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How to do a corrective maintenance of air conditioners?

Corrective  maintenance of air conditioners in downtown Dubai consists of correcting any fault or failure that may occur in the equipment. Do you want to know how to perform corrective maintenance? We will explain it to you below.

What is corrective maintenance in downtown Dubai?

Corrective maintenance consists of carrying out a series of activities that help correct breakdowns or failures that the equipment may present, these can be a simple cleaning or the replacement of damaged parts.

The peculiarity of this maintenance is that it is not planned, it is applied when the operation of the equipment or system is affected. In most cases, the failure occurs and you do not have the proper personnel, necessary tools or the purchasing power to do it.

On some occasions, it is not possible to avoid carrying out corrective maintenance on air conditioners, since they may present a fault that needs to be attended to as soon as possible. However, most of these types of adjustments can be avoided by planning ahead for preventative care.

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What does air conditioner maintenance include?

We must bear in mind that there are two types  of air conditioner maintenance in downtown Dubai. Among them we have the preventive and the corrective. The first is responsible for avoiding any type of complication that may arise in the device and the second is when an element that makes up the air must be repaired.

These activities consist of repairing or correcting the faults that the equipment presents. However, before taking any action, it is necessary to examine each part of the equipment and make a more effective repair plan.

Air  correction  can be caused by different reasons,  the most frequent are:  

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Mechanic system

The mechanical system is made up of external air factors, the most common breakdowns that can occur are:

  • Rotation failure in the fan:  When this problem occurs, it is necessary to repair it immediately, since it can cause an overheating of the system and, at the same time, the refrigerant gas does not make its change process, causing a malfunction in the fan. air.
  • Failure to start the compressor:  When the compressor does not start, it can damage the entire equipment, so it is important to do corrective maintenance as soon as possible. This fault can be caused by coil or capacitor problems.

Mechanical breakdowns are easy to detect, it can mostly be done by visual inspection, but if proper corrective maintenance is not done, this brings serious problems to the device.

If we carry out preventive care, we avoid repairs or changes of air  (depending on the complexity of the failure). However, there are various activities that must be carried out when we talk about corrective maintenance.  

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 Electric system

Electrical installations are one of the main  faults in ventilation equipment, this can occur due to a bad connection or problems in the internal unit. The most frequent are:

  1. The equipment does not turn on:  When our  air does not turn on, it may be due to several reasons, such as a poor connection to the power source, the electronic card is damaged or the internal connection cables are poorly installed or damaged.
  2. Fault in the thermostat sensor:  When the thermostat is faulty, the equipment cannot adjust the temperature that the user requires, in addition, the equipment can turn off on several occasions.  

These are some of the electrical system breakdowns that require corrective maintenance.

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Installation of pipes

We must remember that a ventilation team consists of a  system of pipes, some for drainage and others for the cooling systemThe most frequent are:

  • Leaks:  It is very common that  leaks can occur in air conditioning installations  , when this occurs, a large amount of refrigerant is lost and, in turn, damages the other components that work with it.
  • Improper piping design:  When wrong installation is done, it directly affects the coolant temperature. To rule out this possible failure, it is necessary to make a measurement and it must be done when the refrigerant in gaseous state passes through the pipe. At the time of taking the measurement, it should mark between five to six degrees Celsius. If the values obtained are outside this range, it is necessary to carry out a new design and recharge the equipment with refrigerant.
  • Contaminated system:  On some occasions, the equipment may present contamination in its internal system. This is because the refrigerant is of poor quality and affects the system, starting leaks of moist air. This fault can also occur when the equipment is installed with wet parts.
  • Excess refrigerant:  One of the most frequent activities when performing  corrective maintenance on air conditioners  is to measure the pressure. When it is very high, it is due to  excess refrigerant in the equipment . When this happens, you just have to lower the gas levels and the equipment will work correctly.
  • Drip on the front panel:  All air has a  drainage system , corresponding to a thin hose. Sometimes, the water does not come out of the drainage system and it can fall into the areas where the air conditioning is installed, causing humidity and bad odor problems. If this occurs, it is necessary to change the tube or clean it properly.

These are some of the activities for the  repair of air conditioning,  which can be frequented for this type of maintenance.

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Why do corrective maintenance?

Corrective  maintenance of air conditioners  is mandatory when the device has a malfunction. In some cases, it only involves  changing a part  or cleaning, it does not require as much planning and it goes directly to the point of impact.

It guarantees the productivity of the team, in addition to being quick to apply and economical. Making use of  corrective maintenance is the best alternative for breakdowns in ventilation equipment, since some users consider that, on certain occasions, it is cheaper than preventive maintenance planning.

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