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To ensure the smooth operation of climate equipment with an extension of its service life, it is recommended to carry out proper after-sales service. Preventive measures will exclude sudden breakdowns of the device, which entail considerable costs.

The need for such work is also justified by the quality of the outgoing air in the room. Dirty air conditioners give out a stream of air with elements unsafe for human health. This can provoke asthma attacks, allergic reactions, skin diseases, etc.

In the article, we will consider information about the service and maintenance of air conditioners, what is the need for regular preventive maintenance, the rules for carrying out and a list of maintenance work, how much it costs to service climate equipment.

Why do you need air conditioner service?

Manufacturers of equipment, experienced craftsmen and even sellers of climate systems warn about the need for periodic maintenance of air conditioners. These recommendations should be taken seriously, since such preventive measures allow you to avoid many problems with the operation of the equipment, timely identify minor malfunctions, preventing more serious breakdowns.

Frequency and benefits of regular maintenance

THAT – maintenance of air conditioners, is carried out by professionals using special equipment. 

It is recommended to carry out maintenance twice a year: before starting the system in the spring for cooling operation and in the autumn season, when it is planned to use the device for heating.

Some preventive work related to cleaning the parts of the air conditioning system can be carried out on your own without resorting to the help of specialists. The frequency of such work is 3-4 times a month. To do this, you will need improvised tools: a brush, a soft cloth, soapy water or special cleaners for air conditioners with a disinfecting effect.

Proper operation of equipment is not only an opportunity to increase its service life and avoid sudden breakdowns. Consider all the factors that justify the need for preventive maintenance of the instrument.

TO benefits:

  1. Efficient operation of the equipment is ensured.
  2. Emergency warning.
  3. Preventing the appearance of pathogenic microbes, mold, fungi and dust mites in the system blocks.
  4. Reducing operating costs.
  5. Compliance with warranty obligations.

The list of works on maintenance of the air conditioner

Professional after-sales service of climate systems includes a set of preventive maintenance.

What is included in TO:

  1. Checking the performance of the air conditioner in different modes.
  2. Cleaning surfaces and parts of the indoor and outdoor unit.
  3. Disinfection of indoor unit systems.
  4. Cleaning/replacing filters.
  5. System pressure control.
  6. Checking the freon line, checking for the absence of refrigerant leakage, refueling with freon if necessary.
  7. Checking the operation of the drainage system.
  8. Checking the temperature of the air leaving the evaporator.
  9. Measures the temperature of the air leaving the indoor unit.
  10. Tightening threaded connections.
  11. Check for the absence of extraneous noise in the operating mode.
  12. Checking the contacts of the electrical connection.
  13. Checking the fan motor bearings.
  14. Control of the consumed current for compliance with the parameters specified in the device passport.

Time regulation

The duration of the standard service maintenance of air conditioners according to the regulations is 60 minutes (+\-).

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