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Summer is coming and with it high temperatures. This is why it is very important to make sure that our air conditioning works properly, doing good maintenance.

Whether split, central, mini-split or portable, air conditioning, like many other household appliances, requires preventive maintenance to ensure proper operation.

In general, preventive maintenance in the case of air conditioners is carried out once a year .

This is so because with use it gets dirty (internal filter, internal coil, external filter, turbine, etc.), as well as checking the pressure of the refrigerant gas . In the event that it is low, it must not only be recharged, but, and much more importantly, check the tightness of the system. There’s no point in blowing up a punctured balloon, right?

One of the main consequences of lack of maintenance is the loss of performance. Another one, and one that is linked, is that the computer starts to freeze. For more on this, read our note on team freezing .

It is possible that if its use is excessive (8 or more hours a day), it is necessary to review it more often and, in contrast, if it is used very little, at most, it can wait 2 years. Never let more than this time go by to carry out maintenance, since we will be putting the entire device at risk for something that may cost very little money and is very simple to fix.

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These are some main issues in an air conditioner can have:

  1. Equipment without gas due to a leak or due to a lack of recharging.
  2. Water flow noise during operation.
  3.  The compressor does not heat. In this case, what the owner of the air conditioner observes is that the equipment has stopped cooling.
  4. The unit does not turn on.
  5. The compressor does not start. This is observed because the compressor does not emit any sound, the electrical supply does not reach the compressor or is insufficient.
  6. Improper electrical connections. This is usually due to common problems such as a cable that does not fit correctly in the socket or a bad condition of a tube.
  7. Compressor failure.
  8. The equipment does not cool. As we have said, it is a very common fault.
  9. Faulty compressor.
  10. Low tension or incorrect tension.
  11. Improper connection.
  12. Thermal protector other than specified.
  13. Water dripping from the front panel.
  14. Faulty thermostat or temperature sensor.
  15. Problems with the size of the circuits (amps)
  16. Flash gas in the liquid line.
  17. Improper piping design. This may occur due to the high vertical height.
  18. The computer turns on and off frequently.
  19. contamination in the system . Moisture in the system can be due to different cases.
  20. Power element failure or loss of load.
  21. Low condensing pressure. For air-cooled condensing units, it occurs when the pressure control system is faulty or poorly adjusted.
  22. The unit does not turn on.  It could be because it is not fully plugged in, the circuit breaker is tripped, or as a major fault, the fuse is blown.
  23. Refrigerant or oil overload.
  24. Excessive accumulation of oil in the evaporator.
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It is recommended that cleaning is not carried out by a person without prior training.

A qualified and trained professional should always be contacted, since if we make a mistake we will be putting the integrity of the artifact at risk, and we may even put our health or that of the person in charge at risk.

We cannot forget that, we are dealing with electric current & as such, it must be respected.

If you have in mind to use it during this summer, we recommend that you contact a professional in the field so that they can advise you. In case you are looking to repair it because you detect a fault, you can also make your query here to specify what is happening.

Call Us Via WhatsApp/Phone For Hiring Best AC Maintenance In Damac Hills Dubai Service | 0568770106 

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