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Good maintenance will extend the useful life of your split air conditioner. Discover AC Maintenance Mirdif Dubai tips to get it ready.

Few things are as happy as coming home on a hot day, getting comfortable and turning on the air conditioning. That device becomes your best friend when the mercury rises, and therefore you should not neglect the annual review of the air conditioning before starting it up each season.

But, what if your air conditioning gives problems in the middle of a heat wave? Get ahead with good maintenance! From AC Maintenance Mirdif Dubai, we bring you five tips so that you have your air conditioning equipment ready to work at full capacity when you need it most.

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1. Clean the indoor unit filters | AC Near To Mirdif Dubai service

The split air conditioner you have inside your home has a front cover that needs to be removed. Once the lid is removed you will find the filters, which are easily removable. They can be directly vacuumed, washed with a light detergent under the faucet, or both. Strong detergents and chemicals should never be used because they may cause respiratory issues.

Cleaning air conditioner filters frequently has many advantages:

  • Avoid bad odours.
  • Minimizes the appearance of allergens.
  • It improves the efficiency of the device and, therefore, represents savings.

2. Clean the outdoor unit

The easiest and most effective, and that would save us a lot of work, would be to clean it with an air compressor, hitting all the parts of the exchanger. If you do not have this tool, you can choose to take a brush and calmly clean all the cracks .

Something important to keep in mind is that nothing sharp can be used since, if we puncture the exchanger, the joke can be expensive. So do it carefully because, if you puncture it, the refrigerant will come out and you will have no choice but to call a technician, pay for the visit, the repair and the subsequent “gas” charge. 

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3. Disinfect

To disinfect the internal exchanger, find a water sprayer and pour a jet of bleach inside it . With 10% of the size of the sprinkler is more than enough and the rest you fill with water. Spray the entire exchanger with the secret concoction that we have prepared and you will have your air conditioning disinfected.

Don’t worry about adding too much water, since just below the exchanger is the drain pan. This means that the water that the air conditioner expels will contain bleach, so be careful how you use it! 

4. Keep the drain clean

Your air conditioner will operate more efficiently if the drain pan is clean. Not to mention the bad smells… Water vapor accumulates inside the appliance , condenses and ends up being expelled through the drain pipe. The water can be ejected in one of two ways:

  • A pipe is joined by the drain pipe.
  • The water that is ejected through the tube is collected in a container.

Whether your drain ends in a pipe or you have a plastic bottle that collects the water, it is important to keep the installation clean.

5. Check the cooling circuit

Have you ever wondered how your air conditioner works and where does that pleasant chill come from? The time has come for you to know:

The cold is generated in the outdoor unit and through a refrigerant circuit of tubes it is transmitted to the interior split. Easy, right? What if the circuit has leaks, though? Your air conditioner will not work properly. Following are a few signs of systemic leaks:

  • There is insufficient cooling provided by your air conditioner.
  • Ice appears on the outdoor unit or on the split.

You can check the circuit of tubes that makes the cold pass from the outdoor unit to the indoor one, but don’t go beyond there! If you find any leaks or deterioration, notify a technician for professional maintenance. At AC Maintenance Mirdif Dubai, you have a team specialized in air conditioning to solve any problem or breakdown of your air conditioning.

And if you want to forget about air conditioning repairs, with the repair packs you will have breakdowns covered for very little per month.

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What air conditioning services are the most requested?

These are some of the most requested air conditioning services by our customers:

-Detect air conditioning leaks
-Check tightness and check operation
-Leakage of water from the air conditioning
-When connecting the air conditioning the lights flash and it does not work. 
-Loud noise when connecting the air conditioning
-Jumps the differential when connecting the air conditioning.
-Air conditioning gas leak/ refill air conditioning compressor oil
-Bad air conditioning smell.

Call Us Freely Via WhatsApp/phone For AC Maintenance In Mirdif Dubai Service | 0568770106

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