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In your air conditioning (AC) repair and installation business you can offer various services, among them is preventive maintenance to lengthen and improve the condition of the AC equipment to increase its useful life. 

AC Maintenance JBR Dubai

The importance of preventive maintenance in jbr Dubai

When an air conditioner is installed, it begins its life cycle, in which thousands of cubic meters of air will circulate throughout its operation. How does this equipment work? The air passes through the filters and comes into contact with the condensate tray. The importance of performing preventive maintenance on ACs is with the aim of cleaning the accumulation of fungi in the tray and wet parts. Because it could block the filters by dust and particles. These break off and are expelled by the fan, spreading throughout the room. 

If these types of dust and particulate fungi are spread, they could cause respiratory illnesses and discomfort, contributing to what some experts call “air conditioning allergies.” For this reason, preventive maintenance is essential, after the installation of the equipment, since it will help you to guarantee the correct functioning of your service. Some other advantages of doing it are: 

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Do preventive maintenance on air conditioning in your facilities

1-. Improves air quality and health

If you keep the equipment in optimal conditions, the air will be clean and free of particles that can harm health or complicate respiratory ailments. 

two-. Energy saving

Changing the filters frequently helps you save up to 5% of the energy bill, since these equipment are responsible for almost 30%. Something that translates into significant energy savings. 

3-. Increases equipment life

The useful life of the equipment increases through preventive maintenance, since it releases the particles of the internal elements, detecting faults and correcting them.  If you want to know more about the importance of air conditioning and good maintenance, contact our ac maintenance jbr Dubai technician and let our experts and teachers help you at every step.

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Your work as an air conditioning technician is constant. After the installation, as you have already seen, it is important that you maintain the quality of the equipment and its correct operation to avoid serious failures in your system, so performing preventive maintenance will be essential in your role to leave your customers satisfied.

The step by step of this will be as follows, always trying to take care of the most vulnerable parts of the AC. Although many professionals in the field may vary steps in the process, the goal remains the same: 

– Disassemble the equipment

The first thing you should do is disassemble the equipment to have access to all its elements and perform a deep cleaning. To carry out the maintenance it is necessary that you use your safety equipment to help prevent any accident as well as ensure your physical integrity, although carrying out this process is low risk. Subsequently, ensure that the equipment is turned on to recover the refrigerant gas from the condenser.  

– Turn off the equipment

After having recovered the refrigerant gas, turn off the equipment and disconnect it from the electrical connection to guarantee the integrity of the air conditioner.

– Disconnect it from the pipes and remove the interconnection cable

With the help of a wrench, disconnect the pipes that connect the evaporator with the condenser and, later, use a screwdriver to remove the interconnection cable that are also connected in the same way. 

– Disassemble the evaporator

After having removed the interconnections, disassemble the evaporator being careful to avoid damage to the copper pipes. Learn about other important steps to follow during proper maintenance in our Air Conditioning Repair. Our experts and teachers will help you at every step.

Perform unit maintenance

Best AC Maintenance JBR Dubai Service

After having removed the evaporator and the condenser, you can proceed to perform maintenance on each of them, to achieve this you can do it as follows:

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Preventive maintenance of the evaporator | JBR Dubai Service

Maintenance of the evaporator of an air conditioner is simple and only requires periodic cleaning of its internal elements to prevent dirt from accumulating inside the unit. This way you will prevent it from producing bad odours, improve the performance of the equipment, with lower energy consumption and an increase in its useful life.

Preventive maintenance consists of removing the internal elements of the evaporator to clean them of grease, dust and harmful particles that may adhere to them. To achieve this disinfection process in which you must disassemble the unit, clean the filters with soap and water, and remove the casing to continue cleaning.

Continue by removing the cover that protects the motor and remove the screws that hold the electronic card and finally remove it along with the wiring and temperature sensor. We recommend you take a picture of the connections to make sure you install it correctly after maintenance. Then clean the coil by removing the screws that hold it to the evaporator and carefully remove it. Then, proceed to clean it, you can use a high pressure washer to access narrow places. Remember to use water and coil cleaning fluid.  

Remove the fan and disconnect the motor, then with the help of the pressure washer proceed to clean it. Use mild soap, in case of presence of grease use ecological degreasers. Then clean the condensate tray, wash it with soap and water using a solution with 90% water and 10% chlorine to eliminate existing bacteria. If you notice accumulation of fat, use ecological degreasers.

Preventive maintenance of the condenser 

The condenser is a unit that is installed outdoors and is exposed to various situations that can damage it, so it is convenient to check and clean it regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt, and to guarantee that no external agent obstructs the passage of the condenser. air or fan grills.

Disassemble the unit and remove the elements that are not waterproof, this way you will have free access to the compressor and coil during cleaning. To achieve this, first remove the case, then the fan, and finally the electronic board. 

Continue to vacuum the tops and inside of the cabinet to remove any dust that has accumulated in tight spaces. After removing any dirt, wash the cabinet with a pressure washer. Remember to make a spray-type movement to avoid bending the fins of the condenser as they are made of aluminum and very soft. 

Finally put the unit back together when all the washed items are completely dry. He puts the pieces together. Apply lubricating oil to the motor bearing and install it. Close the unit, plug in the card and screw on the case. 

Reinstall the air conditioner 

After the preventive maintenance of the air conditioning, with both units armed, you must reinstall them:

  • Assemble the evaporator first, very carefully to avoid causing damage.
  • Make the electrical interconnections between units again.  
  • Make the network connections with the copper pipes and seal them with mummy tape to prevent leaks or other risky situations. 
  • Vacuums the system to remove particles or air accumulation that can damage the equipment. 
  • Opens the valves to allow the passage of refrigerant to the system.

check the system 

Once you’ve reinstalled the air conditioner, it’s time to check the entire system to make sure it works correctly to ensure maximum performance of the equipment. Checks the mechanical system, takes measurements, checks the electrical system and verifies its operation. 

Maintenance done! 

The importance of performing air conditioning maintenance is vital to provide comfort when air conditioning a space and take care of the quality of the air that your customers breathe. Execute the previous steps and promote the useful life of the equipment you install. Take care of the details and follow the safety protocols to carry out preventive maintenance. 

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