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Electrical, electronic and technological equipment require permanent care and periodic reviews to function properly, among these devices are air conditioners.

If the correct maintenance of air conditioning is not carried out, its life time is greatly reduced, and it is not only this, but by not taking care of them properly, they are prone to the accumulation of dust and particles, and to spread bacterial and fungal infections. that can form inside.

To avoid contamination of the rooms where the air conditioning is located, it is necessary to carry out a review from time to time, in this article we will delve into the advantages of performing the maintenance of air conditioners as well as the fundamental aspects when doing so. Keep reading

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What is the importance of maintaining an air conditioner?

According to experts, the ideal time to do maintenance on the air conditioning system is just before the change of season, that is, approximately one month before summer when its use will be at its peak, and one month before winter if it will be used for heating.

In this way, possible failures will be avoided just at the moment when it is most needed. Among the most relevant reasons to do air conditioning maintenance are:

Maintain system effectiveness and efficiency

A high-quality air conditioner that receives proper maintenance and regular cleaning will work optimally and efficiently. Tasks such as changing or cleaning filters, general cleaning and basic repairs are necessary for the system to function properly and its performance is not affected. In addition, its useful life will be extended substantially.

Operating cost savings

Doing the maintenance of the air conditioner means energy savings, which in turn is reflected in long-term money savings, since, as it will work in optimal conditions, its performance is more efficient, reducing the energy consumption required for its operations. The energy efficiency of an air conditioner also determines its consumption.

Extend the life of the air conditioner

Maintenance of air conditioning equipment can add many years to its useful life. As it is always in good condition, there is very little tendency for it to stop working, and it can last between 8 and 10 years without needing to do without it. You have to constantly check the condensate tray.

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More health

An air conditioner that is not constantly cleaned can stale the air we breathe, causing health problems such as bronchitis, rhinitis or pharyngitis. When filters are not cleaned or changed in the right time, they are the perfect place for the growth of fungi and bacteria that go directly to the respiratory tract. To properly maintain your machine you have to change air conditioning filters. Air filtering is essential for the quality of the equipment and the quality of the air you breathe.

Avoid bad odors

During the change of season, the air conditioner may emit unpleasant odours. To avoid this, it is best to perform maintenance before the climate change.

Avoid breakdowns

There is nothing worse than being left without air conditioning at the moment when it is needed most. The best way to avoid these possible failures at unexpected times is to perform routine and preventive air conditioning maintenance. Avoid going to the repair of air conditioners. Make a correct installation of air conditioners. This way the professionals will be able to make sure that everything works correctly.

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What components should be taken into account when doing air conditioning maintenance?

When performing air conditioning maintenance, these are some of the elements to which you must pay more attention.


Cleaning the filters is one of the most relevant points at the time of maintenance, this must be done at least once a year, especially the internal unit of the equipment.

In this there is a filter whose function is to improve the quality of the air that is breathed in the room, so its cleaning is essential since, if not done, it can cause damage to health.

Likewise, in the event of any deficiency in the functioning of the air, such as noise, bad odors or lack of power, the first thing to check are the filters of the same since they may be the cause of the problem.

refrigerant gas

Air conditioners, over time, tend to lose part of the refrigerant gas, so its revision is important in   maintenance, not only due to possible leaks, but also for its proper functioning.

For this it is essential to have the necessary tools and experience, so it is best that a professional expert in the subject is in charge of this, for the correct handling of the equipment.

Outdoor Unit

A lot of dirt can accumulate on the outside unit of the air conditioner, to clean it you can use a pressure washer to eliminate all the bacteria that can adhere to its surface.

Air pollution is one of the things that can most damage the outdoor air unit, therefore the frequency of maintenance will depend on the location of the equipment, if they are in large cities or in small towns, as well as if they are exposed fully or not.


Small droplets of water can remain inside the air conditioning unit, which can cause humidity and the creation of fungi, bacteria and bad odors, so it is necessary to see what is causing this to correct it.

Likewise, in addition to these elements, during the maintenance of the air conditioner, other aspects such as the condenser, the mechanical components and the electrical components must be taken into account to guarantee that all the equipment is in optimal conditions.

Schedule preventive maintenance

An air conditioner is an essential appliance in the home, and as such it is necessary to take care of it and keep it in optimal condition for its proper functioning and the comfort of the people who use it. It is best to organize preventive maintenance at the right time.

For this, factors such as the use of air, the humidity of the place where it is located and the temperature to which it is exposed must be taken into account. Likewise, if it is an air that has been fixed on the wall, it is advisable to check the adhesion points from time to time.

The ideal and most recommended thing is to hire a technical service, that the maintenance of the air conditioning is carried out by experts in the field, since they will be able to really determine what the needs of the equipment are.

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