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Maintenance is part of the investment that must be considered when purchasing air conditioning equipment. Depending on the model and even the brand, its maintenance can be more or less simple.

For example, for the maintenance of package type units, industrial equipment or cassette type, the technical assistance of specialists is necessary. Similarly, to extend the useful life of small equipment, such as mini-splits, it is recommended to carry out a preventive check-up; however, the maintenance of this type of air conditioning is simpler, so sporadic checks can be carried out without the need to go to a technician.

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Maintenance for mini splits

The parts of a mini split equipment that should be checked in a usual way are the following:

  • Filters

One of the most important things is the cleaning of the indoor unit filters . The most recommended thing is that in addition to cleaning the filters they are also disinfected, since air conditioners can be a source of bacteria that causes a bad smell.  

The easiest way to clean them is using an air compressor , but if you don’t have this device you can use a brush to clean all the cracks.

To perform this task we must open the cover of the air conditioning ; Behind the grille are the filters that must be removed for cleaning.

Once clean, the air conditioning filters are reintroduced into the unit in the same position and the air conditioning unit is ready to work.

  • Drain

Water pours through the drain’s thin tube as it is pulled downward by gravity. If it is not cleaned from time to time, the accumulated water could cause bad odours, the appearance of bacteria or cause malfunctions . Therefore, it is convenient to drain the equipment.

If the drain is perceived to be clogged or in poor condition, blowing hard down the tube can be a simple solution, although in more centralized installations, access can be difficult. In this case, the solution will be to change the drain pipe.

  • evaporator

By cleaning the evaporator we also make sure that no bacteria are generated. The easiest way to do this is with a mixture of chlorine and water (10% chlorine – 90% water). Subsequently, the exchanger is sprayed with an atomizer and that’s it.

If we have carried out the previous steps, we can be sure that we have already given adequate air conditioning maintenance , with which we can extend the useful life of the equipment.

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How often should we perform air conditioning maintenance?

Maintenance will depend on the use and type of air conditioning equipment. For example, for package units with four or more pieces of equipment that are used moderately, the ideal preventive maintenance should be 1 or 2 times a year. For a mini-split for domestic use, a check-up can be carried out every year or even every two years, as long as the equipment is cleaned every 6 months.

The best thing is to inform yourself about the equipment, check the guarantee and get advice from experts in the field, since in this way you will obtain better performance from your air conditioning equipment.

At AC Maintenance Town Square Dubai, we are distributors of the best equipment of the leading brands in Mexico and the world, and we have specialists who can help you with the technical support of your equipment.

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3 Tips For AC Cleaning And Maintenance

Ducted air conditioning is usually used to air-condition offices, premises or shops, and involves a slightly more complex installation, therefore, it is best to leave maintenance to experts, but among the easiest actions is cleaning the filters, which you can do yourself in 3 steps.

1. Identify the inner machine

The indoor machine is usually in the false ceiling, so you will need a ladder to locate it. Once you identify it, you should look for the back part, which is where the filters are.

This face of the interior machine is opposite to where the impulsion is located, that is, the duct that distributes the air to the entire installation.

2. Remove the filters

Depending on the model and brand, some filters are removed in the same way that a window would be dismantled, others come out from under the machine.

If they come out from the bottom, you must remove a plate, just be careful, because it is possible that once you remove the plate the filters fall.

3. Clean the filters

Once disassembled, these filters are very easy to wash. Although there are special products for cleaning filters, if they are in good condition, you will only need soap and water. 

Once they are clean, let them dry before putting them back on.

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