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Air conditioners are an essential attribute of many people modern apartments. Like any device, they need service, maintenance and sometimes repair. If you want your air conditioner or split system to last for a long time and perform its high quality functions, they need to be cleaned and refueled regularly. To do this, you can invite professionals, however, there is nothing difficult to do these jobs with your own hands. It is enough to understand the service technology of the device.

AC Service And Cleaning In Downtown Dubai Technique

To clean and cool the air, air conditioners have a powerful filtration system. If locked, the functionality and performance of the device are reduced and power consumption is increased. As a result, it will lead to rapid consumption of the air conditioner and its failure. The indoor and outdoor unit of the appliance must be serviced and cleaned ( In Downtown Dubai).

Causes of air conditioner pollution

Pollution of the outdoor and indoor units of the air conditioner provokes large masses of unclean air that the device passes through its filters every day. They are the ones who become the reason that during the operation of the device begins to appear bad ERE and noise. The units of the appliance are in regular contact with the condensers, which means that the air conditioners must be cleaned regularly.


Changes that occur in the operation of the device tend to accumulate gradually, reaching a critical level, when the device simply ceases to cope with its functions and breaks down.

There are several factors that affect the degree of consumption and pollution of the air conditioner. This is the level of air pollution, its humidity, as well as the height at which the outdoor unit of the device is located. So air conditioners that operate at a height of 12-15 floors absorb much less dust than below, because at such a height the concentration of air pollutants is much lower.

The self-cleaning of the air conditioner should be done immediately if you start to notice the following features of its operation:

  • Unpleasant odor immediately after turning on the air conditioner;
  • Indoor air conditioner unit flow during operation;
  • Appearance of noise during ignition and use of the device.

It is necessary to carry out ac service and cleaning in downtown Dubai work at least twice a year: before the start of the spring-summer season and before winter.

Air conditioner filter cleaning technology

The filter system in air conditioners and separation systems is the most vulnerable piece of equipment. The filter is similar to a fine mesh, which is located under the front panel of the air conditioner. Through it, air enters the device. The net captures the smallest particles of dust and protects the air coming out of the room and various parts of the air conditioner, such as the radiator, from pollution.

AC Service And Cleaning In Downtown Dubai - ac filter cleaning technology

Rinse the device filters as often as possible. It is recommended to do this every 14-20 days. If your air conditioner works in an industrial area, then it is worth cleaning it even more often.

Before service and cleaning the air conditioner in downtown Dubai, you need to remember that this should be done delicately. Never rub the filters harshly and do not use household detergents. First, if the air conditioner fails due to improper service and cleaning in downtown Dubai, it will not be repaired with warranty. Second, household chemicals will contaminate the air emitted by cars in the room.


To clean the filters, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the top cover of the air conditioner. From there we get the upper filters.
  2. Soak the filters for 5-10 minutes in warm soapy water . During this time, dust and grease should be removed from the net.
  3. We clean the rotary fan, which looks like a roller. It distills the cooled air flows from the device into the room. After a while, dust and grease accumulate on the edges. We apply a soap solution to wash the edges.
  4. Cover the floor with adhesive film and turn on the air conditioner 5-10 minutes after applying the soap to the edges. The device starts to be cleaned of dirt.
  5. This way, the air conditioner should work for a few minutes. Then we finish cleaning the edges with a brush until there is no dirt left on them.
  6. We clean the ventilation holes located on the top cover of the appliance.

Rules for service and cleaning the air conditioner heat exchanger

Instructions for service and cleaning the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

AC Service And Cleaning In Downtown Dubai - service and cleaning out door unit

The outdoor unit of the air conditioner, as a rule, is no less dirty than the indoor one. Therefore, it also needs regular maintenance. Service and Cleaning work should be performed several times a year, even if the appliance is used intensively.

A vacuum cleaner is also used for cleaning. Please note that it must be quite powerful. Only in this way will he be able to extract all the dust from the heat exchange radiators and external filters.


If an outdoor air conditioner unit is located above the ground, simply unscrew the grille that protects the inside of the appliance. Next, we process the interior elements with a vacuum cleaner and wipe them with a soft cloth. If this can not be done, then it is better to hire specialists who remove the device using a tower and clean it completely.

How to understand that the air conditioner needs to be serviced and cleaned

As a rule, cleaning the air conditioner should be carried out preventively, several times a year. This is usually done during the change of seasons, before preparing for winter or summer. However, some signs may indicate that your device urgently needs a technical inspection.

  1. If the air conditioner is badly done, perform its functions. For example, if you set the cooling temperature to +20 degrees, and in fact the air conditioner does not invite the room to the desired level. That is, it simply does not “pull”. This is because pollution blocks the flow of air currents and do not allow the appliance to run at full capacity.
  2. The air conditioner should be cleaned if you notice it has become too noisy. Dirty shutters block the normal flow of air and the device tries to increase its working power. A vacuum cleaner can be compared. If you partially close the tube through which the vacuum cleaner draws in air, it will start buzzing hard. If the air conditioner has become much noisier, then it should be cleaned immediately. Continued use can result in damage.
  3. Sometimes when you turn on the air conditioner, an unpleasant odor appears. This suggests that drainage systems are clogged with fungus and mold. This can be very dangerous. Fungal spores are very harmful to health, especially if there are asthmatics, allergies, children or the elderly at home. Sometimes when you turn on the appliance, you feel the smell of burning. This is a clear sign that dust and pollutants have entered the engine. If nothing is burned, you should definitely do a thorough cleaning of the air conditioner.
  4. According to the Technical Specifications, condensate can only flow from the outdoor unit. If condensate leaks from the indoor unit, then this is a direct route for inspection and cleaning.
  5. If the air conditioner is blocked, it increases the power to withstand the set temperature. As a result, energy consumption increases. If you suddenly notice that your electricity bills started to go up for no apparent reason it’s worth checking out everything Equipment and air conditioning in the first place.

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