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AC Service And Cleaning In Al Qusais Dubai | 0568770106

For several years, more and more homes, businesses and industries in Dubai have been equipped with air conditioning systems. Air conditioning cleaning and disinfection, regular and proper maintenance of air conditioners, is essential to ensure quality control and customer health.

The Service, cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioner requires the respect of specific procedures and the proper use of suitable equipment. When the service and cleaning of the air conditioning is not carried out or is carried out poorly, the air conditioning can then become harmful to health and involve various pathologies: Legionellosis, the appearance of fungi and mold, the development of allergies, sick building syndrome…

In addition, regular service and cleaning of air conditioners saves energy, limits the failure of its components over time and, therefore, prolongs the useful life of the equipment.

A split air conditioner is made up of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units called split. Their maintenance is a step that should not be neglected so that they work optimally over time and reach maximum efficiency.

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Service, cleaning and disinfecting the air conditioner: before you start

A split air conditioner works with electricity, so for any maintenance on an electrical appliance, it is strongly recommended to disconnect them from the mains or cut off the general power at the circuit breaker.

Outdoor unit maintenance

Depending on where you live and the climate you are exposed to, it is absolutely necessary to clean the outdoor unit of the air conditioning system.

A deep cleaning every six or three months, or more often if you consider it necessary.

If you do not maintain it or do it very little, you run the risk of breakdowns and you will have to resort to a company specialized in cleaning and disinfecting air conditioners and their professional products to leave it clean. You may be charged for travel as you are responsible for routine maintenance on your split air conditioner.

The first step is to remove everything from the area, such as branches, small stones, dust, sand, etc. This can be done by hand or with a brush if you don’t want to get dirty. For the most difficult to remove dirt, such as bird droppings, for example, spray slightly soapy water, let it act for a few moments to loosen, then rub with a sponge, rinse and clean with a cloth.

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Service, cleaning and disinfection of the air conditioner: maintenance of the indoor unit

The maintenance of the indoor unit(s) is also very important, especially because of the air filter that prevents certain harmful particles from entering the house. These particles can be the cause of very annoying health problems in children and frail people, especially for the respiratory system.

Every month, open the split, look at the air filter and change it if it is covered in particles and dust. Some models of split air conditioners are equipped with a washable air filter, which saves money.

Twice a year, we recommend that you use a service provider specialized in cleaning and disinfecting air conditioners. This will help you save energy and make your environment healthier.

L’ maintenance of the air conditioning with adapted, ecological and efficient procedures will therefore be essential to guarantee customers the quality, health and control of energy.

Service and cleaning air conditioning systems is therefore a delicate operation, AC DUBAI MAINTENANCE recommends steam cleaning air conditioners to treat specific surfaces: fins, condensers, coolers, pipes, exhaust ducts. Steam under pressure and at a very high temperature allows cleaning, dusting and decontamination of all surfaces and air conditioning components without damaging them, saving water and treating the most inaccessible places. The pressure will allow a mechanical action, removing and loosening the dirt without scratching the surfaces to be cleaned or twisting the fins, which are often very fragile.

Cleaning and energy efficiency tests have validated the effectiveness of AC Dubai Maintenance steam systems for cleaning air conditioning systems.

AC DUBAI MAINTENANCE works with and for HVAC professionals. Based on your feedback and experience, we have developed an effective concept tailored to your problems.

An experienced partner and certified trainer in the maintenance of steam air conditioning systems trusts us and accompanies us in the search for effective solutions to clean and disinfect air conditioning units, guaranteeing the safety and comfort of professionals and users.

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Flow OF Work:

  • Air conditioning cleaning and disinfection
  • Cleaning fins, condensers, coolers
  • Degreasing and deep cleaning of surfaces
  • Evaporator disinfection
  • Cleaning of the condensate trays
  • pipe cleaning
  • Air filter cleaning
  • Exhaust Duct Cleaning
  • Cleaning the ventilation ducts

Dry steam is very useful for cleaning and disinfecting air conditioners without getting wet.

AC DUBAI MAINTENANCE offers you, in addition to its solutions for cleaning and disinfecting air conditioning systems, follow a dry steam training with a certified professional. For more information, dates and place of the training, visit our page dedicated to Training** “Steam Method”.
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* Parts and labor are guaranteed for 1month. The after-sales service is located in the Dubai region. The boiler is guaranteed for 3 month.

Call Us Via WhatsApp/Phone For AC Service And Cleaning Service In Al Qusais Dubai | 0568770106

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