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The high temperatures of summer make air conditioning an indispensable item to alleviate the discomforts of the heat. But the same device that guarantees well-being can also be the cause of health problems. In order to prevent the transmission of diseases, a law was passed that obliges all buildings, public or private, to maintain and clean their refrigeration systems.
The law can collaborate to reduce the incidence of some respiratory diseases. If the air conditioning is not service and clean, it can accumulate bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause various health problems and worsen symptoms of those who have respiratory allergies.
Know the importance of cleaning your air conditioning every six months
Dirt shortens life!
Keeping the air conditioning service and cleaning in Dubai Hills, in addition to preventing the transmission of diseases, can also be good for your pocket. A clean appliance consumes less energy, as explained by Luiz Henrique, owner of the company AC Dubai Maintenance do Frito, which specializes in installing and maintaining refrigeration systems.
Dirt shortens the life of the equipment, impairs the performance of the machine, which is no longer able to provide the desired comfort. If maintenance is not done periodically, the energy consumption of the device ends up being much higher – he says.
According to the specialist, companies should carry out monthly cleanings, as they had their refrigeration systems on for long periods. For home air conditioning, service and cleaning must occur every three months.
According to research, clean filters reduce an average of 10% of air conditioning energy consumption.
The main function of the maintenance and cleaning of the filters is to eliminate organic materials that are present in the pipes and filters, in addition to maintaining the useful life of the equipment and the proper functioning, thus avoiding temperature variations in the environment.
Benefits of cleaning your air conditioner:
> Reduction of the equipment’s energy consumption;
> Increase in the useful life of the air conditioning;
> Improved device efficiency;
> Reduction of noise emitted by the device;
> Greater thermal comfort;
> Reduction of failures;
> Healthier, purer and better air;
> Health promotion;

How to clean your air conditioner
> The main care with regard to service and cleaning the air conditioning should be carried out as follows:
> Cleaning of the air filters: it must be carried out monthly or, if the item is disposable, the replacement must be carried out every three months;
> Cleaning of the condensate tray: must be carried out monthly;
> Humidifier cleaning: every three months;
> Fan cleaning: performed every six months;
> Cleaning of heating and cooling coils.
The importance of keeping the air conditioning service and clean in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic
Air conditioning in large, medium and small companies is considered a necessary asset for the comfort and safety of employees, products, equipment and other people who transit there. 
The proliferation of fungi in air-conditioned environments is very common where there is no periodic maintenance of equipment and this can trigger various diseases. 
The DHA Resolution has extremely strict standards in air-conditioned environments and in this article you will find ways to fight diseases that can be transmitted by not following a maintenance plan. 
In the face of a pandemic scenario, AC DUBAI MAINTEANANCE highlights that some preventive measures can contribute to the functioning of a safe environment, control of infection through the virus, and, above all, the guarantee of adequate air quality in favor of people’s health.

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Features that may indicate when to service and clean:

AC Service And Cleaning In Dubai Hills - Feature to service and cleaning the ac

Therefore, the best way to continue enjoying the benefits of air conditioning and ensure the well-being of everyone, avoiding health problems, is through sanitizing and sanitizing the device, as provided for in the device manual, which suggests maintenance for increase equipment life.

Benefits of ac service and cleaning in Dubai Hills:

AC Service And Cleaning In Dubai Hills - Benefits of AC Cleaning

The cleaning and sanitization of the air conditioner must be carried out regularly, preferably carried out by trained professionals, so as not to damage the parts of the device. Service and cleaning has to be done on the coil, turbine and condensate tray. Thus ensuring the return of air quality and durability of the device. Regular cleaning offers great cost-effectiveness, as it prevents parts from spoiling or needing to be replaced, as well as making the device work normally again, saving energy, among others.

AC Dubai Maintenance offers cleaning and sanitization services for air conditioners for homes and businesses. We have specialized professionals to perform this task correctly, as well as dedicated products for cleaning these appliances. Contact us and learn more about cleaning and sanitization services.

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