AC Maintenance In Jumeirah Island

Then, you are right place our company ” AC MAINTENANCE DUBAI ” provides you the our best maintenance services of Air Conditioner in Jumeirah Island Dubai.

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Maintenance service in jumeirah Island

To avoid diseases you must need to maintain your air conditioner regularly, expensive repairing services, high electrical consumption, & the frequency of the each ac services will be depends on the hours of use the work environment and other factors. We are also providing AC installation services in jumeirah Island Dubai.

What is Preventive and Corrective Maintenance?

In the Preventive we carry out disinfection, cleaning, painting and lubrication to preserve the good working condition of the equipment.

In the Corrective we carry out the repair or replace the parts that are defective in the air conditioning equipment.

We carry out 24 hours attention plans, & annual contracts according to your needs.

Call Us For Hiring The Best AC Maintenance In Jumeirah Island Dubai Service | 0568770106

Why do air conditioning maintenance in jumeirah island Dubai?

Once installed, the life cycle of the equipment begins by recirculating large volumes of air every day to cool or heat the environment.

An equipment without maintenance accumulates fungi in the condensate tray and wet parts, the filters fill with dust, these begin to detach and are driven by the fan, spreading throughout the environment. Causing respiratory diseases and discomfort in people who are inside the environments for hours, contributing to what we call Sick Building Syndrome (SES).

There are many benefits it offers , such as energy savings, cost savings for repairs, fewer stops due to breakdowns, increases the useful life of the equipment, improves air quality and health.

Call Us For Hiring The Best AC Maintenance In Jumeirah Island Dubai Service | 0568770106

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