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Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Warsaan Dubai

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Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Warsaan Dubai

Emergency AC Maintenance Service In Warsaan Dubai 24 hours available

Air conditioning maintenance: what you need to know

Maintaining the air conditioner is essential to ensure not only the best energy efficiency of the unit, but also to avoid health risks, extend its useful life and save money on unforeseen repairs  — which can also bring the unit to a complete stop.

An air conditioner requires attention to ensure that it is operating at its maximum efficiency and quality. So that you know the three main types of maintenance that your device can undergo, we describe them below, informing the benefits of each one and when each should occur. Follow up!

Corrective maintenance:

Corrective maintenance is indicated when the equipment fails or wears out and fails to function as expected. This procedure consists of a set of methods that aim to restore, correct and recover the capacity of the air conditioning.

The big problem with this type of maintenance is that it shortens the life of the device and that you will be at the mercy of luck, and you may have a broken air conditioner during periods when the system is most used.

That’s why, ideally, corrective maintenance only happens on rare occasions. But how to achieve this? Investing in preventive and predictive equipment maintenance.

Preventive maintenance:

Because it seems more expensive have to spend on the maintenance of the air conditioning without it being defective. However, without a doubt, this is the cheapest and guaranteed procedure. The preventive maintenance is intended to correct defects before they manifest or causing further damage.

Think of your car, for example. Isn’t it much better to change engine oil, brake pads and other parts before they do damage (which could be serious) to the car? With any equipment, such as your computer or washing machine, the same principle applies, so it would be no different with air conditioning maintenance.

The great advantage of preventive maintenance is that it can be scheduled, thus preventing you from being caught by surprise. The procedures it applies can avoid most equipment defects, reducing corrective maintenance as much as possible.

Preventive maintenance of an air conditioning unit is mainly linked to its periodic cleaning. With it, it is guaranteed that the device remains working, always maintaining the same level of air quality.

Predictive maintenance:

This is a variation of preventive maintenance, where components are exchanged or checked before they become defective. This is done based on studies that determine the MTBF, an English term that is an abbreviation of Maximum Time between Failures, which in would be something like “Maximum time between failures”.

Returning to the example of the car, there are studies carried out by the manufacturers that determine the time (marked in months or kilometers traveled) in which certain maintenance on the vehicle must be carried out, such as the oil change already mentioned.

The same applies to air conditioners. Let’s say a manufacturer has determined that the filter life of an air conditioner is 6 months. Performing predictive maintenance means changing the filter before this time expires, even if it appears to be okay with it, to ensure that no problems occur with the unit.

How to choose a company or professional to carry out air conditioning maintenance:

Now that you know the different types of air conditioning maintenance, you need to worry about some tips when choosing a partner to take care of your appliance. See below what they are:

  • Check the experience of the AC maintenance service company or professional in your model:there are different models of air conditioning , and you will want someone who understands the specifics of how your appliance works;
  • See the time in the market of the company and the professional: the more experience in the market the supplier has, the better knowledge he will have about air conditioning maintenance;
  • Look for referrals and referrals:referrals are the best way to ensure you are hiring a good partner to take care of your air conditioner. See who the company has worked with and talk to them to find out if the service is really recommendable.

With all this, you will have an efficient air conditioning unit, guaranteeing your thermal comfort at the times you need it most!

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Air conditioning with a bad smell? Know what to do!

If your air conditioner is starting to smell bad, it’s time to find and clean the source of this problem. The air conditioners odors usually come from and other microorganisms that proliferate in the device’s filters over the time the device is used without proper cleaning and sanitization. — But they can also be caused by other things. To find out what might be making your air conditioner smell bad, you’ll need to follow a few steps. Below, we describe what they are and what can be done to solve the bad odor in each case! Follow with us:

Step 1: Check your air conditioning unit

Depending on the style and model, open the covers, top or access panels of your air conditioner. Using a flashlight, look inside the unit for signs of what might be making the air conditioner smell bad. Look for dead animals (mice, rats, bats, squirrels or snakes), decaying vegetation, mold or mildew. If you have a window unit, remove the window unit and place it on the floor or a flat surface outdoors. Wear latex gloves to remove visible debris or dead animals that you can reach.

Step 2: Check the appliance drain

Find and remove the drain hose from your air conditioner for cleaning. Wash it with bleach and hot water or with undiluted white distilled vinegar if you don’t want to use bleach, to kill any fungus or mildew that might be in the line. Allow the hose to dry. On a window unit you will not have a hose, but you can see the built-in drain pan and the drain hole. Make sure the tray and orifice of your air conditioning unit are clean. Use an old toothbrush if necessary.

Step 3: Check that the device is not overloaded

First, check the air filter to see if it is too dirty as this can restrict air flow and overheat the electrical resistance heaters. If this is not a filter problem, make sure the electricity is turned off at the main switch. A professional technician of AC Maintenance Company will need to check the problem and make repairs. A burning odor is typically an internal equipment problem. Attempting to correct any of these items yourself could result in serious injury.

Step 4: See if you don’t need to replace the filter

A musty smell, as we’ve talked about, is the most common of smelly air conditioning systems. When the device is running, there is a lot of condensation inside the unit. When moisture does not drain properly, it can leak into the air conditioner, causing mold or mildew. Finding the place where the mold buildup is and cleaning it will solve the problem. Musty odors are not a serious problem for the unit’s operation, but poor air quality increases the risk of respiratory infections in adults and children. Although you can still use the unit while waiting to make repairs, you should not delay maintenance for the sake of your family’s health. Enjoy and check your air conditioning filters with a bad smell and exchange them. If your air conditioner uses reusable filters, clean them with warm soapy water and rinse with a bleaching solution diluted with one part bleach to every ten parts water. Check old filters for mold or fungus.

Step 5: Check the results

After checking all these items in your air conditioner that smells bad, turn on your device and check if it still has any bad smells. If the odor persists, don’t hesitate to call a specialized technician of AC maintenance to check the problem! Did you like our post? Also read our article on refrigerant leakage and learn more about keeping your air conditioner in perfect condition!

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