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When is it time to clean the air conditioner?

It’s time to clean the air conditioner if the appliance is switched on:

  • nose catches foreigners unpleasant odor;
  • strange sounds are heard;
  • power points;
  • energy costs increase.

Before carrying out any work, the air conditioner must be disconnected from the mains.

How to service and cleaning the external air conditioner block?

If the outer block accumulates in a large amount of dust, natural fluff or compost fluff, then not only does the power of the air conditioner decrease, and power consumption increases, but the device begins to dominate strongly. Consequently, the body must be cleansed.

AC Service And Cleaning In Nadd Al Hammar Dubai -- outdoor unit cleaning

There are several ways to clean the outside of the air conditioner:

  • One of the most common cleaning methods is a regular brush that gently wipes off debris. Of course, this method is inconvenient, but it is easier and more convenient.
  • Some clean the shelter using the car. They quickly disperse pollution and really prove themselves.
  • The most powerful way is high pressure cleaning Specialists use:

How often should I wash it? It depends on what height it is fixed. Owners living on the lower floors (1-4) should wash before each appliance launch in season. But the tenants of the upper floors (7-8), where there is little dust and pollution in the air, can be cleaned 1 time in 2-3 years. Over 10 floors of pollutants are almost no observation, so it is possible to remember 1 time in 3-4 years in washing the outer body of the air conditioner.

Service And Cleaning the indoor unit of the air conditioner

The inner block is washed regularly and more often than the outer. Some joints should be cleaned once every 2 weeks, others – less, depending on how quickly they are contaminated and what task they carry.


AC Service And Cleaning In Nadd Al Hammar Dubai - indoor unit cleaning

The main task of indoor filters is to filter the air, dust delay and various pollutants. It’s the ones that make the air purifier, so they need regular cleaning. Air conditioners are recommended for cleaning them once every 2 weeks. Despite a simple operation, many forget about it, and as a result – foreign odors in the room or breaking the split system.

Cleaning algorithm:

  1. Remove the inner block cover .
  2. Gently take the filter.
  3. Put in a tank of soapy water for 3 minutes.
  4. After rinsing under the jet with warm water.
  5. Naturally dried. It is impossible for hot air to affect them.
  6. Install on site.

Filter – fragile details. Therefore, it is forbidden to wash it with hot water , corrosive agents, solvents and bleaches. They can cause deformations and damage to the part.

There are two types of filters – mesh and pocket. If the first view can be washed and dried repeatedly, then the pockets have a life. If over time, the air conditioner will start even after the cleaning procedure, then it is time to replace a tape filter.

Rotary turbine

With a regular filter wash, it is cleaned once a year in the fall or as dirty. How to act:

  1. Open the inner block cover and remove the filter.
  2. The soap solution is applied to all blades, using a brush with a long razor blade.
  3. Leave for 5 minutes. A cellophane is placed under the diffuser grille and includes a turbine. All dirt and debris from the rotor blows to the floor.
  4. Clean once more details from dirty debris.
  5. Turn the filter over and close the lid.

Strong evaporator

It is a system of tubes in which Freon evaporates.

If you have a rust with metal parts when cleaning, contact the service center immediately.

Cleaning is performed in the following sequence:

  1. Open the split system cover.
  2. Remove the front mains, which shuts off the heat exchanger.
  3. Get a soft brush with a long handle and vacuum cleaner.
  4. Using the brush, dust and dust carefully believes, and assemble a vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle.


Stagnation in the drainage system provokes the development of mold. And blockage pipes with pollution and grease deposits lead to a split of the split system. Therefore, periodically wash with drainage pallet from dirt and excess moisture. After all, mold easily and quickly spreads through radiator walls and tiles and can become a source of shaft odor.

The drainage system is clean depending on the degree of contamination in different ways:

  • With a little dirt Wash only clean water Or add soap, dishwashing agent. Through the heat exchanger, the liquid itself enters the drain.
  • If there is a blockage or inside the pipe, dirt is pushed, Drainage is disconnected for explosion. The pipeline is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, removing the blockage and removing it from the accumulated dirt.
  • With a large degree of contamination apply more time, but many effective methods – dispersing the block. For this, the air conditioner will have to be completely disassembled in parts. The pipeline is pulled, blurred and washed along its entire length, clearing all bends and loops.

When the separation system is completely washed and put in order, an antibacterial cleaning becomes the final stage. It removes external weapons, eliminates germs, fungus and mold. For this, the air conditioning includes maximum power The way is cooling, and the spray to clean the air conditioners is covered.

In which cases it is necessary to service and cleaning the indoor and outdoor air conditioner unit

Service and Clean the technique immediately in the following cases:

  1. Air conditioning began to consume more electricity.
  2. The climate system started to work worse or its power was reduced.
  3. When the air conditioner is switched on, characteristic noise or noisy noise is coming. In this case, you should check the block turbines or filters for clogging.
  4. During operation of the equipment from its outer block, condensation leakage appeared.
  5. An unpleasant and pungent odor that appears immediately after returning to the air conditioner. This is a warning that there are problems with a drainage system or an evaporator network.
  6. The appearance of bloody or clapping sounds, which suggest that drainage has become worse than the work or cooling system loses the refrigerator.
  7. The outer block emits a characteristic tapping, which means it has come to cleanse its body from clogging. Fan blades no longer move or get caught in another object.

With careful attitude towards the air conditioner, it will work all its working time Without repair, which is about 11 years of perfect work.

With careful attitude towards the air conditioner, it will process all operational periods without repair, which is about 11 years of perfect work.

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