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Maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner, extend its life time and ensure the best hygiene in your space, doing maintenance exclusively by a licensed refrigerant.

Why AC Maintenance Discovery Garden Dubai Importanat

Most would say that we do it simply so that it does not spoil. But it is not the only reason that the air conditioner needs maintenance. The reasons are many and are the following:

For our health!
The air as we know carries various elements, often invisible to the naked eye. So, passing through the air conditioner, it leaves inside various elements that with their humidity and long stay create viruses, germs, fungal germs and various microorganisms that are harmful to our health.

For the economy in electricity consumption
When the air conditioner element and filters are full of dirt, it can not perform at the same levels as when it is clean, so it is forced to work longer hours and consequently consume more energy. This means more hours of operation, and therefore increased electricity bills!

Maximum efficiency in cooling and heating
When the air conditioner is clean it can perform better. If not maintained at the right time it is burdened by dust, it can not dissipate heat at the right rate, thus reducing its cooling and heating capacity.

Maximum service life for the air conditioner
It is known that anything related to engines and engines, when properly maintained, has a longer lifespan! Think that the cost of repairing a compressor costs almost half as much as the device! As mentioned above, when the element and the filters are full of dust, the machine is forced to work more hours with more power and this results in many times “burning” the machine!

When your air conditioner needs maintenance:

Indications of poor or no maintenance that are perceived are:

Many of us neglect the maintenance of our air conditioner since we can not distinguish the signs that indicate the immediate need for its maintenance. Here are some of them so you can identify them as soon as possible.
1) Reduced or no performance.
2) Fan noise which can become very annoying.
3) Strong odor.
4) Conditions of reduced comfort (discomfort).
5) Overburdened electricity bill.

Summarizing the benefits:

  • Better health, since the air conditioner will work without the presence, reproduction and channeling of germs and contaminants in the air you breathe.
  • Better dehumidification of your space, with cleaner air without odors.
  • Maximum operating efficiency of the air conditioner and increase its life time.
  • Maintenance of the factory warranty.
  • Electricity savings of up to 35%.
  • Environmental protection by reducing emissions.

What the service includes:

  • General operation control (indoor-outdoor unit)
  • Ambient temperature control and recording
  • Check and record outlet temperature
  • Fan-impeller control
  • Checking and recording machine pressures
  • Check connections & wiring (supply & command)
  • Detection of any element leakage
  • Cleaning of air filters – blinds
  • Cleaning of indoor unit components using antifungal drugs
  • Cleaning of outdoor unit components
  • Water collection basin
  • Cleaning indoor-outdoor fans
  • Cleaning of both alternators
  • Maintenance by Certified / Licensed Technicians

    Nationwide network of certified / licensed refrigerants for the management of fluorinated gases guarantees the complete maintenance of the air conditioner.

  • Maintenance Certification

    Certification of maintenance with the seal of the refrigerant and delivery of a card / history of the condition of the maintained machine which is necessary for the factory warranty to be valid.

  • Dubai Coverage

    Dubai coverage at Reasonable Price 


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