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In this article we will try to explain several details that you have to take into account about the maintenance of your air conditioner! If you have come this far, it may be because you were browsing our website and saw that. Although the safest thing is that you were looking for information on air conditioning maintenance! Or probably your air conditioner has problems, maybe water falls from the air conditioner (generally an indoor unit, called SPLIT). Perhaps you have even seen humidity or drops of water in some part of the circuit, or maybe cold air does not come out directly!

It could even happen that some cold air comes out, but only a small amount comes out, even though you have set the fan to maximum speed! And of course, there may be other symptoms of your air conditioner so you’ve arrived here. Well, all these symptoms almost always have to do with the lack of maintenance of your air conditioning. It may be that you need to carry out preventive, corrective or repair maintenance if the failure is caused by other causes or some element of the installation or equipment no longer works correctly.

Of course, when it comes to air conditioning, there are several types of equipment, for the domestic, commercial or industrial environment. Although in general it can be said that maintenance applies to everything, we will focus on air conditioning equipment in the domestic sector, and specifically for SPLIT wall-mounted equipment! Also details of what we put below, may be valid for maintenance of centralized air conditioning equipment, through ducts.

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In this case, we will talk about two types of air conditioning maintenance, whose name really differs mainly due to the moment in which the user decides to carry it out. Below we will go on to give details of each one of them. Let us remember that a well-maintained air conditioning unit in optimal conditions will give a high percentage of productivity and will have low electrical consumption, that is, high energy efficiency. Here we leave you the two types of maintenance that you can carry out in your installation.

  • Air conditioning preventive maintenance
  • Air conditioning corrective maintenance

How can I know that my equipment needs preventive or corrective maintenance? When is it advisable to perform air conditioning maintenance? Next, we will detail all this.

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1.1. Preventive maintenance on air conditioning In Silicon Dubai

By preventive maintenance we refer to the service that the user asks us to carry out on one or several air conditioning units BEFORE symptoms of malfunction or failure in the installation appear. In other words, it is a job that we carry out to prevent failures in air conditioning equipment and in the installation. Among the most common failures that we can prevent by carrying out this maintenance are bad odors when turning on the air conditioning and water falling, especially from the indoor unit. 

This type of work should be carried out systematically, in due time, and thus we avoid running out of air conditioning in the heat of a wave of heat or cold. That’s because all the installers are very busy and take days to make the visit. And those are the moments where we need the visit or the maintenance for “right now” or as some say: “I need it for yesterday”. And if we hire an urgent service, the cost will be much higher.

Preventive maintenance, in addition to ensuring equipment cleanliness and disinfection, correct pressures and proper operation, will help us extend the useful life of the air conditioning equipment!

Unfortunately, sometimes we forget how important the maintenance of air conditioning equipment can be and we do not request preventive maintenance service in air conditioning until the equipment begins to fail! To avoid this, we advise our customers to think about performing air conditioning maintenance systematically.

In summary, the advantages of preventive air conditioning maintenance are the following:

  • Prevents:
    • equipment failures (internal or external parts)
    • installation failures
    • bad odours, water fall from the units
  • Maintains high team performance
  • High energy efficiency is maintained (it consumes little)
  • Extends the useful life of the equipment

1.2. Corrective maintenance in air conditioning In Silicon Dubai

Contrary to the above, by corrective maintenance we refer to the service that generally must be carried out when symptoms of malfunction or faults in the installation have already appeared. That is to say, it is a job that we carry out and that is practically similar to a small repair. This type of maintenance is to correct faults that already exist in the equipment or in the air conditioning installation. Sometimes the breakdown is one, but when we arrive and get to work, it is possible to discover other failures, which, luckily, the vast majority are solved in this type of maintenance!

When carrying out corrective maintenance, in addition to solving the main fault, we make sure to clean and disinfect the equipment, and if necessary, we verify that the operating pressures are correct and that they function properly. This will also help us extend the useful life of the air conditioning equipment.

Unfortunately, sometimes the fault can be more important and with a simple corrective maintenance the problem is not solved, since sometimes the malfunction of a part can lead to other parts being damaged, resulting in the end the cost of the repair higher than the user is willing to pay.

In this case, the advantages of corrective air conditioning maintenance, depending on what happened. They can be the following:

  • Corrects the faults in the intervened equipment
  • Fix bugs in the installation if they have been detected
  • Manage to maintain good team performance
  • Solve existing consumption problems
  • Helps the equipment have a few more years of operation

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Without a doubt, the maintenance of any air conditioner can seem like a very easy task when we see the professionals doing it! However, when carrying out maintenance, there are tasks that not everyone can do, and that is why we recommend leaving this in the hands of professionals.

Here are some interesting details that will probably help you make the right decision about air conditioning maintenance! In the first place, we will see that there are small maintenance-cleaning tasks that the same user can and should do. And we will see how often they should be done, and then we will see other details that you need to know about air conditioner maintenance.

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2.1. Do basic maintenance yourself and clean the air conditioning filters

By basic maintenance we mean cleaning the air conditioning filters, and this is a small task, very easy to do, and should be done by the user himself! It is advisable to do it every 2–3 months, but if you don’t remember, we recommend cleaning the filters before the seasons start, that is, before summer and before winter!

Obviously in accessible split-type equipment, this is very easy to do, and if you don’t know how to do it, we encourage you to do a YouTube search on “You can discover a lot of information by searching “how to clean air conditioner filters.”! If we are talking about centralized or ducted equipment, usually the indoor unit is located on the ceiling of the bathroom or sometimes on the ceiling of the kitchen or hallway. And usually there should be a small door or hatch in the ceiling where you can access to perform maintenance! In these cases, if the user has been explained, he can find the air conditioning filter, remove it and wash it! Once dry, the filter can be put back in place!

After weeks or months of use after the last filter cleaning, it is very common to observe that the equipment takes a little longer to cool down or warm up. The truth is that it takes one a while to realize this detail, but finally one is aware of it and the tendency is to call a technician directly. At this time, before calling, we advise you to lift the cover of the SPLIT (indoor unit), remove the filters and see if they are dirty. You’ll probably be in for a surprise!

2.2. Plan preventive maintenance or for your air conditioning

Without a doubt, maintenance is a necessity, but it is a decision that belongs to the user. However, we advise you to think directly about the preventive maintenance of the air conditioning and plan it in advance! Do not leave it for the last moment, it will be more expensive if you finally need corrective maintenance or even a repair if it is a more important fault!

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23. Frequency and performance of maintenance


Depending on the type of installation (especially in industrial or commercial environments where there are large pieces of equipment), there are regulations that indicate the periodicity of maintenance, and the user is also obliged to have a maintenance contract with a maintenance or repair company. Also if the user has several air conditioners whose power adds up to more than 5KW, the user should have a maintenance contract with a maintenance company.

Has it ever happened to you to enter a store or a restaurant, look up and see that the air conditioning is almost black from the amount of dust or dirt on it? This can happen because it has not been serviced for a long time, or maybe it has been done on a superficial basis and not enough importance has been given to leaving everything in perfect condition! For this reason, the regulations oblige the owner of the installation to contract maintenance with a maintenance company authorized by the competent body.

Due to power issues, commercial or local equipment would in principle fall into this category, and sometimes even some air conditioning equipment installed in a large space, like a home’s dining room or living room.


For smaller equipment, preventive maintenance should ideally be performed once a year. We refer to equipment of less than 5KW, which is typically installed for a home in a dining room, a room or small rooms. If we talk about air conditioning equipment installed in server rooms (where high performance and continuous operation in cold mode are always needed), or in shops where it is used daily (and sometimes customers enter or not depending on the temperature of the premises), as we recommend carrying out maintenance every six months or at most, once a year .

However, in private homes, especially equipment that is not in constant use, we have found that maintenance every 2–3 years may also be sufficient ., according to each case. But that is not always applicable: we have come across situations where every year, apart from the filters, the indoor unit fan fills with mold and dirt, and the more dirt it has, the less air it moves, therefore, the less it cools. . Obviously, almost urgent maintenance is already needed there, since, if we let it go, in a few weeks or months of operation it can influence the operation of other pieces of equipment, and shorten the useful life of the equipment. We will explain it in the next point (parts that need inspection and correction).

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Of course, as soon as the user observes the slightest symptom of malfunction, he will contact his trusted installer directly! The most basic and highly visible symptoms that the user observes and that indicate that corrective maintenance or repair is going to be required, are the following:

  • Water leaks from the SPLIT/ the air conditioner leaks water
  • Bad odors come out of the indoor equipment after starting it up
  • The equipment takes longer to cool down and there is no feeling of comfort

There are parts of the air conditioning equipment that can be found in poor condition and still work. They do not work at full capacity, but they work and we are not aware that the performance of the equipment has worked. Finally, these parts may stop working and that is where we need to correct this malfunction, replace parts if necessary, or depending on each case, it may be that the entire equipment has to be replaced! This is one of the main reasons why we recommend preventive maintenance, planned in advance and periodically.

Above we gave the example of a SPLIT fan full of mold and dirt, arguing that it can shorten the useful life of an Air Conditioning unit. A simple explanation in this case could be that if there is not enough air recirculation in the indoor unit (dirty filters or fan), the liquid refrigerant entering the evaporator does not change state to 100% when leaving the evaporator (SPLIT in cold mode), it does not have the necessary useful or useless overheating and liquid reaches the engine. Liquid shocks are caused to the engine and in the short or long term this could result in irreparable damage or too expensive (engine replacement). With a simple cleaning of the filters, or the fan, we can prevent this from happening.

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In a maintenance of SPLIT-type air conditioning equipment, there are some parts that will be visually inspected and their condition will be corrected, but always by authorized personnel, since otherwise significant or irreversible damage to the equipment may be caused. Some of the parts may be the following:

  • Air recirculation in the indoor and outdoor unit
    • Visually inspect the air conditioning filters, and if necessary remove, clean and disinfect the indoor unit filters.
    • Carry out a visual inspection of the indoor unit fan (advisable with a flashlight), and if necessary clean the fan using known or practiced methods, depending on each installer. Check its operation, speeds, etc. If it is possible to remove the fan and the technician considers that it does not present a significant risk, the cleaning of the fan can be carried out much better and more thoroughly. However, this is not always possible, and depends on the model of air conditioning or the state of the equipment. Sometimes there are units where if you decide to remove the fan, other parts may break, such as the evaporator! This causes a refrigerant leak,
    • Carry out a visual inspection of the outdoor unit fan, check its operation, condition and cleanliness, and that it is not obstructed. Has it ever happened to us to find ourselves inside the equipment with a tree branch or some object that prevents the correct operation of the fan (either because of a previous storm, or because the outdoor unit is installed near a tree whose branches have entered the equipment) .
  • Coil-coil-exchanger in the indoor and outdoor unit
    • Visually inspect the air conditioning coil-coil in the SPLIT indoor unit, and if necessary, thoroughly clean and disinfect the aluminum lamellas of the evaporator. Always very carefully so as not to bend them, but well enough so that there is no dirt, mold and bacteria or mites left. After all, the air that we breathe inside the space to be cooled/heated also passes through this coil/battery and if it contains bacteria, in the end they will be part of the air that the equipment expels!
    • Visually inspect the outdoor air unit coil-coil. If necessary, thoroughly clean and disinfect the aluminum lamellas of the condenser. Always very careful not to bend them, but well enough so that no dirt, grease or other elements remain! We do not breathe the air that the outdoor unit sucks in or expels, but it is important that this part of the equipment is clean, especially for the correct condensation of the refrigerant inside the system! An outdoor unit with a dirty coil/coil will work at higher pressures, so the consumption of the equipment will be higher, and the performance will be lower, or even stop working properly!
  • Other parts to be inspected of the indoor or outdoor unit
    • Visually inspect the drain pan of the SPLIT indoor unit. It seems not, but it may be one of the parts that can cause the most inconvenience to the user in the event of a breakdown. Dirt, mites, bacteria, and mold accumulate in the drain pan on many occasions, and this can result in two of the most common problems: bad odors when starting up the equipment, and water falling from the internal unit of the equipment, or a malfunction of the drain pipe. The latter happens because sometimes, due to lack of maintenance, dirt accumulates in the drain pan and begins to clog the hole through which the water goes to the drain pipe! Almost always if that’s what happens,
    • Inspect other items deemed necessary. If we are already at the moment of carrying out the maintenance of the air conditioning, it is worth checking some other parts that the professional considers necessary: fan shafts, blades/fins motor, check for dirt, dust or “little animals” in the area of the electrical plate, check the mains voltage, etc…
    • In the outdoor unit, refrigerant gas pressures can be checked if the technician deems it necessary! However, if it is detected that the equipment works in the other normal parameters, sometimes it is not necessary to check the pressure. In general, with every gauged hose connection to the fixture, disconnecting the hose can lose 5–10 grams of refrigerant if not done correctly!

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3.1. How much does it cost to perform air conditioning maintenance?

You can find technicians or companies that carry out superficial maintenance at an affordable cost (estimated price between €50-€70), but in the long term this could be a problem, since it is superficial. You have to understand that, if someone is going to give you a very cheap budget to carry out the maintenance of the air conditioning, between traveling and staying for half an hour to clean filters and little else, between taxes and others, well, they have little profit, so it would come out losing if he stays much longer.

You may also find professionals who have different prices, or explain the details differently! The most normal thing is to find professionals who are dedicated to carrying out air conditioning maintenance, and as a general rule the price is between €100 and €200 for SPLIT-type equipment, or even more if we talk about maintenance of duct equipment, or in the commercial-industrial field. In the end, as they always say: “what you pay is what you get”.

3.2. When is it advisable to perform air conditioning maintenance?

In the next point we will explain how and when to schedule the maintenance of your air conditioners! We have already made it more than clear that it is advisable to plan air conditioning maintenance in advance!

Now… do you know when the air conditioning equipment starts to fail the most? Exactly, when we use it, and especially in the summer season and often in winter too! This happens because in general we do not turn on the air conditioning until those very hot days (in summer) when we can no longer stand the heat, or we can no longer sleep. Or even those very cold days (in winter) that we can no longer stand, or sometimes the boiler stops working and we want to heat ourselves with the air conditioning heat pump – and we discover that it does not give the performance we want. Heat waves and cold waves, that is where more breakdowns of air conditioning equipment are detected.

For this reason we always advise that 1–2 months before the season, turn on the air conditioner in cool mode or heat mode (as appropriate for the season), and check that it works! By putting the air conditioning on for about 20-30 minutes, we will be able to tell if everything is working correctly or if it seems to be failing!

Our advice is to carry out the maintenance of the air conditioning in the months that we consider as “off-season”. In other words, we recommend the following dates, depending on the season for which you are going to use your air conditioner:

  • Tuning and maintenance of the air conditioning for the summer season : in this case, the ideal is to contact us between the months of January and April, at the latest until mid-May to ask us about maintenance! In this way we can assist you calmly, make an appointment and finally carry out the maintenance of your air conditioning. Of course, each year is different and depending on the volume of work we will be able to assist you faster, or maybe you will have to wait a few days!
  • Tuning and maintenance of the air conditioning for the winter season : in this case, the ideal is to contact us between the months of September and November to ask us about maintenance! Above all, because in the month of December, between holidays, winter, Christmas and others, since we are more focused on making installations, you would be surprised to know the number of people who decide to give an air conditioner as a gift. If you call us between the indicated months, we will be able to assist you calmly, make an appointment and finally carry out the maintenance of your air conditioning.

We hope that this writing has helped you understand some more details about the maintenance of your air conditioner! For any other questions related to your air conditioning, Do not be afraid to write to us; we would be pleased to help, answer your questions, or make an effort to resolve your issue!

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