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Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Sports City

The Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Sports City is mostly seasonal. Usually this type of device usually breaks down in hot months, when we use it the most, and it is that for much of the year it usually remains off, a fact that makes it essential to maintain the air conditioning and a thorough review when we are going to turn it on again.


  • Air conditioning repair services
  • Alternatives to air conditioning
  • How do we detect the failure of an air conditioning?
  • Common air conditioner faults
  • Tools needed to repair the air conditioner
  • Repair the air conditioning, when is it advisable to hire a service?
  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Our AC Maintenance tranquility

Air conditioning repair services

The repairs and maintenance of air conditioning are simpler than those that are carried out in other appliances, in fact some of the AC repairs can be done at home, such as changing the filter.

Other repairs of air conditioners require a technician specialized in this refrigeration system since problems or electrical breakdowns may arise that require more complex solutions.

Air conditioner fixes are very common. The most common causes that can cause failures in the installation are continuous misuse or long months of inactivity. This can condition the proper functioning of the air conditioning.

Contacting a specialized AC repair service is the best way to ensure a long-term repair. The air conditioning works through a very particular and specific system, to repair it correctly and effectively it is necessary to know the operation of the indoor unit, the thermostat, the process that the refrigerant gases and the outdoor unit follow. Only a specialized AC repair company is able to carry out an adequate repair that extends the useful life of the appliance.

Alternatives to air conditioning

or any room, it is not the only one at our disposal.

There are different alternatives to control the temperature of our homes and be able to withstand the high temperatures, so typical of summer.

Air conditioners

Air conditioners, also called fan heaters, serve both to heat a room and to cool it down. These appliances usually have temperature regulators, in addition to incorporating antifreeze systems and designed to avoid possible overheating.

Pros: they are comfortable since they are usually small and easy to transport. 

  • Cons: they are low-power, high-consumption appliances, as well as being noisy.

How do we detect the failure of an air conditioning?

An air conditioner shows us several symptoms to indicate that there is a fault in its system. Next, we are going to analyze the signs that indicate that there is a problem in our air conditioning, the most effective fixes and some tips for its maintenance.

Common air conditioner faults

Air conditioning repairs are usually caused by the following breakdowns.

Filter wear

The quality of the air that our air conditioning expels depends on the state of the filters. If we keep the filters in good condition, the air we breathe in our house will be of good quality.

A clear effect of the poor condition of the filters are odors, it may be that the air conditioning gives off a bad smell (or even a burning smell). Another effect is the decrease in cold production, and therefore, the appliance will have to invest more energy in order to function.

How to repair it?

If the filter is not damaged, just take it out of the Split or indoor unit and wash it with water. Once they are dry, you can put them back in place. With the filters free of dirt, we will once again enjoy clean air and we will be avoiding more serious breakdowns.


As we saw, a poor condition of the filters can be the cause of bad odors, but there are also other reasons that cause bad odors, such as water accumulated in the battery. This problem usually occurs after months of inactivity, in which the water has remained stagnant, and like stagnant water the smell is unpleasant.

How to repair it?

If the water or the drainage system generates bad odors, it is necessary to contact an AC repair technician since we cannot carry out this repair ourselves. Sometimes it will be necessary to install a siphon so that the water circulates normally.

Drop in cold productivity

It is another of the typical signs that our air conditioning needs a repair. Sometimes the air unit loses power, and therefore does not cool at the usual speed, or directly, it does not get to generate the temperature we want. If this happens to you regularly, we recommend that you check the filters. But if you think that this is not the problem, maybe the fault is in the circuit, a small problem can cause gas or coolant to leak. It may also be that the fault has occurred in the fan motor.So in this situation you have to call an AC repair technician to save you this problem.

How to repair it?

In this case, an AC repair technician must thoroughly analyze the state of all the air conditioning elements. If you think the problem is with the filters, you can clean them and try the device again. But if the fault is located in some element of the system, it will be essential that you contact a repair company.

Excessive noise

Sometimes the air conditioner works normally, but generates a much higher noise than it usually does. This may be due to the lack of gas or oil, since the lack of some of these elements causes noise in the internal part of the air conditioning, or the appearance of some residue in the engine.

How to repair it?

Whether it is necessary to change the gas or oil, or if there is dirt in the engine, it will be necessary to enlist the services of an AC  technical repairer to determine the source of the noise and repair it immediately.  

Sensor problems

Behind the control panel there is a sensor that measures the air temperature. The main reason for failure of this sensor is usually due to the displacement of the part itself.

How to repair it?

To repair it, it will be essential to reinstall the control sensor correctly. To do this, you will need to contact an AC repair technician.

It turns off and on by itself

Another recurring case, the air conditioner turns off and on without being able to control it and without prior notice. The accumulation of dirt in the evaporation unit or in the fan is usually one of the causes of this failure.

How to repair it?

As they are internal parts, it will be necessary to intervene a technician capable of performing a deep cleaning without damaging other parts.

It freezes

One of the main causes of air conditioning freezing is dirt on the filters and on the evaporator coil. As they are clogged with dirt, the air does not circulate correctly to the outside, thus causing the electronic device to freeze.

How to repair it?

To avoid this problem that can destroy the good health of our air conditioning, it is recommended to clean the filters at least once a year. To clean the evaporator coil, it is necessary to use an expert of AC repair as it is a fundamental part of the appliance.

Tools needed to repair the air conditioner

As you can see, you can repair the air conditioning yourself in the case of some of the simplest breakdowns, of course, to be able to do them you will need the following tools:


Parts are usually fixed with tabs, and therefore it is not necessary to unscrew parts, but sometimes a slight lever force is required to access the interior part of the air.  


Wear gloves and, if necessary, a mask. Inside the device mites and other harmful elements tend to accumulate, if we manipulate the system with gloves and a mask we will prevent them from reaching our body.


For more complex jobs use needle nose pliers.

Repair the air conditioning, when is it advisable to hire a service?

Both for electrical repairs and for any failure of the cooling system it is essential to contact an AC technical repair team.

In general, it is always advisable to contact a person who knows the use, maintenance and repair of a refrigerator system of this type, so that the air conditioning arrangements are durable and adapted to each model. Each manufacturer starts from a common system, but all models have their own characteristics, an experienced technician will be able to identify the problem and carry out a solution adapted to the model and brand.

Any problem not related to filters should be analyzed by an expert. On the other hand, the filters are prepared so that the user can manipulate them without danger, and their cleaning is very simple, you must wash them with water to remove the dirt.

Finally, don’t forget to check if the device’s warranty is valid. If there is a fault during the first weeks or months after the installation of the air conditioning, the manufacturer or installation company should take care of the repair, since a failure could have occurred in the installation or manufacture of the air conditioning.  

Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Sports City

Maintaining the good condition of our air conditioning is essential to save on our electricity bill and avoid problems with repairs at the most inopportune moments. The first thing to do is read the instructions for your air conditioner carefully, because each brand and model has its peculiarities, despite the fact that there are standard treatments.

A preventive maintenance of breakdowns is a way to extend the useful life of our appliance. Follow these steps to keep your air conditioner ready:

1. Clean the filters of the indoor or split unit.

Filters are the pieces that are responsible for containing dust particles and various allergens, in order to prevent them from polluting the environment. They are vital for the proper functioning of the air conditioning.

It is recommended to clean them once a year (or two or more times, if it is a heat pump and it is used in winter too) and just use cold water and let them dry in the shade. 

2. Clean the internal and external unit.

In addition to the filters, it is important to clean the rest of the split, especially the part where it drains, since if the water accumulates it could become a source of bacteria and bad odors.

For cleaning the external unit, you can remove the dust on the appliance, but for the rest of the maintenance it is preferable that a specialist is commissioned, since this is where the refrigerant gas is located and the installation is subjected to the external elements that require more dedication and care.

3. Check the air conditioning circuit.

In case you run into a refrigerant gas leak or see something strange in your air conditioning circuit, it is important to call the technician and let him take care of it. He will know how to fix the situation. 

Our AC maintenance tranquility

we care about all of our clients and for that reason, we not only have electricity and gas. We also invest in the tranquility and trust of our clients, since we know that it is very difficult to find a reliable technician who has a good price, and that is why we have created a light maintenance product,  so that no breakdown gets in the way of your day to day.

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