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Air conditioning Maintenance service company in JVC Dubai Practical example of the importance of air conditioning maintenance: 
Computer rooms or wiring rooms are rooms that produce a large amount of heat and that heat is not appropriate for the operation of computer servers or communication equipment and in general for all types of electronic equipment, just as temperature is very harmful and counterproductive for the useful life and availability of UPS batteries, since they begin to degrade when there is a temperature above 25 degrees Celsius. The foregoing determines the great importance of the proper functioning and dimensioning of the air conditioning equipment for the computer and wiring rooms.

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When should air conditioning be serviced In JVC Dubai?

This depends on the actual operating time of the equipment and the place where it is installed, since the exposure of the  air conditioner to external factors such as dust, soot from cars and grease from the environment, means that maintenance has to be carried out in shorter periods. For example, maintenance at an industrial site should be done every month, for an office or home located in a non-congested place, without much pollution, every two months.

In general, preventive maintenance should be done every two months by an expert who performs it properly, changes the filters and can during the process identify aspects or elements that merit corrective or predictive maintenance.

For sites where mission-critical equipment is located, such as data centers, it is recommended to have a preventive maintenance program with monthly routines and if this is accompanied by a predictive maintenance program, the downtime of the air conditioning equipment of the computer centers will be reduced to a minimum and will always be available for any eventuality that may arise.

Maintenance is urgent when it has not been done preventively and the equipment begins to cool below normal and eventually freezes. This situation makes maintenance more expensive and more extensive, which means that the coils of the equipment begin to deteriorate rapidly.

If the cost benefit is analyzed, preventive maintenance is much cheaper in the medium and long term, since when the coils of the equipment are dirty, the equipment consumes more electrical energy, since it is forced to its maximum capacity to be able to cool.

At AC Dubai Maintenance we can provide you with effective and professional solutions for preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance needs for air conditioning equipment, power plants, dehumidifiers, solar panels and UPS uninterruptible power systems. 

Call Us For Hiring The Best AC Maintenance In JVC Dubai Service | 0568770106

1. Preventive Maintenance, essential because:

  • Purifies the air and prevents the spread of viruses.
  • Improves team performance.
  • Maintain energy consumption within normal parameters.
  • Extend the useful life of the equipment.
  • We supply the maintenance kit that includes labor and supply of accessories. 

2. Corrective maintenance, when the equipment fails. We supply spare parts   and highly qualified labor.
To all our guests we suggest that these Critical charge brigades similar as UPS and Air Conditioners that work in ages of time 7 × 24 have preventative conservation routines performed every month or every 2 months at most. It’s important that a group works uninterruptedly in a month has worked 720 hours &  produces expansive wear, tear, & gash on the team that must be monitored periodically by expert personnel.

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Call Us For Hiring The Best AC Maintenance In JVC Dubai Service | 0568770106

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