites in dirty ducts is perfect. They find an ideal ecosystem to roam freely through the ventilation systems. All this would be avoided with adequate maintenance of said ducts, avoiding these undesirable colonies.

Air conditioning and ventilation installations require periodic maintenance operations. According to the RITE, the revision of the ducts must be annual and according to the UNE 100012 standard. Cleaning must include all the elements of the system and the surfaces that are in contact with the air. In addition, a control of the hygienic conditions of said facilities must be carried out.

AC Maintenance In Sports City Dubai, we offer solutions
Our maintenance team puts at your service actions aimed at maintaining all types of ventilation systems installed in homes, commercial buildings, hotels, industries, etc.

As specialists in ventilation and air conditioning, we have developed for this segment, both individually and collectively, specific maintenance ranges that ensure air quality at the time it is required, guaranteeing energy-efficient management and operation.

Prevention and control actions carried out by AC Maintenance in Sports City Dubai:

  • Physical shock cleaning of systems, using disinfectants to remove biological matter.
  • Treatment with specific products , both microbiological and chemical, to prevent corrosion and encrustation processes and organic fouling.
  • System maintenance through purge regulation and control equipment, product dispensers, etc.
  • Physical-chemical and microbiological analysis .

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