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Do I need a specialized company?

Can air conditioning service and cleaning be done by the owner of the equipment or is a specialized company necessary? This is one of the most common doubts that we find about this researched topic, and in today’s text we will answer this question to end this question once and for all!

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Demystifying air conditioning service and cleaning once and for all!

It’s not news to anyone that the air conditioning must be clean, right? Over time, the equipment starts to accumulate dirt from the environment, which is harmful to both the machine and the people who frequent that place.

For this reason, regular service and cleaning of the filter is more than recommended, which can be carried out by the purchaser of the equipment (we recommend that you continue reading at: How is air conditioning cleaning performed?)  The procedure is simple, there are no contraindications .

However, although the owner of the air conditioner can carry out the cleaning of the filter, it is recommended that, at least once a year, a specialized company is called for a routine maintenance to be carried out.

This routine maintenance consists of observing the entire operation of the air conditioner. All appliance components are observed and inspected so that the proper functioning of the appliance is guaranteed.

Obviously, this inspection can only be carried out by a qualified professional, since technical knowledge is required to be able to carry out an evaluation of the functioning of all the components of your air conditioner.

On this note, the specialist company will look for any problems that can be corrected. Even a new cleaning of the entire system can be carried out , however, this is a more “deep” cleaning of the equipment and that must be carried out to eradicate the proliferation of fungi and mold inside your air conditioner.

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Specialized maintenance and warranty for your equipment

Some air conditioning manufacturers make it very clear that the product will only be under warranty if maintenance is carried out. This is undoubtedly one more reason for you to look for a specialized company to take care of your device.

If you have any doubts about your air conditioner’s warranty, we recommend that you read the manual, it will usually specify whether or not your equipment needs this routine maintenance to remain under warranty. If the manual is unclear, contact the seller or contact the manufacturer to be completely sure.

Remember that your health and the durability of your device depend exclusively on your care. Therefore, a lot of attention when buying and when keeping your dear “savior” from the hottest days.

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How is air conditioning serviced and cleaned?

Air conditioning is a great ally on those hot summer days. But is he care free? The answer to that question is, of course, no. Although we love a cool and pleasant environment, we must also pay attention to the basic maintenance of this important equipment. And in today’s article, we’re going to talk about how you can perform one of the most effective maintenance procedures yourself: air conditioning cleaning.

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Why start with service and cleaning?

Service and cleaning is a simple and uncomplicated procedure, and it must be carried out periodically. On average, it is recommended that this cleaning be done monthly, so that the device always remains clean and trouble-free.

However, it must be said that the importance of hygiene does not remain only in basic air conditioning maintenance, since this procedure ensures that your environment always remains clean and free of agents that can be harmful to your health.

It must be remembered that the air conditioner uses the ambient air itself to lower the temperature, and in any environment there will always be: dirt, dust, mites, cigarette smoke (in some cases) and other substances that negatively impact everyone’s health. who frequent that space.

Service and cleaning the air conditioning filter—where simple cleaning is performed—causes these agents to be eliminated from the place, keeping the air clean and healthy, which is essential, especially for those people who have respiratory problems.

Now talking briefly about the benefits that the “machine” has with this procedure, we can mention: the optimization of the cooling capacity (devices with the filter that are too dirty “freeze” less), increase in the useful life of the equipment, reduction of maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption (air conditioning with a dirty filter can increase the consumption of electrical energy for its operation).

Now that you know the benefits, let’s get to the basics!

The “step by step” for air conditioning service and cleaning in Mina Jebel Ali Dubai

AC Service And Cleaning In Mina Jebel Ali Dubai - service and cleaning indoor unit

The first step in cleaning is to read the manual. The reason for this brief reading is to let you know where the filter on your device is located. The manual will also present the entire procedure to remove this important part.

The second step consists of cleaning the entire filter. Some people like to just tap the filter in an open area to remove the dirt. Although common, this practice is not recommended, mainly because it is not enough to leave the filter service and clean.

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VRF – Variable Refrigerant Gas Flow.

The variable refrigerant volume is a central air conditioning system, of the Multi Split type, which works with a single condenser, through a single refrigeration cycle, with a direct expansion system where the flow of refrigerant gas is variable.

VM3 Services has experience in Installation, Maintenance and Cleaning of economical air conditioning system for large environments. A great advantage of this system is the control of each environment that can work independently according to the user’s schedules and wishes. The VRF system was specially developed for large homes or places such as medium and large businesses, the VRF air conditioning system offers the user maximum thermal comfort with reduced electrical consumption.
The best way to clean it is to wash the filter under running water. Ideally, all dirt is removed and the piece is left to dry in an airy environment. Under no circumstances should the garment be replaced while it is damp or wet.


As a third and final step, just install your air conditioner filter back and use it normally.

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