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A correct preventive maintenance service for air conditioning units reflects, in addition to the proper functioning of the equipment, energy and economic savings. One of the main points to consider is something as simple as the constant cleaning of the key components, because this is guaranteed to prolong the life of the equipment and provides the security of having it in good condition, since the air conditioning units will work most efficiently and will respond appropriately when needed most.

The key is to carry out a strict cleaning and maintenance protocol for the units on a scheduled basis based on the demand of each of the units. An air conditioning unit that supplies an office area with daytime hours is not the same as an air conditioning unit that operates to lower the thermal load of a production area that works 24/7.

The operating principle of an air conditioning unit is to remove thermal load from the area that needs acclimatization. This heat is transferred through the refrigeration cycle which operates with at least four basic components:

  • Compressor,
  • Condenser,
  • expansion device, and
  • Evaporator. 

In addition, there are also electromechanical components that also need maintenance, such as:

  • contactors,
  • capacitors,
  • electronic cards, and
  • transformers etc.

There are a variety of types of air conditioning equipment and there is always one of them that meets the needs for each type of application.

One of the solutions that is most implemented in the industry is the package type system, also known as a central unit. These solutions take their name from the English Unit Package or Roof Top Unit (UP or RTU), since they integrate the four components of the basic cooling and heating circuit in a single cabinet: compressor, evaporator, condenser and expander element, in addition to the rest of the components. secondary components.

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Some area of Dubai use single cabinet heating and cooling systems during construction rather than split systems, which have an exterior unit and an internal one. Packaged units can be mounted on the ceiling for horizontal or downward discharge designs, or they can be deployed outdoors at ground level.

In regions with long summer seasons and mild winters, a packaged air conditioner is a good alternative. High-efficiency units can also be had with an airflow system, offering greater humidity control during start-up from cooling mode.

In addition, the packaged units have low noise, easy installation and high performance. Packaged units offer a range of operational and energy-efficiency options in addition to being available in the same configurations and utilizing the same parts as split systems.

In these units, the return air is drawn through the evaporator by a centrifugal fan, which in turn discharges it as supply air from the front. In addition, a condensate pan below the evaporator collects all the moisture and is connected to a drain.

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The evaporator compartment consists of thermally insulated walls to prevent loss and condensation on the outer shell. The air filter is generally located between the evaporator coil and the return duct connection to the equipment. A wall that separates both compartments serves as insulation for the minimum transmission of heat and noise from the air conditioning.

Return air passes through the filter and then through the evaporator, where it is cooled and dehumidified. As it passes through the coil, the air is cooled and then distributed to the space to be heated. Being exposed to the elements, package type air conditioners can easily become contaminated, which decreases their cooling and heat exchange capacity, preventing adequate air flow.

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It is important to remember that the inspections that are carried out (preventive measures) must include a study of air leaks, and if necessary, the appropriate adjustments (corrective measures) will have to be made, such as the replacement of the screws, or the closures and patches it has, or the replacement of the system joints.

The integrity of the cabinet is particularly important on the air intake side, where the high pressure created by the fan can force air out considerably, even if there is a small crack, which will prevent the air from being distributed correctly. homogeneous way.

It is advisable to provide a service at least every three months through contracts with trained and updated personnel regarding preventive and corrective measures, which support the maintenance of each part of the system. However, it is necessary to emphasize that some parts, such as filters, must be checked monthly to provide a longer life to the equipment.

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8 steps to carry out a correct preventive maintenance procedure for air conditioning units

  1. Inspects environmental conditions:  Humidity, mechanical vibrations, dust, installation safety and temperature are evaluated
  2. Externally cleans and inspects equipment: May include external surface cleaning and debris cleaning along with general physical inspection of equipment and its components, whether mechanical or electrical.
  3. Cleans and inspects the equipment internally: It includes a cleaning of the internal surface, such as electronic boards, displays, electrical contacts, connectors, among others.
  4. Lubricates and greases:  Either directly or through a tank: motors, hinges, bearings and any other mechanism that needs it.
  5. Replace interchangeable parts:  Essential step of preventive maintenance. You can do it at the time of inspection.
  6. Adjust and calibrate: Whether mechanically, electrically or electronically.
  7. Check electrical safety: This will depend on the degree of protection expected from the equipment in question, according to the standards established for each piece of equipment and those specified by their manufacturers.
  8. Carry out complete functional tests: Consider that it is important to put the technical team into operation together with the operator, in order to promote better communication between them; this will determine the failures in the process.

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Maintenance within the industry is the engine of production; that is, without maintenance there is no production. In such a way that the performance of the company will be in the quality that is provided to each of the elements, so it is of the utmost importance to have a vision of the future, plan and schedule maintenance in order to cover the entire area in which time, in the medium or long term, and reduce costs of spare parts and materials in order to obtain better performance.

Maintenance focuses on continuous improvement and failure prevention, through constant organization and preparation to act without dropping production. In industry, the head of Maintenance must be a specialist in management organization to ensure that all maintenance tasks are carried out correctly and efficiently.

Since you are interested in knowing more details about how to carry out a correct preventive maintenance procedure on packaged air conditioning units, learn about the technologies to improve indoor air quality in industrial facilities. 

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