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If we decide to buy the air conditioner, we can sit back comfortably for the rest of the year. We no longer have to suffer from the heat of summer, just as the frosty nights of the transition period will not hurt us. However, after purchasing the air conditioner, many people forget to clean it .


Why is regular ac service and cleaning in Jumeirah Island Dubai important?

The warm and humid environment makes a perfect hotbed for bacteria and fungi that enter the human body and cause respiratory diseases such as pneumonia. Despite manufacturers trying innovative solutions, the bacteria are still stronger and the only solution is to service and clean the air conditioner in jumeirah park Dubai twice a year .

If we do not pay attention to the condition of the device, we are playing not only with our own health, but also with the operation of the climate and our wallet.

When the Air Conditioner is not cleaned regularly, various problems will occur that will not be covered by the warranty . We will complain about the outdoor unit as well as the indoor unit, as there is a large amount of air flowing between them, but a lot of dirt is blocking its way.

When the air is obstructed, the device loses its efficiency . We will find that it cools down the apartment more and more later and reaches the set temperature less and less often. And if that weren’t enough, the climate bill will be more visible on the electricity bill as well , as the system will do extra work for the same result.

If we want excellent operation, we also need to keep the indoor and outdoor unit clean. Let’s see how!

AC service and cleaning in Jumeirah Island Dubai steps for indoor unit

Service and Cleaning of the indoor unit should always be started at the heat exchangers. To do this, you must first remove the dust filters, followed by dedusting and washing. The next step is to wash the other filter inserts as well , but we are not done here.

A steam cleaner is needed to disinfect the entire system and the heat exchanger. If we want to be sure, we pay a lot of attention to disinfection, and some people use silver colloidal chemicals, for example.

If you find that the appliance is very dirty when cleaning the air conditioner, it must be disassembled and all parts cleaned.

The last step is a chemical treatment that will help prevent the formation of bacteria, mold and fungi and make the climate usable and safe until at least the next season.

If the climate is in good condition, you can speed up the process.

1. Remove the plastic cover.

2. Spray with fungicide and bacteria killer.

3. Clean and wash the plastic covers, filters and heat exchanger.

4. Replace the device.

Thorough air conditioning cleaning at home is not possible, so it is worth asking for professional help.

AC service and cleaning steps for outdoor unit

AC Dubai Maintenance Offered the Best AC Service And Cleaning In Jumeirah Island Dubai For Outdoor Unit. Although the outdoor unit is outdoors, it is just as important to clean it. In fact!

While the air in the apartment is pretty much always clean, there is a lot of dirt outside. Dust in the air, pollen, and materials from car exhaust will all attack the outdoor unit, destroying the equipment sooner or later .

If you want the life of your outdoor unit to increase, you need a lot of care and careful maintenance.

Compressed air cleaning is required for the outdoor unit , as it easily removes all dirt. Not only small grains of dust but also dead insects, leaves and other larger things are removed from the system.

After cleaning the air conditioner, also check the connectors for damage. Mouse traces can be encountered in many households, but they can still be noticed in time. Finally, the heat exchanger must also be cleaned, which is usually done with a high-pressure cleaner. It also removes residual, invisible dirt and ensures further trouble-free operation.

It is often heard that climate disinfection at home is not so recommended. People react to this in different ways, unfortunately many just wave it.

Interestingly, everyone knows that the equipment absorbs a lot of bacteria and dust, which we try to prevent with quality filters. However, the filters are full.

Accumulated dirt should be removed, the entire system should be disinfected, and time should be allowed for the outdoor unit.

Steps to Service and Cleaning your home air conditioner in Jumeirah Island Dubai

If you do choose household ac service and cleaning in Jumeirah Island Dubai, be very careful. Try to schedule the filter to get into your hands several times, either every month or every three months.

In this case, a vacuum cleaner is a great help, as we can remove a lot of dirt. During service, cleaning, check for tears, damage, or defects.

After removing the filter, the inside of the appliance is cleaned. We can try this with a good quality vacuum cleaner, but be very careful not to damage it! It is also a good idea to use a steam cleaner, but always wait for the machine to dry completely. That would be pre-cleaning, followed by disinfection.

Today, you can choose from several in-store sprays that make sure the bacteria don’t stay alive. Grasp the spray, spray the appliance and wait. Always check the product’s instruction manual, as it describes exactly how many minutes to wait.

Once we’re done with that, we’re done with the house cleaning and disinfection. Once everything is dry, we can replace the air filters and close the air conditioner as well.

Why is it not enough for us to disinfect the air conditioner at home?

Professional air conditioning service and cleaning in Jumeirah Island Dubai requires different tools:

  • industrial chemicals,
  • cleaning products,
  • disinfectants,
  • high pressure equipment.

However, these are not available in supermarkets , so you will need to turn to outside help. What happens if we are not thoughtful enough? Let’s see!


If we have air conditioning at home, we have certainly found it emits a stale odor after turning it on. The phenomenon usually lasts only a few minutes, but it should not be forgotten. We will encounter an unpleasant odor when there has been a prolonged power outage or we have not called in a specialist for a long time.

Unfortunately, many people get enough to take out the filter, dust it off a bit, maybe even slap it on the patio and then put it back on. However, air conditioning cleaning is not just about the filter!

The climate does not blow fresh air into the room, as we switch it on just when we are not happy with the outside temperature. The device actually cools and recirculates the air in the room. It’s no coincidence that it absorbs a lot of dirt, which our nose used to feel quickly when we turn it on.

The bad smell means the device is just releasing pathogens into the air and we are simply inhaling them.

Respiratory diseases such as allergies, asthma or legionella will occur.


Disinfecting the air conditioner at home will not be done with these bacteria. Take legionella, for example. This bacterium appeared in the 1970s, where hundreds of legions became infected and 34 died. Scientists then first detected this bacterium, which was named Legionella, and found it released from the central air conditioner.

This bacterium will go unnoticed at some point, but in some cases it can be fatal. At first, it produces flu-like symptoms, we get a little fever, and we don’t even suspect an infection. People don’t even go to the doctor with him because they think they’re cold because of the air in the air conditioner.

If we are not so lucky, it can cause atypical pneumonia, which can be fatal. In such cases, early detection is very important for healing, which is further complicated by the fact that we suspect a simple cold at first.

It is a fact that simple cleaning processes can be done by anyone. All you have to do is type in the internet and you can choose from at least 100 videos where the laymen will explain you step by step. Yes, laymen!

It is no coincidence that many service providers only accept warranty problems if the maintenance is performed by a professional, which remains documented during each cleaning.

AC service and cleaning in Jumeirah Island Dubai with the help of a specialist

Disinfecting the air conditioner at home means a little dusting off the filters, but much more is needed.

It is important to note that the word service or maintenance means more than cleaning. In this case, the gas charge must also be checked and any repairs must be carried out.

It should also be mentioned here that the price of gases used in air conditioning varies and is not necessarily cheap. Environmental regulations are also changing, so it is in our best interest for the mechanic to spot the fault and correct it as soon as possible.

If we did, how do we serve ac service and cleaning in Jumeriah Island Dubai?

If, despite the above, you still want to service or clean your air conditioner at home yourself, do so only with the best tools. Here, too, it is true that the cheapest cleaning products may not be the most suitable.

We would note in parentheses that if we don’t smell weird while the climate is working, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be harmful to our health.

When should the air conditioner be service and cleaned?

There is no set time for air conditioning service and cleaning. When you should service and clean your air conditioner in jumeirah island Dubai depends on several factors. Eg: How much do we use when it was last cleaned.

In most households, cleaning and disinfection is sufficient once a year. It is worth installing before or after the climate season. Mainly because when the season starts, it is difficult to find a good professional who can come to us.

So if you don’t want to wait long for the air conditioner, plan ahead to clean and maintain the air conditioner.

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