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The air conditioner is one of the most reliable appliances that a home or a company can have, since the chances of it breaking are almost nil. Air systems require regular maintenance to function properly.

High temperatures and the need to use air conditioning are already here. Discover how to set it up so that it works in the most efficient way.
When summer arrives, air conditioners become essential appliances for our well-being. However, it should be cared for throughout the year, not just during the months when we use it the most. 
Good air conditioning maintenance in Jumeirah golf estates Dubai is essential for it to perform its functions correctly and must be carried out throughout the year. It also helps avoid unexpected costs due to failure and contributes to improving the energy efficiency of the equipment.
Although some of the air conditioning filter cleaning and maintenance tasks can be done by yourself. it is always recommended that you look here for your official technical service, which has the training, experience, and tools necessary to maintain your air conditioning equipment.
Emergency AC Maintenance In Jumeirah Golf Estates

Do not forget to follow these simple maintenance tips before starting your air conditioner:

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The filters

It is essential to clean the filters of the indoor unit, since all the particles that may be suspended in the room air remain in the filter. In case the air filter is full of dust particles, the air flow will decrease and the cooling capacity will be greatly reduced.  

The filter should be cleaned every 3 or 6 months depending on the use of the equipment, since it can reduce the performance of the equipment. If it is used for too long a period without cleaning. To clean them, neutral soap and plenty of water will suffice. Before putting them back in the equipment, you have to let them dry.

Luckily, many current Hitachi air conditioners have an automatic filter cleaning system  such as the iClean+ system, which makes maintenance easy and ensures energy efficient performance of your equipment and clean, fresh air at all times.


swap battery

The outdoor unit of air conditioning equipment does not usually have a filter (except centrifugal units), so it produces a lot of humidity in summer and is prone to storing dust and all kinds of germs that can lead to unpleasant odours.

To improve air quality, it is advisable to clean the coil with a soft brush or brush and be very careful not to bend the fins. Thanks to Frost Wash Technology, this process is automatic and you will not have to worry about cleaning it yourself since it increases air quality with a process of freezing and defrosting the battery, reducing bacteria by up to 91% and mold by 87%.

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outdoor unit

If you can access your computer’s outdoor drive safely, you could check it regularly. Dust and dirt embedded in it reduce the performance of internal devices and increase power consumption, and can also cause breakdowns. If you cannot access it and notice any anomaly, we recommend that you contact our official technical service.

In the event that our teams detect any anomaly, they will notify you through an error code or through the WhatsApp mobile application. You can consult the solution in the manual or our free technical assistance service.

Call Us For AC AC Maintenance In Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai | 0568770106


How can I reduce my AC bill in Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai?
You can save your AC Bill by following these steps:
1: Always use Energy Saving Mode.
2: Regularly Maintenance
3: Use programmable Thermostats
4: Seal Air-Leak
5: Check Gas Leakage
How much does AC Maintenance cost in Jumeirah Golf Estates Dubai?
This is one of the most common questions in Dubai. What is the cost of AC Maintenance?
So, the answer is that AC Maintenance cost varies by AC model to model and type to type. It is also Company to Company. It also depends on which kinds of Maintenance are needed for air conditioners. But the majority of maintenance costs are between 150AED to 550AED in Jumeirah Golf  Estates Dubai.  
What does a regular maintenance include?
Regular AC Maintenance includes
  1. Cleaning or Replacing AC Filters
  2. Checking and Cleaning Coils
  3. Inspection of Electrical Components
  4. Lubrication of Moving Parts
  5. Refrigerant Check and Recharge
  6. Condensate Drain Cleaning
  7. Leakage Check and fix
  8. Gas Refilling and Gas Leakage Checking

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