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It is useless to install an air conditioning unit in palm jumeirah Dubai with the latest technology if you then neglect it. In addition, checking that everything works well does not depend on its age, since it is something that should be done after a year at home.

If your equipment shows signs that something is wrong, it is advisable to contact a professional. However, to prevent situations like this, you can follow these simple tips and take care of air conditioning maintenance yourself and in an easy way.

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But first of all… Is it mandatory to carry out air conditioning maintenance in palm jumeirah Dubai?

According to article 15 of the Regulation of Thermal Installations of Buildings (RITE), air conditioning equipment is required to undergo a review.

In households:
● 12 kW or less: every 4 years
● Between 12 and 70 kW: every 2 years
● More than 70 kW: monthly

In other areas:
● 12 kW or less: every 2 years
● Between 12 and 70 kW: annually
● More than 70 kW: monthly

Is the review the same as air conditioning maintenance palm jumeirah Dubai?

No. For a complete review you must contact a professional or hire a service like the one we offer you at AC Dubai Maintenance In Palm Jumeirah Dubai, Servielectric, which already includes these reviews in addition to many other services that we will explain later.

Instead, when it comes to air conditioning maintenance in palm jumeirah Dubai, you can do it yourself to enjoy the following benefits:

● Purer, cleaner, bacteria-free air for the interior spaces of your home. When you turn it on, you will also get rid of bad odors .

● A more energy efficient equipment. If it is clean, it will spend less energy to cool the same thing.

● Goodbye to breakdowns that can appear if you neglect it.

Hire Us For AC Maintenance In Palm Jumeirah Dubai Service | 0568770106

When is it recommended to perform air conditioning maintenance in palm jumeirah Dubai?

The normal thing is to do it once a year at least, especially before the summer season begins. In any case, you can also do it when you stop using it.

If your air conditioner has a heat pump, it would be ideal to do it at the beginning and end of winter.

In any case, it is very simple and will not take more than 30 minutes . Next, we give you some tips so that your air conditioning  device is always in perfect condition.

Hire Us For AC Maintenance In Palm Jumeirah Dubai Service | 0568770106

First, clean the air conditioning filters

It is the most important maintenance task. Clogged and dirty filters reduce the amount of airflow and therefore the efficiency of the system.

Did you know that replacing a filter in poor condition with a clean one can reduce air conditioning energy consumption by between 5% and 15%?

That’s how easy it is to clean air conditioning filters

1. Open the cover of the air conditioner. Behind the grill are the filters that you will need to remove.

2. When cleaning them you can:

  • Vacuum to remove dust and debris.

  • Use cold water and clean them manually. If you choose this option, let them dry in the shade, because in the sun they could be deformed.

3. Insert the filters into the equipment in the same position.

Next step? Cleaning the split or internal unit

The split is the most common type of air conditioning. It is generally installed in homes and is made up of two separate units: an outdoor unit that we find on the facades and an indoor unit located inside the home. This last one is the device that you surely have in mind right now. With the use of the air conditioning in cold mode, an evaporation process takes place and, consequently, drops of water

accumulate inside the system. Cleaning the split is important to avoid bacteria and bad odors.

How can you keep the interior split in good condition?

1. It is as simple as cleaning the grids with soap and water.

2. Then  dry with a clean cloth.

Hire Us For AC Maintenance In Palm Jumeirah Dubai Service | 0568770106

Now, check the outdoor unit

You are about to finish air conditioning maintenance. You only have to check the outdoor unit, where some of the most important technical components  are located, such as the compressor, the exchanger or the refrigerant. Also, since it is outdoors, it gets dirty more easily.

What can you do?

● Check that the air inlets or the drain pipe  are not blocked.

●  Clean the exchange battery with a brush  to ensure proper operation. You can also use compressed air.

● Check that the equipment supports  are in good condition to avoid accidents. 

Lastly, check the refrigerant gas levels

Do you detect leaks in your air conditioning? In that case, call a professional so that he can do a gas refill and fix the fault. 

Hire Us For AC Maintenance In Palm Jumeirah Dubai Service | 0568770106

AC Dubai Maintenance makes it easier for you

If you want to be calmer and safer, hire our Servielectric maintenance service . You can choose between these options:

●  Servielectric Xpress:  includes the urgent repair of household appliances, heat pump and air conditioning in less than 3 hours  and the service of an electrical handyman  for your home who will take care of details such as the placement of light bulbs or the installation of lamps. 

●  Servielectric Complet: in addition to taking care of your electrical appliances, heat pump and air conditioning, with a maintenance and repair service  (in less than 3 hours and with a 6-month guarantee), we a preventive review of the air conditioning or heat pump .

●  Servielectric CG Xpress: we help companies and freelancers  with this service, which includes urgent repairs to household appliances, air conditioning, plumbing, locksmiths or glassware in less than 3 hours. In addition, you will have professional advice and a free estimate with a 6-month guarantee.

Breakdowns occur without warning, but we knock on the door of your home or business when you need us most. We will solve any incident and we will make sure that your air conditioning equipment gives you #GoodEnergy again. 

Hire Us For AC Maintenance In Palm Jumeirah Dubai Service | 0568770106

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