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Air conditioners create a pleasant atmosphere indoors and make us independent of the weather outside. They take care of cool comfort in summer and cozy warmth in winter, but they themselves need care. Regular cleaning of air conditioners is necessary to work safely and efficiently. Accumulation of dust in the air conditioner impairs its performance, leads to overheating and possible problems. Another side but not insignificant problem is the development of mold. When the air conditioners are not cleaned in time, the accumulated dust absorbs moisture and thus creates an environment for the formation of mold, and from there follows all the damage from it.

Service and cleaning air conditioners requires time, patience and experience, so it is best done by a specialist. In our company  Plumberindubai“, we  perform professional cleaning of air conditioners for the territory of Dubai.

If until now you did not know why your air conditioner does not work well, it becomes noisier, begins to emit an unpleasant odor and mold appears in the room, we have already shared with you the reason. We hope you will take steps to resolve these issues, and we are available to assist you.

Of course, it is not necessary to address the above issues in order to undertake cleaning. Preventive measures are always preferable and guarantee long-term and trouble-free use of the technique.

When is the right time to perform the procedure of ac service and cleaning in al barsha Dubai?

It is best to clean air conditioners in the middle seasons, in spring and autumn. Thus, they will be ready for their busy work schedule in summer and winter. Of course, if the air conditioner has not been cleaned so far, after long use, it can be cleaned at any time of year. Every air conditioner that is subjected to intensive and continuous work needs regular maintenance.

Dubai is a big city, with a large number of air conditioners and in order for  our specialists  to be able to take care of their cleaning, it must be done regularly. In order for the prevention to be carried out at a time convenient for you, contact us so that we can perform the service in a timely manner.

The air conditioner should be serviced at least once a year, and if it works harder, two or more times a year, in some cases monthly.

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What else do you need to know about air conditioners?

When the air conditioner is used for home use, especially in rooms where there are children, it is important that the air circulation is clean, free of dust and mold, without unnecessary noise and odors. These problems could harm the health of children and elderly family members. Children are very vulnerable to allergens, so we must protect them from them.

In offices, in large enterprises, where many people work in one place, good air circulation is extremely important so that microbes and viruses do not spread. Accumulated dust in air conditioners captures and retains microbes and moisture and spreads them in the room. Therefore, the intensive work of air conditioners, to ensure a normal operating temperature, requires prevention for health and good working conditions, and hence the efficiency of the company.

Air conditioners are also used in rooms such as archives, servers, laboratories and other technical rooms that need proper air exchange. In such rooms, the operation of the air conditioner is continuous, which leads to more pollution and the need for more frequent cleaning.

Regular cleaning of air conditioners will save you time and nerves from damage at the wrong time. It will also save you money on possible repairs, damage from work stoppages, costs for treatment of overheating, colds, viral infections and allergies, and last but not least the cost of electricity. A clogged air conditioner increases power consumption.

Technical information for ac service and cleaning in al barsha Dubai

It is necessary to know the type of air conditioner, its mode of operation in order to determine the detergents and tools that will be used. Electrical connections and components must be kept, especially those near the evaporator.

Probably some people would dare to open the lid of the air conditioner and try to clean it, others would not think of it or would not take such a step.

For the maintenance of air conditioners in companies, it is certainly better to seek the assistance of professional servicing and cleaning.

Unpleasant deposits accumulate in the filters. When ac servicing and cleaning in al barsha Dubai, they can be removed with the help of special detergents that reach even the most inaccessible places.

Annoying noise occurs when the turbine of the indoor unit is heavily contaminated. This loads the electric motor and leads to the appearance of unpleasant noise, but also to an increase in power consumption and hence the cost of electricity. Noise may also be due to improperly installed cover. This will cause vibrations and unpleasant sounds.

At Plumber In Dubai we will take care of solving and preventing the described problems with professional cleaning of air conditioners in Dubai

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