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An air conditioning unit is an investment that helps us live more comfortably with the right temperature at home. The cost of acquisition and installation is amortized in the form of quality of life. But if we want the equipment to last us for many years and we hope to get the most out of its benefits, it is essential to carry out good periodic maintenance.

Many people, once their air conditioning systems are installed, completely forget about it until it starts to cause problems or a breakdown occurs. Periodic reviews prevent most incidents, such as producing a bad smell, not cooling enough or consuming too much energy.

As with vehicles, if our air conditioning is not well maintained, its useful life will be reduced. And unlike what happens with a car, to keep your air conditioning in good condition you don’t have to spend a lot of money or be an expert. Some systems or more complex maintenance may require technical personnel but in most cases, such as wall-mounted air conditioninganyone with a bit of skill can do it without any problem.

That yes, when we need to carry out the maintenance of the air conditioning in akoya oxygen Dubai by a professional we must make sure that it is a technician certified by Industry that complies with current regulations, the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings 2013 (RITE), where they indicate the periodicities of the maintenance operations necessary for the air conditioning equipment and which are these:

Homes with thermal power less than 12kW: every 4 years

Other premises with thermal power less than 12kW: every 2 years

Homes with thermal power between 12kW and 70kW: every 2 years

Other premises with thermal power between 12kW and 70kW: every year

Premises of all kinds with thermal power greater than 70kW: every month

The usual thing is that homes and commercial premises have installations with a thermal power of less than 70kW. In these cases, the regulation says that for maintenance you must follow the instructions in the equipment manual.

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The air conditioning has a hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit and where the refrigerant is located . This constantly changes from liquid to gaseous state to maintain the room at the selected temperature. For these changes of state to occur without problem, the coolant must be able to reach temperatures between which there should not be much variation. To avoid excessive temperature fluctuations it is essential that the exchangers are clean.

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Filter cleaning

Indoor unit filter cleaning is extremely important for air conditioner maintenance akoya oxygen Dubai. The indoor unit filter is removable and washable, precisely to make it easy to keep the exchanger clean and improve air quality.

It is advisable to clean or replace the filter from time to time , depending on the state in which it is found. The periodicity for this operation depends largely on the frequency of use given to the equipment. Once a month it can be removed for a visual check of its condition.

Cleaning consists of washing it with water and a little soap , letting it dry completely and placing it again. With this simple operation we manage not to lose thermal power, not increase the consumption of the equipment and prevent the compressor from being damaged by excess dirt.


Indoor unit cleaning

In addition to the filters, we must also clean the space that remains when removing them. To do this, it is enough to spray plenty of water with a couple of drops of bleach, avoiding wetting the container of the electronic board. The water will drag the dirt, which will fall into the condensate tray, which must be cleaned at the end of the operation.

To finish the process we will put the equipment in ventilation mode.

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Outdoor unit cleaning | akoya oxygen Dubai

The outdoor unit does not usually have filters (except centrifugal units) but it must also be cleaned , since dirt from the outside accumulates in the exchange battery. The easiest and most effective is to use an air compressor passing it through all the plates of the exchanger. If we don’t have an air compressor, you can pass a brush through the cracks.

It is convenient to carry out this operation frequently, especially in places with more pollution, such as cities. And by the way, it costs nothing to take a look at the equipment supports and remove leaves or any object that could obstruct the passage of air.


Disinfect the air conditioner

Once the exchangers are clean, the ideal is to disinfect them with a specific product , since humidity and heat are the ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria to proliferate . These are the cause of the bad smell in many cases.

To disinfect the internal exchanger, bactericidal and fungicidal aerosol products can be used, which are very easy to use and innocuous . It can also be sprayed with a mixture of water and a jet of bleach, although it is not the most comfortable or safest way.

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Maintenance frequency

How often does this maintenance need to be performed? It is recommended to carry out this “thorough” cleaning and disinfection at least once a year. The ideal is to do it every time we go from using the equipment from cold mode to heat mode and vice versa. This is the best way to ensure that the air conditioner works correctly throughout the year.

These are general recommendations for maintaining your home air conditioner, which is typically used for a few hours a day. In case of intensive use, such as in an office or in a commercial premises, the correct thing to do is to do maintenance about four times a year.

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Other checks

For the most complex checks, we must go to a professional air conditioning maintenance service.

Air conditioning equipment does not lose refrigerant unless there is a leak in the circuit. There is no use charging the gas if the leak is not repaired. To check the refrigerant charge, a pressure gauge and a pressure switch must be used. Even so, the most frequent symptom is the formation of ice on the outdoor unit when it works in heating mode.

Other points whose operation must be verified to have a completely reliable installation are the drains and the electrical connections.

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