AC Service And Cleaning In Jumeirah Dubai

Did you Need The Best AC Service And Cleaning In Jumeirah Dubai

Then, you are right place our company ” AC MAINTENANCE DUBAI ” provides you the our best maintenance services of Air Conditioner.

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AC Service And Cleaning In Jumeirah Dubai | 0568770106

AC Service And Cleaning In Jumeirah Dubai: During air conditioning Service, the unit is completely inspected to ensure that all components are working properly. The climate and its units are completely cleaned of the deposited dirt, the gas level is checked and replaced if necessary.

Why AC Service?
Service work is essential to ensure that the air conditioner can operate worry-free and uninterrupted when you need it most. Failure to do so will cause the unit to strain due to accumulated dirt, which will not only significantly shorten the life of the air conditioning compressor, but may also damage the unit itself. Manufacturers also offer a full warranty period if you can prove that the equipment has been regularly maintained . Maintenance may only be performed by a specialist, especially for gas filling.

AC cleaning In Jumeirah Dubai:
Disinfectant cleaning of air conditioning filters is essential for our health, as the filters are able to contain pathogens that are extremely harmful and dangerous to health, and which can start to grow rapidly or even explosively due to the favorable living space for them. They can cause very serious or even life-threatening infections, so cleaning should not be done at home.

In order to start the climate with a clear conscience with the arrival of summer, it is important that the system is disinfected by a specialist beforehand. Thus, we are certainly not at risk from viral pneumonia or legionnaires’ disease, but in addition to these, we expose ourselves to many upper respiratory dangers if we try to clean the climate at home.

AC Service And Cleaning In Jumeirah Dubai offered AC repair, regardless of brand
Thanks to our professional experience and the years we have spent, we are well acquainted with all brands and types of climates that have ever been marketed in Dubai. This is precisely why we do not have a contract with any manufacturer, we do not have an exclusivity agreement. Your brand will be repaired if possible.

When reporting, do not forget to mention the type of faulty device, in which case our colleagues will be able to arrive at you and repair the fault on site. As many brands as there are so many types of parts, so if you can help us, we can help you sooner.

Air conditioning installation
The AC can only be installed by a licensed specialist, which is now regulated by law. This is because air conditioners are filled with a gas that affects the atmosphere, thereby increasing the greenhouse effect, so only an air conditioner with an F-Gas ID can perform such work.

If you want an air conditioner, please contact us before you buy, so that you don’t accidentally act like our previous customers who did not buy the right air conditioner, so the appliance had to be replaced. You can also buy your device from us, which we will install for you under warranty, and we will give you the first cleaning as a gift. We carry out our work independently of the brand during installation, just as we procure your climate in the same way so that you don’t have to worry about it.

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