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Did you Need The Best AC Service And Cleaning In Al Badaa Dubai

Then, you are right place our company ” AC MAINTENANCE DUBAI ” provides you the our best maintenance services of Air Conditioner.

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AC Service And Cleaning In Al Badaa Dubai | 0568770106

AC Dubai Maintenance performs air conditioning cleaning in order to benefit those who wish to have an air-conditioned environment without any harm to their health, contribute to the preservation of the environment and reduce electricity costs.

Cleaning air conditioners is one of the essential procedures to ensure that there is no proliferation of fungi, bacteria, mites, dirt and dust.

In addition to all the benefits of having a property with a pleasant temperature, it is through the procedures, which strictly follow what is determined by the laws and regulations in force, that quality air becomes possible , which does not spread respiratory diseases, irritations or allergies.

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Did you know that the attitude of service and cleaning the air conditioning device directly contributes to reducing electricity costs?

According to documents released by Procel, the main seal that regulates the commercialization of air conditioning equipment, the accumulation of dirt in filters of air conditioning equipment is directly related to the increase in the property’s electricity consumption.

This happens because, the more dirt there is in the filter, the more force the device will have to produce to release the air that will acclimatize the environment. This effort results in more electrical energy spent during the entire period. For this reason, performing an efficient service and cleaning is so important.


TECHNOLOGY: Equipment, Products and Methods exclusive to GRUPO CLIMA – AIR QUALITY.

PRACTICALITY: We sanitize the entire device on the spot without dirtying the environment, lasting 1 hour.

SAVINGS: Up to 20% cheaper than other cleaning methods.

ENVIRONMENT: We use biodegradable and non-toxic products registered by ANVISA


  • Remove the front part of the air conditioner;
  • Wash the coil, tray, turbine, filters and the cabinet with running water;
  • Apply biodegradable bactericide (registered with Anvisa);
  • Reassemble the front part of the air conditioner;
  • Apply a special wax to revitalize the device and remove the yellowing.


The PMOC is a plan designed for establishments that use air-conditioning equipment on their premises. Legally, after its elaboration, there is a period of up to 180 days to be implemented.

In it, there is information that identifies the place, description of activities, among other aspects that respect what determines the legislation related to Occupational Safety and Medicine. It is a crucial document for anyone who wants to have safe and efficient air conditioners in their properties.

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